Make a Menu Plan {A Fresh Start}

{ Fresh Start Series: Get Moving ~ The Family Dinner ~ Lighten Up ~ Go to Bed With a Clean Slate ~ Just Say No ~ Use It Up ~ Unplug ~ Do Over ~  Hydrate ~ Smile ~  Snack Smart ~ First, Gratitude }

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It’s always good to have a plan, especially when staring at the still-stuffed pantry and freezers wondering what on earth is in there?!  I made a quick grocery run for essentials last week, but we’re trying to use what we have this month.  Not a trying task, really, when we keep a cow in our freezer…

Last week’s pantry fun came in the discovery of half a bag of fresh cranberries and two partial bags of chocolate chips.  Cranberry Chocolate Chip muffins, anyone?  So yummy!

Keeping meals simple this week, with a big emphasis on fresh fruits and veggies.  The comfort foods of winter are fabulous, but not at the expense of essential vitamins and minerals to ward off this seasonal influenza garbage that is the talk of the nation.  Plus, as my good fortune would have it, our kids prefer fresh fruits and veggies over any prepared fruit and veggies. Win!

If you find yourself staring in the fridge at 5:00 with little people biting your ankles, may I encourage you to make a menu plan?  It doesn’t have to be strict, and you can use any of several methods.  Having a plan, any plan, might just prevent a number of financial, time, and sanity woes.

Seven Layer Tex-Mex Dip

Sunday, January 13

Easy, Overnight Granola from

Weekday Breakfasts

Loaded Tostadas from

Weekday Dinners

Saturday, January 19 ~ Basketball chaos today, so we’ll start strong and end scrounging from whatever is left in the fridge.

  • sausage/egg breakfast pitas, fruit
  • leftovers, ballgame snacks, eat on the road

Do you find it harder to eat fresh fruits and veggies during the winter?  How do you get the job done?

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  1. Well, the weekly veggie/fruit box we get from Abundant Harvest Organics sure does help. Can you believe I was considering cancelling it because it is such a struggle some weeks to use up all the veggies we wouldn’t normally eat, like beets, turnips and daikon radish. When they went on vacation for two weeks and we nearly ran out of veggies, I found that we actually depend on those veggies to bulk up our plates. Never thought that would happen. So for now, I’ll keep on with my struggle to find new ways to serve these less than preferred veggies. Daikon radish substituted for onion anyone?

    • Oh, I bet it does! Our CSA season ends in October. It stretched me, for sure. So much easier to eat “green” in the spring and summer months (for me).

  2. Speaking of fruits and veggies, how did you and your family enjoy the nature box? Are all the bags so small? Wondering if it’s just because the price was discounted this month.

    • My first thought? “No way am I paying $20/month for this!” LOL I think the snacks are high quality and the packaging was beautiful (would make a great gift!) but I need more QUANTITY for a regular basis subscription.

  3. I’m enjoying your fresh start series!

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