Honoring Daddy with Man Food

We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?  That’s what I tell myself, anyway, as I slave away in the kitchen preparing meat and potatoes dishes that’ll stick to his ribs.  The food is good, and he does appreciate it, but what my man really wants is time with me out of the kitchen.

Honestly, if given the choice of a delicious full-course meal with a lot of prep (and dishes), or a bag of chips and salsa with me by his side, he’d pick the chips and salsa. After the kids are in bed.  And ice cream for dessert.  😉  I have to remind myself often that the way I want to show my love for him isn’t necessarily the way he wants to receive it.  In order to fully honor my husband, I need to respect his Love Language.

Man can’t live on chips and salsa alone, though, so one way I love on my husband is to cook him the food he enjoys.  Here are a few of his favorites.

Stuffed Jalapeno Appetizers – This is great ball game food, and sometimes the kick of the peppers deters the children from eating them all.  Bonus!

Ice cream in any form tops his list, and every once in a while we’ll just call it supper.  We really enjoy Candy Bar Ice Cream, and if I’m feeling extra indulgent, I’ll break out the Buster Bar Dessert.

Chocolate. Chocolate anything, really.  When I want to get his day started right, I’ll even chop up some dark chocolate in his Lazy Granola.  I’m pretty sure his favorite cake is Chocolate Sheet Cake.  Or Snickers Cake.  What?!  I haven’t shared my Snicker’s Cake with you?!

Yes, my man’s favorite foods are fun foods, but when a real meal needs to be served, I can count on him enjoying anything that comes off the grill.  Bratwurst and hamburgers would top the list!  If I want to get all fancy without the time or mess commitment, he devours Aussie Chicken (and so do I)!

How do you honor the Man they call Daddy with food?  What are his favorites?


***Over the next few weeks leading to Father’s Day, I’m teaming up with a fabulous group of bloggers as we Honor the Man They Call Daddy.  Join us!***

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  1. Substitute “peanut butter” for “chocolate” and you’d be talking about my guy. 😉

  2. (Oh, and yes, Snickers Cake, please!)

  3. At 5 months pregnant I have been grouchy on more than one occasion, I have learned that if I have a hot meal ready everyday when he gets home from work he will forgive me just about anything!!! Yeah for my mans stomach 🙂

  4. Yum!


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