Let’s Get to Cleaning! {This is where you sign up for the prizes.}

Oh, is it time?  Already?

Yes, yes it is.  If you need me, this is where you’ll find me today.

Let’s get to cleaning!  My personal goal for this week is to get through all three bedrooms in our home, floor to ceiling.  Clear the clutter, move furniture, seasonal clothing swap, floors, dusting, and windows.  Typing that out makes me want to crawl back into my cozy bed, but one glance at my kids’ rooms dictates otherwise. (And oh, yes.  My room could still use some attention, too.)

Once I do that, I’ll be ready to move on to the rest of the house, including all the windows and floors.  (Perhaps it will stop raining by the time I’m ready to do the windows?  It’s really no bother, we’re enjoying the rain!)

How to Clean Windows

  1. Wipe out the window well to get excess dust and dirt before cleaning windows.
  2. Add 1/2 cup vinegar to an old gallon bucket.  Fill approximately 1/2 way with warm water.
  3. Using an old rag and the vinegar solution, scrub window clean.
  4. With a clean, crumpled up sheet of newspaper, wipe the vinegar solution off of the window.  The newspaper really makes it shine and removes streaks!

How to Clean Hard Wood and Tile Floors

Honestly?  I think mops are gross.  Well, the old stringy ones and sponge mops, anyway.  I’ve never owned one.  Now, the new Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop(that one of you could win!)?  I’d be willing to give that one a try.  😉

In the meantime, though, the best way for me to get my floors clean, is to get down on my hands and knees.  (By all means, do what works for you!)

Supplies:  gallon bucket of 1/2 cup vinegar filled halfway with warm water, old rag, scrubby sponge, plastic scraper (for the tough stuff), volleyball knee pads

Method:  After sweeping up all the loose stuff, I work from one end of the floor to the other in a zigzag motion.  1)  Wipe a squarish surface area with the wet rag  2) Loosen any tough spots with the scraper or scrubby 3)Wipe again if needed.

It’s not rocket science, just effort.  And a pretty decent workout!

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The Spring Cleaning Challenge

Now it’s your turn to share your Spring Cleaning accomplishments. If you are posting a link from your blog, please make sure to link to your Spring Cleaning post, not your homepage. Also, to spread the word about the Spring Cleaning Challenge to your readers, please make sure to include a link back to one of the hostesses! If you don’t have a blog, you can link to an online photo album.  ***PS ~ If you’re ready to share before and after photos already, I may have to hate you just a little.  Pace yourself!  This linky will be open until Thursday, April 5.***

The Giveaways

Just in case you don’t remember, here are the super-awesome prizes up for grabs:

GE Appliances : Facebook : Twitter
Prizes up for Grab: TWO Washer/Dryer sets  (Yes, two participants will win washer/dryer sets!)
The Stow Company : Facebook : Pinterest : Twitter
Prize up for Grab:
Do-it-Yourself Easy Track Deluxe Closet Organization Kit
Shark Clean : Facebook : Twitter
Prize up for Grab:
Professional Steam Pocket Mop

While anyone can enter their Spring Cleaning link above, the following promotion is open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are at least 18 years of age and have a valid email address. You may view the official rules here. Giveaway closes Thursday, April 5.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

***Note:  While I thoroughly enjoy your comments and encourage them, you must use the super fancy Rafflecopter thingy above (that I know nothing about) to enter the giveaway.***

Good Luck!  Have Fun!  Happy Cleaning! 


  1. Michelle Y says:

    Thanks for the giveaway chance! (I did use the rafflecopter link…just wanted to say thanks here too!) I agree about cleaning wood floors on my hands and knees. Maybe that’s why I dislike mopping the floor so much though… But I do really want one of those Shark Steam Mops.

  2. I am with ya with the mop thing! But now that my kids are older, I make them get down on their hands and knees and do it! I know I am a mean mama! But I have my reasons. My mother never really showed me how clean anything, and it took me years to figure out how to keep a house, actually I am still figuring it out, I am hoping to save my children all those years of figuring.

  3. I think my least favorite place to clean is the bathrooms…just not my thing 🙂 And my favorite place? That would definitely be my craft room. I love to re-organize all of my craft supplies!

