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The biggest joy in writing this Why didn’t anyone tell me? series (and I’m not finished yet!) has been my interactions with all of you.  Learning from you.  Rejoicing with you.  Sharing with you.

Everyone loves a good birth story, and since we know that every labor and birth is different, I want to hear about yours!  Whether you wrote it 3 years or 3 minutes ago, please link your story (or stories!) below so we can learn from and encourage one another.

No judgment here…  whether you labored unmedicated for 1 hour or 50, signed up for the epidural before checking into your room, delivered your precious one in the car, or endured 3 c-sections.  Babies are miracles. I want to read your miracle story!

Just in case you missed mine, here they are:

What’s your story?

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  1. Amy-
    I have really enjoyed reading your birth stories! I am glad baby #4 arrived safely even though he was a little early! I told you he was going to be a handful ;).


  2. What a fun link up! Can’t wait to read some great stories!


  3. Even though my experience birthing quadruplets was so distinctively different, I love hearing each mama’s birth story. Behind each miracle life is a beautiful story…
    Looking forward to reading them all!

  4. Looking forward to reading birth stories on Labor Day!!

  5. Thanks for doing this link up! I wrote my third born’s back in February (right after she was born), and recently wrote my first and second child’s birth stories. I can’t wait to read everyone’s!

  6. Sorry, please delete number 11!

  7. Thank you for making me comb through the archives and remember these special moments. CONGRATS to you on your newest addition!!!

  8. How fun! Just linked up my crazy long birth story of our second child (the surprise, post-adoption baby).

  9. Mine didn’t go as planned either, but he got here healthy, so it was wonderful anyway. Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to add to our family as well.

  10. It will be so much fun to read all of these birth stories! Thank for inspiring me to take the time to actually type mine out after almost a year.

  11. Congratulations on the birth of your little guy!

  12. I linked our adoption story. Although I never “birthed” her, we truly labored to get her.

  13. It’s great to read the stories of other births. Such a beautiful thing!

  14. I just wanted to say that although your birth plan for baby #4 didn’t g0 as “planned”, I am so proud of you! Its not so much about the hour with the epidural as it is about the 24 without it! Good job mama and God bless your growing family (which is beauiful, btw)! 🙂 <3

  15. Congrats on another happy, healthy baby! What a scary time that must have been as you knew your baby’s heart rate was not consistent. I’m proud of you for getting through it all as you had to in order to give your baby the best birth you could under the circumstances.

    I know with our first we ended up with pitocin and eventually with an epidural too. It was a huge disappointment for this Bradley mama and something I struggled with even almost 2 years later. Thankfully our second birth was much different and that natural labor/waterbirth has given me more peace about my first birth than anything else could have.

    As everyone agrees, having the baby in your arms, healthy and safe is the best part of labor and delivery, no matter what! Congrats again.

  16. Congratulations on your precious little one! Any birth story is amazing…thanks for sharing yours! Have fun adjusting to your new family dynamics!

  17. I linked up with posts about both of my boys’ births. I love birth stories, I’ll be reading these for days!

  18. I am late but I’ve loved reading the birth stories so I wanted to add mine too.
    Thanks 🙂

  19. Great link up!!! I love birth stories!!!

  20. One of the best possible topics for a link up! Thanks!


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