Let’s All Go Back to School {Giveaway}

Don’t click away!  I’m not ready for summer to end, either (well, I am ready for the scorching 105° days to end…) but White Cloud’s making going back to school just a bit more fun with a little nostalgia, a high value coupon, and a great giveaway for one of you.

Back to school can be a time of great excitement or dread, and I truly believe that our own attitude about the routine change and new school year reflects on our children.  White Cloud’s making it fun to reflect on our own school memories and share them with our children and our friends.  My kids are getting a kick out of this, let me tell ya!

Visit the new WC Back-to-School Facebook App to make your own Tissue Time Warp and compare an old school photo of yours with your kids’.  Oh, my.  

I hooked my scanner up today to participate in the fun.  The scanner/printer/copier I got for Christmas… two years ago.  (I am nothing if not on.the.ball.) 

But how worth it is this?!  Nice hair, I know.  Courtesy of a thick, wavy mop that my mom always cut for me.  Lovely.  Anyway, on the left is my third grade photo from 1980something, and on the right is my daughter’s third grade photo from last year.  What a hoot!  (Do we look related?)

There’s also a Share Your Memories section that is both making me giggle and giving me great ideas for new traditions to start with my own family!  If you participate, do let me know because I want to spy on your memories.  😉 (And I’d absolutely LOVE to see your third grade picture!)

With three (three!) children in school this year, I’m most certainly on the hunt for the best school supply prices.  Do the school supply lists get longer every year, or is that just me?  One thing that is on every child’s list (and really, thank goodness!  I taught for 8 years.  I’m familiar with the classroom snot.  Ick.) is several boxes of tissues.  Three each, I believe.

I’m grateful for White Cloud’s reasonable prices and their $1.00 off coupon for the 3-pack and 6-pack of tissues.  With the coupon, I can get a 3-pack for just $2.18 or a 6-pack for $4.98.   White Cloud facial tissue is available in select Walmart locations only.  If it’s not at your Walmart, you can instead print a $1.00 coupon for White Cloud bath tissue.  Check the store locator to see if the facial tissue coupon is available in your area. 

Could anyone use a case of White Cloud facial tissue to stock your home, your child’s bookbag, or both?!  I’ve got one for one of you!  The case they sent me included 27 (yes!) cubes of facial tissue, and if I understand correctly, yours will be the same.  To enter to win, simply leave a comment… is the “end of summer/back to school” season one of dread or excitement for your family?

Feel free to share this giveaway on Twitter or Facebook for an additional entry, just leave a comment to let me know that you did!  Also, if you create your own Tissue Time Warp or Share a Memory over on the White Cloud facebook page, I’ll give you another entry for that.  Again, tell me you did in the comments, because that’s where I randomly pick a winner. 

Giveaway ends Sunday, July 29, at 11:59 pm.  Winner will be randomly drawn and notified by email.  White Cloud can ship only to United States addresses. 


Disclosure:  Yes, I was indeed compensated for my time writing this post.  Funky third grade hair-do and all opinions remain my own. 



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  1. Michelle Cato says:


  2. eunice b says:

    dread and excitement….we enjoy a free schedule, but having a routine is good, too!

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

  3. Boy do you and your daughter look alike!!! I hadn’t realized how much until I saw the pictures. I have been told by your family that she acts like you!! LOL You looked really good at the pool yesterday!! You certainly only carry your babies right in front. Turn around and you can’t tell you are pregnant! You are welcome to turn the temps down at any time!!!! However, like the kids…I am not quite ready for school to start!
    Stay Cool!

  4. Dread, definately!

  5. Rachelle says:

    As a teacher, I often joke about the end of summer. While I have loved having extra tone with family and friends, I an excited to get back into my classroom ave her my newest group of kiddos.

  6. MichelleH says:

    I am SO ready for cooler weather. 100+ stinks. haha We’re starting school in a few weeks. I’m ready. Two of the kids are ready. The teen wants another few weeks of summer.

  7. I taught school for nearly 20 years and my husband has taught for 39 years. So, while we hate to see summer vacation come to an end we always look forward to starting a new school year and the excitement that comes with a new beginning..

