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Last Monday was the 15th. I was super proud of myself for noticing the date and jotting notes while taking pictures, because Day in the Life! That used to be one of my favorite posts! But by mid-afternoon the crazy picked up, the camera took fewer pictures, and I was all, “Oh, well! We’ll try again another day.”

A few days later I still hadn’t managed to capture a whole day, but thought that since I’ve pretty much disappeared around here, you might be interested in snippets of the week. Here we go!

We don’t start school until this week Thursday, but last week Monday was the start of fall sports practices. This girl was lacing up for a full day of cheer camp followed by volleyball practice.


My little 2yo sidekick. Many summer mornings she appeared at my side of the bed before she’s fully ready to wake up (but, friends, she is sleeping through the night. Did you hear that? All six of my little people are mostly, most nights, minus the tossing and very loud dreaming, sleeping through the night!) so I just toss her over me to the middle of the bed, and she finishes snoozing there. Progress!

On this particular morning, when I got up “early” (6:30 is early during the summer, by golly!) to get some things done, she was out of bed by 7:00. Of course!


This one is four now, and knows what she wants when she wants it. A few weeks ago we did some bedroom swapping so that our 9yo could have her own room. The Bonus Sisters now share a room. Just wrap your brains around that one! 😉 If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll understand my concern.

Her current obsession is her bed. It must be “fixed” every morning. “Mom, you haven’t fixed my bed yet!” she’ll yell at me mid-day if we don’t get it done. I like a made, er, fixed, bed, too, but we are pretty far out of the habit. No time like the present, right?


The main chore on tap that morning was weeding the landscaping. This dude was thrilled.


I told my 8th grader that I would have snacks ready at 2:00 just in case she and her friends had time to run home between the end of cheer camp and the beginning of volleyball practice. (Have I mentioned lately that our proximity to the school saves my hide on a daily basis?! Pick up and drop off multiple times a day with multiple children going in multiple directions, plus my littles? NOPE.) I remembered at 1:00 and threw 3 dozen of our favorite banana chocolate chip muffins together. This is what was left by the time I remembered to take a picture. Feeding these kids (and sometimes their friends) is a full-time job, yo!

ditl8Two of my garden helpers. I was feeling guarded ambition in April/May about gardening again (much like this blog, my gardening has been a no go for the last 2 years), so we planted peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce, yellow squash, pumpkins, and a few tomatoes. Then June happened and I pretty much didn’t look at the garden until July, by which time most things had died or were surrounded by weeds. Ugh.

We did get a few squash and zucchini before the squash bugs took over, and our peppers are still coming on, as are the grape tomatoes (yum!) and other little tomatoes. (Cherry, maybe?) Oh! And there’s a random pumpkin growing over by the dog pen, about 30 feet from where we planted pumpkins, so… Thank goodness for my neighbor, who has the unfortunate luck of sharing a garden space with pitiful us. He has several tomato plants that are thriving. We’ve enjoyed LOTS of our favorite BLTs in the past several weeks!


I think that’s about as much productivity as Monday got out of me. The Olympics sucked the life out of our evenings, but oh my gosh, so much fun! My husband and I went for a walk, too, because 1) quiet alone time for us, and 2) I’m not 30 and nursing babies anymore. My metabolism is tanking and I have to get more active!

On Tuesday I called in for an “emergency” orthodontic appointment for my girl. Her bracket popped off a few days before and the wire was tearing her mouth up. This wouldn’t be a big deal if we didn’t have to drive an hour one way to the office. I was able to arrange things at home so that Mr. 11 (I have a 13yo AND an 11yo now! Big kids rock!) could take over for a couple hours (my husband was home for much of the afternoon) and The Girl and I made a flying ortho/school supplies/Aldi (never go to town without stopping at Aldi!)/Starbucks trip. (because she had a gift card from Christmas burning a hole in her pocket. Her very first Starbucks trip and I got to take her. That is not lost on me as this girl grows up!)

