Look Mom, No (Training) Wheels

Bribed Told a little Someone at 10:00 Saturday morning that she’d get a new bike for her birthday if she’d ditch the training wheels.

As of 10:15 Saturday morning, look’s like Someone’s Parents need to do some shopping…

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  1. Sometimes bribery works!! Nice shots!


  2. Very cute! Be PROUD! :0)

  3. Super cute photos! Oh, and I think the word “motivated” would have worked well. LOL!

  4. I was shopping at 3 pm Saturday-no fun at all! Great photos!

  5. i love the last picture:)

  6. So cute! She looks proud of herself!

  7. She is doing such a good job

  8. Great snap shots! One of our twins got motivated and learned in an afternoon but the other twin is having a little trouble in the motivation department. Perhaps I should try a little “bribing” LoL

  9. Too cute! Love the orange jacket and the purple Crocs (LSU??).

  10. LOL way to go young lady!! Love the last picture!

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  11. There is a big difference between an incentive and bribery… an incentive gives a reward for doing what is RIGHT… a bribe gives a reward for doing what is wrong.

    Great incentive, Mama.

  12. How exciting! In just the last couple of weeks, my six-year-old daughter has nearly mastered riding her bike without training wheels. She didn’t get a new bike, but did “graduate” up to her older sister’s previous bike. It’s going to be so nice now that all of us can take a family bike ride together!

  13. Love that last expression!

  14. Go great!! What a great moment! So glad you shared the pics with us.

  15. Oh, another milestone! I love her face in the last picture!

  16. Sweet! LOL! That is awesome!

  17. Congratulations to her!! It is a huge accomplishment!!

  18. Yay! What an accomplishment!


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