Lilla Rose Flexi-Clip {Giveaway}

“Mom!  Where did you get that beautiful hair clip?  Do you think I could wear that sometime, like maybe to my spring music program?”

Ah, it’s the little things, right?  That’s how my 7yo greeted me after school today. Bless her for looking past my over-sized, baby spit covered t-shirt (that I wore to bed last night) and my faded yoga pants.  Ahem.

This one doesn’t seem to mind the t-shirt, either.

Although it would be handy, I rarely pull my hair back.  Not because I enjoy it falling in my face.  Not because I like it to be mangled in my baby’s sticky hands.  Only because every single time I pull it back I get a headache.  Maybe because I have a pretty thick mane?  I don’t know.

I’ve drooled over the Lilla Rose flexi-clips that have been reviewed across the blogosphere, so when I was contacted to try one out myself, I jumped at the chance!  I chose the small Celtic Knot, simply because I wanted something to wear around the house.  You know, in my yoga pants.  😉

I know, I know.  Much too pretty for yoga pants.

Can I just tell you that I effortlessly slipped that little clip in my hair early this morning and still didn’t have a headache when I (finally) got around to taking a shower at 5:30?  That’s impressive, folks!

The timing of this review couldn’t be better.  Right now Lilla Rose is offering FREE SHIPPING with any order over $20. I may need to purchase another one to wear to prom this year.  You know I still go to prom, right?  If only I could figure out how to so something like this with my hair:

Want to win a flexi-clip of your choice? Consultant Virlyn has generously offered 3 flexi-clips for my readers.  And, if we get more than 200 entries, she’ll give 6 flexi-clips!  Let’s go for it, okay?  To enter, simply leave a comment:  If you win, which flexi-clip will you choose?

As always, feel free to earn an extra entry or two by promoting this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog.  Leave a separate comment when you do.  Get your friends to enter so we can get 6 clips!

Giveaway ends Sunday, March 6, at 8:00 p.m. CST.  Winners will be randomly drawn and notified by email.

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  1. Deanna Ebbert says:

    I love the simple danglie!

  2. I like the multi-colored stone cluster the best. I would still have to fine-tune what size! I’m definitely going to have to keep these in mind for me and my girls!

  3. Jennifer B says:

    I love 3-1044 Open Heart Dangle. In a large. so cute.

  4. I would choose the medium etched lily. Love the concept. Wonder how it’d work for me.

  5. Oh my, so many beautiful ones to choose from. I’m thinking it would be the Scrollwork Heart!

  6. Wow those are really cute. It is a hard choose. But I do like the one with the Hawaiin flower (medium) I could choose a few more too. very pretty.

  7. celtic knot, it’s so simple and seems like it would go with almost anything!

  8. the plumeria is pretty and would be pretty for little girls as well

  9. I like the flexi-hair clip. My daughter would love it too.

  10. They’re all so lovely, but I think I’d go for the silver antiqued starfish… it reminds me of warmer, less snowy times. 🙂

  11. These are so pretty!

  12. 1-0730 Etched Lily

  13. Kristen says:

    love the celtic knot and my girlies would too!

  14. I love the Roman Style Cross.

  15. That clip looks wonderful – my daughter would love it too!

  16. I love the medium silver multi-colored cluster 2-0752.

  17. Kim Pollock says:

    I like the Silver filigree flower clip.

  18. I like the Princess tiara…simple yet elegant

  19. Jessica says:

    I love the silver celtic knot and the silver island flower. Great giveaway!

  20. Tammy in Alabama says:

    I love the medium Roman Style Cross…. so beautiful. I cannot wait to get one of these…. I, like you, would love to wear my hair up more often, but I suffer from migraine headaches and it seems everytime I try putting it up I get one of the worse headaches ever…. Maybe this will be the solution! Thank you for all you do… Many Blessings! Tammy in Alabama

  21. Jessica says:

    Something with skull and crossbones. It’s so rock n roll but elegant too!

  22. Susan N Pesotski says:

    I would love to have the Celtic butterfly bobby pin for my butterfly-loving granddaughter! But I love everything on the site.

