Labor Day {Birth Story} Link Up

After birthing five babies, I will never think of Labor Day without thinking of labor.  😉  Love me a good labor and birth story!  I’ve shared mine, and I want to read yours!  Whether you posted it 5 years ago or scramble to type it out upon seeing this post, please do link up.

Disregard the usual linky etiquette.  No need to link back.  Feel free to link multiple stories.

Just in case you’re new here, my own birth stories are as follows:

  • Baby #1:  Water broke, went into labor about 8 hours later, peaceful but long, pushed for hours, born after about 22 hours.
  • Baby #2:  Water broke, went into back labor about 12 hours later, intense at the end, born after about 18 hours.
  • Baby #3:  My dream labor and delivery.
  • Baby #4:  My nightmare 25 hour ordeal, and my only epidural, accepted in the 24th hour.  {yuck}
  • Baby #5:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3  (Apparently I’ve lost all sense of brevity!)

Let the collective Oooo-ing and Ahhh-ing, nodding and grimacing, empathizing and happy tears begin!


  1. I actually wondered today if you were going to do this link up. It’s one of my all time favorites! I love reading everyone’s stories. 🙂

  2. I love birth stories!

  3. This is such a fun tradition! 🙂

  4. Woohoo! These are so much fun to read. Have a great day!

  5. Hehe – it’s funny to look back at such old posts. If I were a little more “with it,” I’d go back and edit. And, you know, upload some non-tiny pictures! Oh well. The story is the important part, right? 🙂

  6. So glad you are doing this!! I love reading birth stories and I could read all three of mine over and over again. 🙂

  7. Cute idea! I jokingly told my husband this morning it would be funny to have a baby on Labor Day!

  8. I could hardly pick a favorite, so all six of mine are up there. 🙂 Celebrating the non-labor birth of my fourth-born today, who wasn’t born on Labor day but is loving having her birthday on a holiday this year!

  9. Deborah Jennings says:

    OK here goes! Kinda long though.

    Baby #1
    I had a back ache all night the night before. I went to the doctor and was dilated to between 3 and 4 centimeters. I was told to go to the hospital. I had taken my suitcase with me that time.
    My doctor’s appointment was about 10 a.m. that morning. Got to the hospital and prepped. They did a pit drip to speed things along. This was way before natural child birth or even the epidural.
    Anyway, the doctor had come in and said that the baby wouldn’t be born until after 12. He left to go get a cup of coffee, and the nurse came in to drain my bladder. She walked in and I told her, “It’s coming.” She told me, “No honey, it’s just pressure.” She lifted the sheet up to drain my bladder, and saw that the baby was crowning. I got on the gurney to go to the delivery room. They were strapping me in and kept telling me, “Don’t bear down, we’re not ready yet!”
    The doctor told my husband and mother that next time I had a baby, to bring me to the hospital as soon as labor started. And the next time, to bring me a day ahead of the time.
    Baby girl was born at 8:52 p.m. and weighed 7lbs 5.5 oz. Head full of black hair!

    Baby #2
    A year and 10 days later, I had another baby. Labor was easier this time. Still doctor put me in the hospital again because I was dilated about the same as the first one. Got to the hospital and prepped. Was in the labor room waiting and waiting. =) This time, it seemed to last forever. But actually it was about the same length of time.
    When I got to the delivery room this time, I was told to bear down. I thought that I wished they would make up their minds. (It was like they had just told me “Don’t bear down.” Anyway, at 10:40 p.m., I had a baby boy. No hair. Well, white peach fuzz. He weighed in at 7lbs 4oz. I now had one of each and meant to stop at just the 2.

    Baby #3
    Baby # 3 came along 3-1/2 years later. A complete surprise! The doctor had taken me off birth control for a month, and that is the month I got pregnant. At about 5 weeks, I started spotting, and was so scared that I was losing the baby. I wanted this baby with my whole heart. I had false labor with this one. It was on a Sunday around Easter time, and we were watching “The 10 Commandments”. It quit before I got to 5 minutes apart. Next morning, I had a doctor’s appointment. I was told go straight to the hospital! I had already dilated again, but no pain yet. Got to the hospital, and prepped. I had horrible back labor this time. Not something I’d want to wish on anyone! Since I was the only one due anytime soon, they told me that they were going to take me to delivery to wait. I got to the delivery room, and in less than 5 minutes, I had another baby girl. She was born at 9:36 p.m. and weighed 5 lbs 12 oz. She looked like her big sister, except thinner, but with the black hair. Had my tubes tied this time!

    3 years later, I had to have a hysterectomy. I had a suspicious pap test. After the hysterectomy, and the pathology report came in, it showed that I had pre-cancerous cells. I was told that if I had waited 3-4 months, I would have had full blown cancer. That scared me, very badly. I was 24 years old at this time.

    I had Baby #1 when I was 16, almost 17.
    Baby #2 when I was 17 almost 18.
    Baby # 3 when I was 21.

    I would have loved to have more babies, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I had the first two, too close together, but I wouldn’t change a thing, even if I could. My oldest daughter is now 44, my son is 43 (in 5 days), and my baby girl is 39.

    One funny thing . . . my grandmother had 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. Her boy was the youngest. My mother had 3 children (that lived) 2 girls and one boy. Her boy was the oldest. I had 3, with my boy in the middle.

    • Wowza! You were a FAST birther! And to think you had a hysterectomy 4 years before I had my first baby. Thank goodness you had your children early in life.

      • Deborah Jennings says:

        Yes, I was. My doctor told my mother and husband that the next time I had a baby to get to the hospital as soon as the first pain hit. And with the next one, to get there the day before. I did love my doctor! LOL He was old enough to be my Daddy, but he was so gentle.

        It did amaze me that I had such short and easy births. I think it did everyone else, too. I do know I cussed my sister out with the first one. She came in right before I gave birth, I was still in the labor room. She wanted to know why I hadn’t had the baby yet. I told her to shut up, she wasn’t in the bed hurting. (I really didn’t cuss though.) LOL

  10. I have five children, and each birth was so different. My last one was the most dramatic, to say the least.

  11. Thanks for hosting this! I love reading birth stories!

  12. I posted twice!! Sorry. I messed up the first time and thought it didn’t go through (it just says Jessica) then I posted again with the full comment I wanted to make. I don’t know how to delete the first one. Sorry again! I love reading all the birth stories!

  13. What a great idea! Looking forward to reading through these links.

  14. What a fun thing to do! Thanks for asking about our birth stories. It’s fun to remember. You kinda forget the pain!

  15. Thanks for hosting a fun link-up. As a doula, I love birth stories!

  16. Wow–five births–you’re amazing! It looks like I’m about a year behind on this linky, but I’ve enjoyed looking through some of the stories. 😉 Thanks for hosting!!


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