Little Helpers

The other evening my husband came rushing up the stairs and asked for my phone. “How do I take pictures with this thing?” After a 2-second tutorial, he hustled down to the basement.

That’s usually not a good thing for us.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I chose to remain temporarily oblivious to whatever disaster was looming below, and post-supper clean-up resumed until he came back up, smiling, with these.

Laundry CollageBusted. These kids. Rather big for his britches, Mr. 5 has been all about helping out lately. “How about I get the duster, Mom. Can I do the dishes, Mom?” (Some of that effort is his way of ditching quiet time, but whatever, right?!) He took it upon himself and recruited his sister to help him switch the laundry from washer to dryer. Apparently, laundry can be great fun. Who knew?!

And can I just say it’s welcome relief and we’d sure appreciate the formula for BOTTLING THIS SERVANT DESIRE so we can spray it on the older kids? Or dunk their heads in it? They could use a dose or 10. 😉

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  1. Love seeing your adorable little helpers in action, Amy! 🙂

    God has really been working in my life on the issue of money, and has led me on quite an amazing path… So thankful for His fine-tuning work in the lives of his children!

  2. My mom always asked why we were so eager when we were too young to really help, but then when we were old enough we were no where to be found. 🙂

  3. So sweet!

  4. I love the pic of him in the wash tub and she has her hand on the lid!

  5. Such cute kids there !

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