  23. Elaine Mckinney says:

    they are so pretty and look so easy to use. i have long hair and would love to try one . i,ve tried clips out of stores and most arent easy to use and dont stay in my hair

  24. gina fosdick says:

    I like the flexi hair clip the best!!!

  25. kathleen says:

    The princess tiara is do cute. Who doesn’t nerd a tiara!

  26. I like the simple celtic knot.

  27. OK, I have to be a copycat and say that I would choose the Celtic Knot too- so simple, yet elegant at the same time!

  28. I love the celtic cross and the dragonfly ones! Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  29. MichelleH says:

    A clip that stays put and doesn’t hurt? Yes, please. I would leave the final decision to my daughter, but my favorites are the fairy (there’s a tiny Tink superfan in the house), Crown of Hearts, and Open Heart Dangle.

  30. Rebecca says:

    I like the tree of life flexi-clip! These are so lovely!

  31. I like the silver elegant dangle. We have three very distinct hair types here ranging from coarse and very curly to straight and fine. It would be interesting to see how these clips work for our hair types.

  32. Oh, this is VERY pretty and it’s simple too! I’d love to win one. 🙂

  33. I would definitely choose the one that you are showing off. 🙂

  34. I’d probably pick the celtic knot too. It’s really lovely and would go so well with my own spit-up covered t-shirts and yoga pants. 😉

  35. Oh yes, and I went ahead and blogged about it too 🙂 Thanks

  36. Amy Schaffer says:

    These are so pretty. I think I would choose the Silver Island Flower. Thanks for hosting another fun giveaway.

  37. I love the celtic knot too! If I won, I would probably let one of my daughter’s choose which one they wanted!

  38. Hard to choose! I like this one: 1-1294 Simple Band Dark Brown Thanks for the chance!

  39. Courtney says:

    I love ALL of them!!!!!!!! How pretty.

  40. Yoga pants or not, these are pretty! 🙂

  41. Love these!! And super cute desgins. I so need something that doesn’t give me a headache, so these clips sound fab!

  42. I’d get the Celtic Knot and give it to my son’s girlfriend. She loves all things Irish! So cute!

  43. I really like the butterfly one! Or the celtic knot! Both have a special meaning to me. 🙂

  44. I like the Celtic knot. It’s small, but elegant.


    laurasu82 @ YAHOO.COM

  45. I’m simple, so I like the silver simple band. I’d never heard of these until I saw them at heavenly homemaker and your site. Pretty neat.

  46. They are all absolutely beautiful, but I think I really love the celtic Knot. I would love to get some for my granddaughters.

  47. I love the celtic knot but they are all fabulous!!

  48. Oh, I would just love one for the hair that I am growing out since my husband believes that since we have a child, I will never have long hair again, as this is the case for most of our friends!!!

  49. The celtic know you got is beautiful; I think I’d just go with that one!

  50. Amy Schmidt says:

    Love the large Sliver simple band – so pretty!

  51. I would choose the black floral in extra small.

  52. Hmmmmm. Those are really neat! I really like 1-o953 in small. I figured the stones might look nice in my brunette hair. I may even be interested in becoming a consultant! Of course, I have to try one, first. 🙂

  53. I also like the celtic knot. So pretty.

  54. I’d choose the gorgeous stoneset flower (it really is gorgeous!)
    But I have to say that the Celtic knot comes a close second.

  55. The simple band and etched lily are so pretty!

  56. Oh my daughter and I would love to have a flexi-clip. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  57. Maybe one with a turtle. It would amuse me to go around wearing a turtle in my hair. These things are the best!

  58. I love the celtic cross.

  59. I would pick 2-1765. They are all lovely.

  60. Kimberly Chase says:

    You are SOOOO funny!! I love that you wear *yoga* pants and still *attend* prom!!! Sooooo funny, girl!! Pick me – pick me!! I’d love to wear this clip to prom — where, of course, I’ll be sporting my yoga pants! Haha!!!