  4. I dislike cleaning out the laundry room–which is why I’m focusing on it in my blog!

  5. Amy, how do you actually look at the link party? I entered, but couldn’t figure out how to get to the actual party…

  6. My least favorite is the kitchen floors… They are tile and get pretty gross easily!

  7. My least favorite? How about, like, all of it?? Gotta love it when it’s clean though!

  8. Greatly dislike cleaning the bathroom. Ugh.

  9. My goal for the next few days is the kitchen and I hate mops also. I always make my husband use the nasty mop to clean. I might surprise him and and mop this go around trying out your hands and knees method.

  10. I hate cleaning the bathrooms.

  11. Hi Amy.
    I put in the wrong FB name I think. My FB name is Adrienne Urban. Hope that’s OK.

  12. My least favorite place to clean is the bathroom. I physicallly hate it!

  13. I think bathrooms are the worst, too. And all things grout, ugh!

  14. wendy welch says:

    I did the Rafflecoptor but wanted to say thanks for the awesome giveaways. Love the spring cleaning checklists – it keeps my very scattered brain focused on the room at hand!

  15. sarah shay says:

    What a great blog!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. michelle says:

    I also hate the bathroom!

  17. I think my least favorite place to clean would have to be under the table. I feel like I can never keep it sparkling–my kids dump food and drinks on it two minutes later! Second would have to be the window blinds. So tricky to clean!

  18. My boys’ room is the worst for me, and that’s the one I’m tackling today!

  19. Bathrooms…ugg. Honestly, sometimes all housework.

  20. I just HATE organizing and cleaning my youngest two kids’ room. It’s such a disaster! Don’t want to sort and throw away but I know I need to do it. I guess I should take a picture of the mess and at least enter the contest! I also don’t like to clean blinds. We have birds that sit right by the kitchen windows, and the bird fluff is all over the blinds.

  21. jennifer g says:

    I hate spring cleaning. But this year I actually have gotten a lot done so far. Closets are cleaned out, clothes ate donated, and I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom cupboards out.

  22. Shelly OMoore says:

    How fun! Well… not exactly the cleaning part, but the chance to win some cool prizes to make cleaning a little more fun.

  23. Amy Strong says:

    I think my least favorite place to clean would have to be the litterbox!!!! And the bathroom that it is in!!!

  24. My least favorite room to clean is the garage. I have too many tools in too many places. I need to find a way to organize them in one area.

  25. I think I did the rafflecopter thing. My least favorite place to clean is the bathroom. It just seems to get nasty so quickly and with 2 little boys who are potty trained….

  26. I hate cleaning the bathrooms – especially the toilets. My husband’s office and other locations with tons of clutter really stress me out as well. Maybe this would be a good way to get Shaun to really tackle the office with me.

  27. Charlotte says:

    My least favorite place to clean are the bathrooms…the task seems never ending when you have small children!

  28. Wendy Picariello says:

    My least favorite place to clean- kid rooms b/c they don’t stay clean for more than 15 min.

  29. I am DYING for some sort of really good “mop” to clean my floors – then my kids could do it for me. 😉 (They kind of fizzle out after about 30 seconds of the hands and knees method.)

  30. My least favorite place to clean would be a toss up between the kids room (which is why I don’t do it) and behind the toilet.

  31. My least favorite place to clean is my above my cabinets.

  32. Thank you – I am so glad to know that I am not the only one to think string mops are gross!

  33. Ooh…above the cabinets. I hadn’t even thought about how much I hate that spot until I saw it just up there. I love deep cleaning, it’s the every day stuff that I don’t like…except for above the cabinets. And I’m realizing that I really need to get above my pantry to clean up there. What genius came up with the idea of not putting the pantry all the way to the ceiling? Now I have climb up there and remember not to look down over the stairs! I might die! Ack!

  34. My least favorite thing to clean are the windows!

  35. Least favorite? Showers, most definitely!

  36. Windows, cabinets, any spot with clutter–you can take your pick. Now that I’ve trained the kids to clean the bathroom, that one is off the list!!

  37. I have three young sons. I hate cleaning their bathroom!

  38. I like to clean my floors the same way. I also try to touch every item in my home during the spring cleaning process!