  8. We homeschool. This year I’m a little nervous about starting. I didn’t do so well last year with staying on a good schedule so I’m praying that I do better this year. We will have a 5th grader, a 3rd grader, a 1st grader, a kindergartener, and a 3 year old…whew, just typing those made me tired!! 🙂

  9. Excitement:)

    Fall is my favorite season, bring on football, cooler weather, apple cider and pumpkin pie…

  10. Jennifer says:

    I’m a little excited a little dreading the new school year. I dread because I miss having my guys here full time, I’m excited because I know they are one’s starting jr. high this year and that means big time excitement around here. 🙂

  11. One of excitement, particularly for MOM!, because we homeschool. I’m always eager to be back to a more regular learning routine. (Honestly, I also do a happy dance when the town pool closes– I’m that much of a killjoy– but by August I’ve just grown weary of the pool scene. And the swimsuits. And wet towels. Soggy graham crackers. I could go on.)

    We celebrate with special “shopping trips” with mom for a few supplies to stock our existing collection. I even print a list for each child, because I loved my list when I was a little girl. And with four children, I’m pretty sure I can manage to use every single kleenex in that carton. No joke.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. I tweeted your giveaway.

  13. Excitement. It always seems like a fresh start:)

  14. Sheila Laurence says:

    I can’t get past not being ready to make lunches every day again. It’s been so nice for my kids to just make their own whenever they want it this summer. But I know they will be glad to be back with their friends.

  15. Stacey C. says:

    Excitement! They get new books, all the sports are starting back up and then of course Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner! 🙂

  16. One of excitement because Daddy is home from playing libraries all over the country and we’ve got all three still home so it is a time for our family to finally have some summer vacation together! And since everyone else is in school we can take advantage of all the fun stuff all over the city without the huge crowds!

  17. This year DREAD, my princess will be a FRESHMAN…So not ready for Highschool, those years FLY by…But it will be my “baby Boy’s” first year in school, and hes so ready….We enjoy summer cause we get to “sleep” in and the evenings (when no ball is involved) is much less hectic…

    And really, 3rd grade? That Might be the year mom tricked me into hacking my hair off SHORT!!!

  18. I love summer and hot relaxed it is, but I do love the cooler weather fall brings!

  19. Bronwen says:

    a little bit of both for us, my oldest will be a senior this year so that will be exciting and hard at the same time

  20. My oldest son will be starting Kindergarten this year and we’re very excited. I will miss having him at home all of the time, but he’s so ready to go on this new adventure. This is our first time doing school shopping and yes, we have tissues on the list!

  21. Dread that the kids have to go back to doing homework. Homework means more work for me!

  22. Third grade. Oh dear. My picture was just plain homely.

    I like back to school time. I don’t have to go and my kids are too young, but I can still get back to school deals!! Like $1 for 8-pack Crayola markers and $1 for lovely new fresh Crayola colored pencils for ME! I need them for my getting-my-ducks-in-a-row charts.

  23. Michelle R says:

    Excitement as the new school year brings a new job and a move and a new baby!!

  24. Neither, except for some excitement in getting office supplies at a good deal. I have only one child and he’s under a year old. Could definitely use a bunch of tissues, though.

    I do enjoy getting some school supplies for a teacher friend of mine. She always has need of extra supplies thoughout the year.

  25. Anne Marie says:

    I would have to say excitement – a new beginning and a return to routine!

  26. It’s neither really – we homeschool and keep going in the summer so it’s not that different.

  27. Excitement–my young ones aren’t in school yet, but I look forward to our regular activities starting back up again.

  28. Oh, 3rd grade – that was the start of those awkward pictures for me. Didn’t let up until 10th grade.

  29. Both. I love having more time with my kids over the summer, but like the routine of the school year.

  30. Chris F. says:

    Always an exciting time!

  31. If it wasn’t for the hair, I couldn’t tell you apart from your daughter!!! Wow! My daughter and I look alike but not THAT much!!! How funny!
    We here are dreading the end of summer and getting back to school. While I do like the “routine” of school and the ability to plan things, it is getting hrder and harder with my son in high school (Yes, High School!) soccer, orchestra and a myriad of other clubs and extra-curricular activities!!! All my plans are for his stuff!!! But I love it!