  61. I love it!! So bueatiful and you are right, a perfect way to accent your hairstyle for a special occasion.

  62. I like the Celtic Knot, too. The Stone-set Etched Flower would be another favorite!

  63. Oh, thanks Amy, I am always looking for hair bling…and one that works with “our” hair…My fav is the Filigree Flower!

  64. As someone who still pulls back my hair with a scrunchie, I think it is about time I gave the flexi clip a try!

  65. love all the designs I am torn between the sea turtle and multi cluster

  66. Stacy Kristine says:

    They are all lovely, but I would start with the Silver Elegant Dangle! What a pretty giveaway- thanks!

  67. There’s so many cute ones to choose from. Don’t make me pick!! I guess I’ll wait to see if I win before making that decision!

  68. Love the Celtic knot as well!!

  69. I like the filigree flower!

  70. I like the Roman cross.

  71. I like the Multi-Colored Stone Cluster!

  72. Jennifer N says:

    I like the antiqued simple band.

  73. Kelly A says:

    I like the Hawaiian Flower.

  74. Terri S says:

    If I win I would choose the extra small waterfall dangles flexi-clip!

    Thanks for the giveaway! Exciting!
    Terri S
    ponyxpress9 at yahoo dot com

  75. Susan Salerno says:

    I have been looking at the celtic knot for a couple of weeks now. I have to wear my hair up for work and always have a headache by the end of my shift!

  76. I like the scrollwork heart. So pretty!

  77. I like the first flexi-clip pictured on the opening page of the website.

  78. Bonnie Macaluso says:

    I have the same problem as you, I get a headache when I put my hair up.
    I would love to try the celtic knot, my hair is also very thick and I hope this would work for me as well. Thank you for sharing this info, and for all
    you do for your readers.

  79. I know what you mean – I get headaches when I pull my hair back too!

    I would love to try the Celtic Knot Brown.

  80. I like the etched lily. 🙂

  81. Oh, I have been wanting to try one of these! I would try the pink and brown Hawaiian Flower!

  82. I love the silver simple band! Thanks so much for a great giveaway!

  83. laura f says:

    the silver butterfly AND the silver princess tiara are beautiful!

  84. laura f says:

    Shared on FB! 🙂

  85. The filigree dragonfly is pretty!

  86. Sarah V. says:

    I love the celtic knot – it would be a great one for everyday.

  87. Deborah says:

    I love the celtic knot flexi clip

  88. I like the princess styles and the celtic knot as well. Although I might share that one since my sister is into all things Irish after living there for 7 months while in HS!

    Thanks for the giveaway,

  89. I’m so happy I came across this post!
    I am in love with the Hawaiian Sea Turtle one in medium.
    It’s just sooo cute!

  90. I just shared on FB! Lets get some posts going!

  91. Danielle says:

    I like the simple celtic knot, too. Very simple and not too flashy (my life).

  92. These are so pretty! I like the silver princess tiara & the silver etched lily.

  93. I would probably go with the celtic knot as well…or maybe the silver etched lily.

  94. I like the O-rings. So beautiful!

  95. I love the Fascinating and Fun! Actually, I love a lot of them, and am anxious to try one. I get so tired of just pulling my hair into a ponytail. I want something fun for my hair!

  96. One of the ones with the three dangly pieces. I saw their website many moons ago, and I STILL can’t get that one out of my mind!

  97. Kelly C says:

    I would love a mini clip or the bobby pins. So cute!

  98. Crystal says:

    I really like the small Roman Cross

  99. Christina H says:

    I love these clips. I would love to have the Flowering Fern. And I think I just found the perfect gift for a friend of mine! 😉

  100. Christina H says:

    Liked it on facebook!

  101. Another celtic knot fan!

  102. I’m partial to the Silver aurora borealis cluster. Very pretty.

  103. I would chose the small crown of hearts.

  104. the filigree dragonfly!

  105. Maybe facinating & fun or the celtic knot! Thanks

  106. hippie4ever says:

    I like the dragonfly and open flower in gold silenttributary at yahoo dot com

  107. Oh, I would love to be entered! I have been wanting a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip for quite some time now, and have been praying that I might just win one! 🙂
    If I won, I would most likely get the Intricately Designed Dangle Extra Small Flexi Clip. It is so adorable and feminine!