Office Max/Office Depot (they must be the same thing now, huh?) is the place to be at Back to School time. The locals beat me to the amazing Sharpies and Expo markers deal, but I did snag all of this for ONE PENNY each. We don’t even need it, but I’ll save it for our shoeboxes.


She’s thrilled about our little grocery shopping stop, don’t you think? 😉 Actually, she did mention that, “Mom, I think I’ll really appreciate Aldi as an adult when I’m the one buying the food.” Smart girl!


We grabbed a couple pizzas from Aldi (I do this nearly every time I shop there, because nothing is worse than unloading a cart or two of groceries at dinnertime and “not having anything to eat” for dinner!)

I arrived home to this. “Who squeezed toothpaste into the seashell?!” is not something I ever expected to yell from the bathroom as a mom. You just never know! Surprise, surprise, it was NOT the Bonus Sisters! Another child fessed up very nonchalantly, “Well, we don’t use that toothpaste anyway, so I thought I’d see what would happen if I squeezed it into the shell.” Alrighty then!


Tuesday was another super late Olympics night, and I went to bed completely distraught over our women’s beach volleyball loss! (I could possibly be just a little too invested in some of our Olympians.)


Wednesday morning I posted this: Thanking the good Lord for this little gem this morning. After drinking a large iced coffee at 4:00 (stupid, I can’t handle my caffeine) and staying up late and being completely distraught by beach volleyball (Noooooo!) I was wired and tossed and turned and listened to Lance’s Very Loud Sleeping until 2am when I FINALLY remembered the magic. ‪#‎slowlearner‬ Rolled it on and settled down quickly. Only problem then was once I had it on, it quieted HIM so much that I was scared he wasn’t breathing at all 😄 so I had to make sure he was alive before I fell asleep. 😂 He was. I slept. The end. ‪#‎tranquileverynight‬ ‪#‎nowiknow‬

Rough night!

I have no photographic evidence that Wednesday even existed, but Thursday evening I co-hosted a super fun Back to School class on Facebook.

back to school

It’s a public class, so you’re welcome to browse through the table of contents. TONS of great tips and resources as we all start a great new school year! If you’re interested in getting started with essential oils, email me! I’ve got a $20 voucher for you!

On Friday we went to a cookout, played in the park, and then some of us cheered on our 13yo at a 10:30pm sand volleyball game. Fun times, and people, I wore a sweatshirt! In Kansas! In August!

ditl10The weekend was made up of a home run derby for the 11yo, making two freezers of homemade ice cream at midnight after a late night “date” to town to get the ice cream salt that I was just SURE we had in the garage (oops!), and then an all day church event with two meals and lots of fun on Sunday, with an “old timers” baseball tournament for my husband thrown in for good measure. It’s a busy, happy life, friends!







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  1. hello!!
    Im so glad you can do these posts…I have missed seeing your blog…I WILL start to get onto Instagram more though…since that is where EVERYONE is now a days…I don’t post pics as much…so that is probably why i don’t immediately go to that app. anyway, busy busy you lead but a happy one it does look like

  2. Happy to see the update! I’m glad you guys are all well.

  3. So happy to read about your life and to know that all is well!! Boy could I relate to your sleepless night–I’ve had nights where I can’t sleep because DH is snoring, only to have him stop and I think he’s dead. I was laughing so much that my kids rushed in to see what was so funny. Thank you for the update and the laugh. One more thing–those kiddos are getting big!

  4. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe how big all your kids are getting!!

    And yes, we love us some Tranquil around here! 🙂

  5. It sounds like we all have the same sentiment…..we are glad you are back!!! That pic of your 13 yo is too much. Not sure if it’s just her expression and body language, but she sure looks like Lance. 😊

  6. So good to see your post! I had been wondering how you were doing. So fun to see your littles grow up!

  7. Love Aldi! I go every week! It is my first stop for my weekly groceries. So glad your posting again!

  8. Hannah Beth Reid says:

    That was a fun read! Thanks for sharing a slice of your life!

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