Light’s Out {Finer Things Friday}

The deafening silence. The pitch black, unwelcome.  On Tuesday, we were faced with the likelihood of severe storms in our area.  Gratefully we avoided damage, but shortly after the kids went to bed (also known as Mama’s work/quiet/relaxing time!) the lights went out.  Blah!

For someone like me who is addicted to social media works via the internet during life’s “spare moments,” being without electricity is a bit of a nuisance maddening.  I couldn’t write.  I couldn’t chat.  I couldn’t schedule.  I couldn’t answer emails or reply to comments.  I couldn’t check my Facebook Page.  I couldn’t tweet.  What’s a girl to do if she can’t tweet?!

Once I (rather quickly) got over myself and realized no one would care if I didn’t get my post up, no one would care if it took me yet another day to respond to comments and emails, and no one would even notice if I was or wasn’t tweeting, I took the power outage for what it was:  A reminder.  An opportunity.  A break!

And then, I

1.  took a bubble bath.  By candlelight.

2.  went to bed early, snuggled up to my 5 year old, who wasn’t excited about sleeping without his closet light on.

And that, my friends, was it.  A Finer Things night, for sure! (What do you miss the most when the power goes out?  How do you pass the time?)

What Finer Things are you celebrating this week? Link up and we’ll share the joy!

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  1. That bubble bath sounds wonderful!!

  2. Love the whole idea for forced together time (and no blogging/computer). I have some of the best times when I turn my back on it, and get together with friends.

    Thanks for hosting! I’m sharing EASY *Fresh* Mex Flatbread Pizza.

  3. I so wish I’d had a bubble bath last night, glad I can live vicariously through your’s! 🙂

  4. Good for you for embracing it Amy! I love a power outage actually, because it forces the quiet, the board games, the books, the candles, and removes everything electronic. I LOVE that.

    But… after about a day, the thing I miss the most is the ability to play music. If I didn’t have music in my day (quiet classical while homeschooling, K-LOVE – Christian music most of the rest of the time) I think I’d lose my mind! It’s the perfect backdrop to my day.

    • “It forces the quiet.” So true! And it’s AMAZING to me how quiet it is without power. I can’t believe how we’ve become so accustomed to *noise.*

  5. Whoops – typed in the wrong title the first time. Sorry about that!

    I am sharing our new found help for a healthier way to comfort sick kiddos (and adults too). Homemade decongestant chest rub. It really works!
    Wait ’til you see what’s in the store bought stuff. Ugh.

  6. A bubble bath sounds heavenly. This week for me: my own long-time in coming graduation celebration with friends and family.

  7. Several months ago, we switched internet providers and (unbeknownst to us at the time), our new service stays up even in power outages. Kind of a blessing and a curse. 🙂 Your candlelit bubble bath sounds delightful!

  8. Well, when our power goes out so does our water and that makes it not at all enjoyable, so that would be what I miss the most. Ugh!

    • Ok. I can be a good sport about the power, but I *need* my water! I remember growing up in the country with well water. No power = no water. Not fun!

  9. I just went through a power outage after a bad storm last week but I was without internet for 3 days. Talk about maddening!

  10. I have been especially grateful to live in Arizona after hearing about all of the terrible storms that so many people have had to endure lately. I can’t even imagine living in a place where that kind of thing happens!
    I shared my recipe for Southwest Rainbow Bean Salad. This salad has lots of great flavors and is also very healthy.
    Thanks for hosting!

  11. Our area tends to see a lot of power outages, and since we are the first house on our line, it takes a while to get service back {something like that. Willie has tried to explain it to me, I just get confused! ;)}–we’ve learned to make the most of them. Now they are enjoyable instead of a curse. Although, it’s hard sometimes to see an interruption in MY plans as a blessing at first!

    Your bath by candlelight sounds divine! 🙂

  12. I must admit I kind of freak out when the power goes off. I am always so amazed how much we rely on electricity for everything! I wouldn’t even be able to have a hot, bubble bath because our pressure system and hot water system is all hooked up to our power. So thankful that you guys are safe :).

    Happy finer things friday!

  13. We had power outage recently that made it so unbearably hot inside the house without AC or fans to cool off. It was late at night so the kiddos were asleep. Hubby and I decided to hangout in the car parked by the street with the windows down. We enjoyed the cool after-the-rain breeze and chit-chatted for a couple of hours until the lights went back on.

  14. I totally could have written this post! Strong storms came through our town Monday night, and our power was out almost all day Tuesday. That’s the one day a week I’m child-free, but I couldn’t get anything done because EVERYTHING is electric here. I had to remind myself, “You’re always wishing for more time to read–well, you’ve got it! Sit by the window and enjoy your book, girl!” LOL!

  15. About a month a go, the guy next door blew out the lights on the whole block. We were not expecting it and at first it was a bit annoying as we were in the middle of dinner. However, I really enjoyed the quiet time and spending the time with my husband.

  16. I met a woman once who incorporated a no-electricity night into every week. She planned special activities for her children on their lights-out Wednesday evenings, such as games and story-telling. I think she was a single mom and simply trying to survive financially; this was one way she could cut costs. But I’m sure a lot more of us could benefit from a no-electricity night! It would be a great opportunity for family bonding.

    • That is such a great idea! (Hi, Louisa! We *missed* the house moving. I was so upset! One minute I looked out the window and it was there; the next minute it was gone. But my oldest said they watched it “float across the wheat field” so that was fun for them.)

  17. Aw, I love this! I just went on a weekend vacation and didn’t have internet access for 3 days. It was so good for me. It is a little depressing how badly I needed that detox!

    Ironically, on our vacation we ALSO lost power for several hours because of a bad storm. It was nice to be more concerned about not being able to open the fridge than not being able to get on Facebook! 🙂


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