    Many Blessings,

  108. I really like the celtic knot. I have very thick hair too.
    gingeroo616 at aol dot com

  109. shared on fb
    gingeroo616 at aol dot com

  110. tweeted!
    gingeroo616 at aol dot com

  111. So hard to choose!! I think I would go for the filigree heart or the scrollwork heart – I can’t decide! I like the dangly ones too!

  112. 3-1787 Contemporary Flower in large is my favorite!

  113. I liked this article on facebook.

  114. Love the celctic knot . They are all look great.

  115. The tiara dangle is beautiful but I think for every day to church maybe the roman stone or the silver dragonfly.
    I have kind of fine {awful} hair so I’m hesitant to buy anything like this for fear that it wouldn’t stay in. I’d take your spit-up shirt for a thicker mane 🙂

  116. Summer Darbyshire says:

    If I won, I’d choose the flexi hair clip or o-ring. I’m so glad you do giveaways! It’s so much fun!

  117. I love the Celtic Knot as well.

  118. love it!!!!

  119. posted on my FB…..previous most meant to say love that one!

  120. Okay, I spent a lot of time on that site and I can’t decide what to get!! The horse one? The waterfalling one? The blue one? Ack! All too pretty.

  121. I have never seen these before! They are awesome! I really love the Celtic Interlace in large. I definitely will be buying several of them soon. They will make great gifts!

  122. I like the clip on the main page with the butterfly in the center.

  123. I like the Celtic Cross in size medium.

  124. If I won a flexi clip, I would like the silver celtic cross. They are awesome.

  125. I love these! Thanks for introducing me to them. I would choose either the celtic cross or the celtic knot.

  126. Terase Snyder says:

    I went to the page for the medium sized clips. What a talented gal! These are all so beautiful! But I would have to go with either a Celtic knot or cross.

    Good luck to everyone!

  127. My granddaughter is going to prom next month. She has her dress and I think the Celtic Knot would look so pretty in her hair.

  128. Thanks for a chance to win. If I won I would pick either the medium circle of hearts and flowers or the medium silver etched lily. These are all so pretty had a hard time choosing!

  129. The simplicity of the celtic knot is beautiful!

  130. I tweeted…. trying to get us over 200! 😉

  131. I love the celtic knot so simple and beautiful!

  132. I woule love any of them.. I cannot choose just one ! They are beautiful !
    Sue in NJ

  133. I would love the celtic knot flexi-clip!

  134. Amy LeBlanc says:

    Wow, where were these when I had long hair? But luckily my daughter she has the tresses to pull it off. I would love the antique gold celtic knot, there are so many that are great. Where do you stop choosing?

  135. Andrea Watts says:

    The Celtic Knot is my favorite

  136. I like the Princess Tiara!

  137. I like the princess tiara.

  138. Peggy Teague says:

    I love the Flexi clip, I shop for hair things all the time and they are all the same, it is really nice to see something differant.

  139. Mary Furlow says:

    OK, they are all too pretty to decide on one. But I guess I like the Native Filigree Flower or the Celtic Knot. :))

  140. So pretty! So adorable!

  141. I like the Celtic knot and Hawaiian flower.

  142. Festive Poinsettia is the one I would love to win

  143. Thanks for the chance! I would pick Native Filigree Flower.

  144. Those would look so gorgeous in my daughter’s hair!!

  145. Martine says:

    So hard to decide, but to wear with my jeans I would go with the Celtic Cross .

  146. Beth Busch says:

    I love that Celtic Knot! SO pretty! I love that they have different sizes too. I have very fine hair and have to resort to tiny barrettes/clips so that they don’t fall out. Thanks for entering me! 🙂

  147. I love the flexi-clip! I would probably give it to my daughter-in-law. I know she would love it!!!!

  148. I love the silver etched lily clip. They are all so pretty! I love the way hair looks in them. Yours looks wonderful!

  149. 4-0710 Princess Tiara Mini is what I would pick.

    They all look so pretty. I had never heard of the flexi-clip before.

  150. These products are soooo beautiful – thanks for the opportunity to win one!! 🙂

  151. Oops! I would choose the celtic knot. 😉

  152. miranda says:

    Wow these hair clips are so pretty!! I just can’t decide maybe the Celtic knot or maybe one of the other pretty ones!!!