  32. Jessie C. says:

    Both dread and excitement.

  33. Jessie C. says:
  34. dread from the 8th grader, excitement for the 2nd grader and 11th grader.

  35. Both. I can’t believe how quickly the summer has gone by. I’m thrilled though to see the excitement of my rising first grader to start a brand new year!

  36. Both! While we love the freedom of the summer days, we look forward to the structure (and school supply sales!) that school days bring. 🙂

  37. we loved kindergarten so much, we can’t wait until 1st grade !

  38. Love the pics! As to school–we homeschool, so I’m putting next year together yet and the kids are enjoying their time off. But I am getting excited as things start falling into place. School supplies are always fun to get–fresh, new crayons, markers, colored pencils, adding to the art supplies, new binders–fun! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  39. This year it’s anticipation! My oldest starts Kindergarten. Next year, who knows?

  40. Courtney says:

    A little of both. We are sad to not be able to sleep in any more, but excited for a new year to begin!

  41. Andrea D. says:

    Right now it is excitement. My eldest daughter is starting kindergarten so she and the other kids are excited for her. She is also looking forward to all the neat school stuff she gets. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  42. We don’t want summer to end, but we do need to get back to our routine. I love the ups and downs of life. Summer is a wonderful time of refreshment and togetherness. I will miss having my kids so close when they return to school. They are not quite ready to go back either. The water park is just too much fun this summer.

  43. Dread..I really like summer a lot.

  44. Both, that 1st day of school is always hard for me! Sending them off to school is yet another reminder that they’re growing up way to fast and that I’m gonna miss having them around as much. But, I always look forward to getting back into a routine, after the crazy days of summer, and the realization that fall (my fav season) is just around the corner!!!

  45. You both looked so cute! A perfect Little Orphan Annie 🙂

  46. Christie says:

    I love back to school!

  47. patricia says:

    I wouldn’t say dread. My son loves school, but he also loves the relaxed pace of summer. And so do I!

  48. I cut my children’s hair, too, but it looks much more like your daughter’s hair 🙂

    I homeschool year-round, so right now I’m happy for the deals. We take time off for canning and new babies, so I’ve had a lot of time off recently. We’re back in the regular swing of things now!

    I like the routine of school.

  49. Jenni R. says:

    We’ve got both excitement and trepidation here–our oldest is a SENIOR! Where did the time go?!

  50. exciting- who doesn’t love new school supplies and crisp notebooks- new beginnings are always exciting

  51. We love the back to school excitement!

  52. It will be sad for me. My youngest is starting 1st grade, which means she will be gone all day this year.

  53. I love having my kids home all day! Plus not having to make lunches!! Not looking forward to sending them back in September.

    I read on a blog once how a commentor said of course you have to make lunches…you can’t get away from it.
    Yes, but any mom knows there’s a huge difference in making lunch @ 12noon :)…not bleary-eyed, early in the morning, over and over again – lol while racing out of the house before 8:15am.
    Cutest pics, btw..only see an eye color difference!

  54. A little of both for our family!

  55. I mostly dread sending the kids back to school at the end of the summer. However, on the days that all four kids are fighting nonstop I start to look forward to putting them on the bus.

  56. Jessica To says:

    For me, back to school is both excitement and dread! I get excited for a new school year for my son, but dread the homework and the end of the relaxing summer!

  57. This will be our first year in school so we are excited.

  58. Christy says:

    The “end of summer/back to school” makes me happy because that means fall is coming. Fall is my favorite season.

  59. anna penrod says:

    Mostly dreading it… my oldest is starting Kindergarten and I am not looking forward to giving her up 5 days a week. It’s partially exciting because when I was younger, I loved the excitement of a new school year.

  60. Tara Laxson says:

    Definitely looking forward to it! We’re excited to get back on our routine:)!

  61. Christina says:

    I love summer but I have to admit that by the time school starts again I am ready for the routine!

  62. Definitely one of dread!

  63. Excitement! Every new year holds new potential for learning and success.

  64. melissa says:

    I love spending the summer with my kiddos, so not quite ready yet!

  65. We just moved to a new town, so my daughter is super-excited to start 1st grade and make some friends. I’m excited for her!

