Late Night at Disney

Yes.  I’m still chatting about Disney.  You can find the rest of our trip here. 

After the excitement of the morning, we all kind of felt like this.


We walked back to the Contemporary from the Magic Kingdom for an afternoon siesta and to freshen up for the evening activities.  I hated to “waste time” resting when there was so very much to see and do, but it’s just what our family needed.  Everyone was refreshed and ready to load the charter bus at 5:00 for dinner and fun at Fantasia Gardens.

We ate good food.  We laughed with friends.  We danced.

Dinner Dancing

Photo by Amy.

We smiled.


(This may be my favorite picture of the whole event.  Thank you, Shannon!)

Some of us golfed with goofy friends.


Photo by Jen.

And then we headed back to the hotel, without most of our family.  Yes, really!  One of the most exciting things about this trip was that we got to do it with some of my very best blogging friends.  My friends who live in my computer and on my skype screen.  Our children became fast friends, and by the end of night one we nearly lost track of whose kids were whose.  Saturday evening Lance and I took the 2 littles back to the hotel.  Our two big kids headed back to Magic Kingdom with two different families and our middle child lived it up with Jen’s family.

After feeding the baby I left my poor husband (such a good sport!) in the hotel to crash with our little people and headed out to meet up with the big kids for some big kid Magic Kingdom fun!


Oh my word, the fun!  No strollers.  No overtired babies.  No worries other than keeping up with the group!  Y’all.  I rode Space Mountain, and lived to tell about it.  We zipped through the crowds to ride after ride, and simply had a blast.  My two older children were in big kid heaven!  After a couple of hours I headed back to the hotel solo, in a sea of families loading buses after the 10:00 fireworks.  The rest of our crew stayed to shut the place down. 

Disney Pops

Apparently they were treated along the way.

Saturday I confirmed that there are challenges when “doing Disney” with a large family and children ages 9 months to 10 years.  I’m so glad I fought the tired in myself and went back for a night of fun with my big kids.  (So glad that we put the whole thing on repeat the next night!)  Sleep is overrated!  😉

Has anyone else done Disney with lots of kids or a wide range of ages?  What tips and tricks helped you enjoy every minute?

Disclosure:  I attended the Disney Social Media Moms Conference and received discounted rates and tickets to various events and attractions. They didn’t ask me to write about the trip.  I’m doing that so we never forget the awesome.



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  1. We did Disney as an extended family with four children around the same age. We always did parks in the morning and the pool in the afternoon, then back to the parks in the evening. We also took frequent hydration and snack breaks!

  2. I’ve been working through a Disney series myself! We went to Disney World with extended family in January. We had my teenage brothers, my mom, the rest of us (who are 20 & 30 somethings) and then my 4 year old, 1 year old, infant, and my 2 year old niece. It was SO fun and we’re all ready to go back!

    PS: I have lots of sleeping baby pictures! We were only there for a few days, so there was no time for naps.

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