  153. I like the Hawaiian Flower.

  154. Estella says:

    I really like the butterfly one. Although it is really hard to choose.

  155. These are all beautiful! I like the 1-1250 Celtic Cross. Probably a small. Definitely will be looking at this site again!

  156. I like the Flexi 8 diamond center with dangles.

    I watched the video and would get an extra small for half-ups.

    ecarian at yahoo dot com

  157. I would be filled with joy to win this! These are great! I’d never heard of them before today. I’d definitely get one with a flower, probably the plumeria or hawaiian.

  158. deseray yeo-jones says:

    filigree dragonfly

  159. All so gorgeous…..but I would like the (1-0386) Petite Dragonfly…..It would be shared with my granddaughter……….we share the love of “collecting” dragonflies………Thank you for your site and the introduction to Lilla Rose.

  160. Anouk S says:

    having just had our first child this week i need ideas of easy hair styles! i’d go with the scrollwork design one! thanks!

  161. I love the celtic clip!

  162. I would choose the Celtic knot but all are beautiful!!!

  163. I love the renaissance cross! These are so pretty, thanks for calling our attention to them!

  164. Suzanne says:

    I’m with you….I think the celtic knot would be most versatile! Looks great!! And much prettier than my usual ponytail with an elastic!

  165. Silver Celtic Cross is my fave.

  166. I’d want the Danglie Drop in Sapphire.

  167. Crystal Stone Cluster is the one I’d want if I win.

  168. These are awesome! It was a difficult choice, but I think 1-1185 Roman Cross in a small is my favorite.

  169. What georgeous clips! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  170. I shared this post on facebook.

  171. I love the Celtic Knot clip! Would be perfect for everything I wear.

  172. Posted on Facebook. 🙂

    • I just bought my first one and it looks just like the one you’re wearing! Great minds think alike:)

  173. Wow…that’s a tough decision! I think I’d have to choose the Daisy Dangle Freestyle. I like the multiple colors.

  174. Meredith says:

    I would choose the silver Island Flower! These are so pretty 🙂

  175. I love the silver Roman Cross or the silver Celtic Cross!

  176. I really like the small 1-1436 Flower Stoneset with Danglie.

  177. I also shared this on my facebook. Would really like to try one of these.

  178. Also tweeted about these. I always get head aches because my hair is soooo thick.

  179. I love the Intricate Designed Dangle! I love the idea of something that can hold up my very thick hair and not give me a headache!

  180. What a cute clip!

  181. Oh my goodness….how do I choose?!! I would probably go for the Celtic Knot like you because it goes with everything, but since I am partial to hearts….that would be a tough decision!! I guess I would just order the one I didn’t win! Or two…or three… ( :

  182. I just love the simple band with Daisy Beads. Such graet items!

  183. Great clips. I like the Silver Celtic cross. Great job, they are all beautiful!!

  184. Brigita says:

    I love the celtic knot!

  185. I don’t think I entered yet…I could spend hours looking and still be deciding which one to get.

  186. I would love any of them, they are all beautiful!

  187. They are really pretty! I love the celtic knot you chose.

  188. I really like the 3-1787 Contemporary Flower Flexi-Clip…it is really cute and would look really awesome on. I am in love with the company itself…neat idea and affordable items across the board! I am always looking for new and exciting ways to earn extra income…this is one I will check out! Thanks for sharing…

  189. I love the celtic knot because I think I would use it the most. They are all beautiful!

  190. Sarah J. says:

    I would choose the small Diamond Center.

  191. OMG these are amazing! Love them, it would be hard to pick just 1 but I think I like hearts the best!

  192. My sweet daughter needs this for prom! GORGEOUS!

  193. Sheila Shapley says:

    Prominent Dragonfly Gold, I’m a gold person.

  194. Oooh, I love the celtic knot–okay, I love them all.

  195. I think the flexi-clips are awesome. I’ve had these bookmarked for a while. They’re definitely on my list of things to try in the near future.

  196. I love the celtic knot! Really stunning — even in yoga pants. 😉
    Thank you!!

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