  66. Back to school is always exciting for us because while we don’t have any school-age children yet, my husband is a campus minister so it means the start of his work-year. This year, we’re also kicking off our new college church plant. We love back to school!

  67. Aunt Lynne says:

    Surprise….bet you didn’t know I am a follower of “Amy’s Finer Things”? I’m so proud of you! Thanks for making me feel so old. Your picture should be the one on the right! So that makes me 30++++ years older than when you were in 3rd grade. Yes, I see those two ‘girls’ are related! School will start soon; I’m ready to meet 50+ 3-5 year olds that I provide services to. Free kleenex in my therapy room….ahhhh…let’s see…. 50 children times a kleenex every hour for four hours a day times 9 months (yes, we blow our noses from August to May!) White Cloud would be proud!

    • Ha! I did NOT! My guess is that you have to *teach* some of those little ones how to blow… ick. (See you in a few weeks!)

  68. This teacher is not ready to go back, but at least I got a lot of things prepped for back to school before summer. A case of tissues would be awesome!

  69. My family has a both dread and excitement

  70. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t have kids yet, but when I was growing up it was always a time of excitement for us. 🙂

  71. We will miss the relaxing days of summer, but look forward to a routine and fall like weather 🙂

  72. Angie A says:

    Excited! My daughter is starting Kindergarten and she is so excited. This mama is excited for her but sad to have her leave me.

  73. Cheryl Beynum says:

    We homeschool so learning is a year-round adventure. However, I teach during the traditional school year so my family misses me during the day. 🙁 I guess then our feeling is more dread then because our summer family bonding time comes to an end.

  74. Excited. I love fall. I’m looking forward to our schedule this fall — MOPS starting again, Friday play days, AND my son will be in a church preschool one morning a week (he’s only 3). This momma is a little excited about having one morning a week to herself.

  75. my kids love school-so we will welcome the end of summer and back to school
    tcogbill at live dot com

  76. Estella says:

    I look forward to it, but my kids are split.

  77. My family is a mix of both, we dread the morning before school. But we get excited when we get to meet new teachers

  78. Rebecca L. says:

    We homeschool but not necessarily year round (I try to but I love my freedom just as much as the children). So we are excited…it doesn’t really spark a change around here, just a little more of a buckling down but if things come up that we want to do, we go with it.

  79. Rebecca L. says:

    I shared this giveaway on facebook.

  80. Michelle says:

    New school year is always exciting to me and also to my kids – new activities, new friends, new schedules – FUN!!

  81. Mindy S says:

    Both – my favorite season is fall, but since we homeschool, there is a lot to prepare and get ready for.

  82. The kids are ready!

  83. Excitement for me since I teach. I always look forward to meeting my new group of cuties. (I teach first grade!) And, yes, tissues are a must in the classroom!

  84. Kathy L. says:

    The end of summer is exciting because the kids are ready to go back to school–at least for the first couple of weeks.

  85. Its excitement my daughter is starting her first year of college thank

  86. A mixture of both…the kids love school, but we enjoy the increased flexibilty summer offers.

  87. For us, both!! Love the back-to-schedule school routine, but we’ll miss the freedom of doing fun stuff on a daily basis. 🙂

  88. Jessica H says:

    I’m excited. This is the first year that I won’t be teaching, because I will be staying home with my new baby!

  89. Both! I’m also ready for the HOT weather to be over too. You and your daughter could be twins.

  90. I’m not exactly looking forward to and of the summer…cuz it’s back to work for me! My ds17 is homeschooled and I think he’s actually looking forward to a bit more structure.

  91. My son is looking forward to kindergarten. I, however, am not prepared for him to be gone all day every day. snif, snif…

  92. kind of both…Im excited to have peace and quiet for more than 5 minutes, the kids are excited because they are bored to tears(so hot this summer!) but im dreading coming up with all the $ for stuff for 3(plus cheer, clubs, soccer….)

  93. A little of both. Excited to see my kids take on their classes, but dread getting up really early.
    tarter95 at hotmail dot com

  94. the end of summer is dreadful to me and the kids it means no more lazy, relaxing days back to a regular schedule!!


  95. tweeted


  96. Mama’s excited about getting back into a routine, but kiddo’s not so sure about school starting again.

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