Let There Be Green

Under the 24/7 surveillance of a certain young gardener, some of the seeds we planted last week have sprouted!  Woo-hoo, we have green!

And could someone please tell me… my sister-in-law transplanted some chives to my yard last summer. When we went out to till the garden the chives were shooting up all over the place.

Here’s the thing. I’m chive illiterate. Is it okay to just cut these with some scissors, dice them up, and eat them. (Well, I would wash them first.) Or should I cut them and wait for fresh ones to sprout up?  Seriously.  I really don’t know.

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  1. Yes, generally you can just snip, wash, cut and eat (or freeze). However, you may want to wait until they get bigger so that you get better taste/flavor. When they are really “ready” they will bloom and have big round purple flowers. Then you know that they are really ready to be used.

  2. I think you can go ahead and use them. The newer shoots may be more tender, but I think these are fine.

  3. Love your little sprouts – it’s always so exciting when the new things start growing.

    As far as the chives, wish I could help. Good luck!

  4. Oh Chives! Yum! Mine are still buried far beneath the snow 🙁

  5. I just cut a little at a time as I need them. My chive plants always seem to be growing & replenishing themselves. 🙂 Enjoy!

  6. Are they the big fat shoots? We cut them and use them in place of green onions (I can go weeks without having to buy green onions this time of year, we get so many from our two plants), and then when the smaller, more tender shoots come up, we use those as you would regular chives.

  7. Yes, you just snip them and the plants will continue to grow for quite a long time. That is the best way to get the most out of herb and lettuce plants. Otherwise, they go to seed if they are not snipped regularly. Have fun!

  8. My Chives just started coming up , over the winter I thought they had all died , the pot was bare and I even sat it out in the snow at some point , my husband brought it back in and suddenly we have a whole pot of thick little babies !!

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