  39. i least like cleaning in the basement…I usually get wheezy! My favorite place to clean is the kitchen – it comes together quickly and is a reward in itself to work in a clean space.

  40. hippie4ever says:

    The windows and the floors are my least favorite, seems as soon as I’m done they’re dirty again.

  41. We don’t have a washer and dryer, so this giveaway would be a dream to win! I’m ready to spring clean!

  42. Oops–forgot to say that my favorite place to clean is the kitchen!

  43. My mother in law gave me a Shark Mop for Christmas, ( I DID ask for it. 😉 and I LOVE it!!!!

  44. my favorite place to clean is the kitchen. It’s small and done daily, so it never gets away from me!

  45. My least favorite place to clean is the bathroom. And unfortunately, it’s probably the place that needs it the most! I get the most satisfaction from cleaning the kitchen since it’s so much easier to cook when it’s decluttered and the surfaces are wiped down.

  46. the floor is the worst. As soon as it is clean, somebody walks on it.

  47. I used to hate mops too and now generally dislike them for the gross reason, but our floor is too big to willingly scrub. I spot clean areas regularly (and clean the 6 squares or so around the spot), then mop when I must. I like the knee pad idea for scrubbing though- duh! Thanks for the chance to win! Great blog!

  48. Least favorite place to clean is the bathtub- by a mile!

  49. Michelle R says:

    I dislike doing dishes which creates more clutter.

  50. Rebecca L. says:

    I think my least favorite place to clean is the bathroom. My least favorite chore is dusting…always sets my allergies off.

  51. patricia says:

    I like to clean, cleaning makes me happy.

  52. Courtney Mac says:

    Least favorite thing to clean..definitely the floors..with two boys and a stinky dog, always seem like a losing battle!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  53. I dislike it all! It’s so hard to get motivated to get it all done.

  54. My least favority thing to clean is def the shower.

  55. Great contest. Hate to wash windows. Really.

  56. With 1 husband, 5 kids, and a cat, this house is SOOO ready for spring cleaning! I would love to win the Shark steam mop!

  57. My least favorite place to clean would have to be the three bathrooms.

  58. The bathroom!!! The steam builds up even with the exhaust fan and I have to wash the walls and ceiling all the time…then there’s the shower that is old and even when I know it has to be clean…it doesn’t look like it is. As for the toilet….need I say more?

  59. My least favorite thing to clean is the toilet, just because of well you know, what’s been in it! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing for these amazing gifts. :0)

  60. My least favorite place is the bathroom. Thankfully, my hubby usually handles that!

  61. These are great give a ways. I love washing the curtains and then immediately after hanging them up. No wrinkles.

  62. I used to hate cleaning the ceiling fans. Now I use a pillow slip (a tip I saw somewhere!) and I don’t mind it at all. All the dust goes right into the pillow slip and not up my nose!

    I also buy newspaper roll “ends” from the local newspaper. It hasn’t been printed yet so I don’t get the black ink all over my hands or anything else. They usually charge $5 or less for a big roll of it.

    • Very smart on the ceiling fans! I don’t notice the black ink (or it doesn’t bother me, one or the other) but I’d love to have a roll of that newsprint for wrapping gifts!

  63. Libby Leatherwood says:

    I don’t like cleaning the kitchen floor. I need a new one, and it never looks clean!!

  64. carla griffith says:

    My least favorite place to clean is my Kid’s rooms. No matter how many times I clean it ten minutes later it is back to how I found it. grrr.

  65. carla griffith says:

    My least favorite room to clean is my house as a whole.

  66. My least favorite room to clean is the kids room. I start to pack things up and put them away and they discover some other toy they must have and play with which are trying to go out the door to donations!

    I am sitting here staring at the mess that is our bedroom (and it’s a way more manageable task than my sons bedroom is!)… just the motivation I need. It’s so easy for me to step around the mess rather than to just take care of it. Also doesn’t help that I am in my first trimester right now. OK, LET’S SPRING CLEAN!!!

  67. My favorite place to clean is my bedroom and that’s because I have no furniture other than the bed in there. So, once I lay the bed and stick anything on the floor under the bed, it looks clean. Then the toilet. I just wipe it down with disinfectant wipes or paper towel using some kind of spray. My least favorite is the rest of the house.


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