Kitchen Tips and Tricks (Kitchen Tip Tuesday)

While she’s enjoying a vacation to see her extended family, I’m honored to be one of several bloggers hosting Kitchen Tip Tuesdays for Tammy’s Recipes.  Many of you asked for more “recipes and kitchen stuff” in my blog survey, so I’m going to do my best get in the kitchen more with you!

Remember that I’m not a food blogger, though, and I have the lousy food photos to prove it!  What you’ll get here are tips and recipes from local church cookbooks that I’ve owned for years, mixed in with a few fun ideas I’ve learned along the way.  I also hope to write a series on kids in the kitchen, because they truly can be a big help!

Here are a few favorite kitchen tips from my archives.

1.  How to Cut Brownies – you know there’s a correct way, right?  😉

2.  The no-squish method to slice cinnamon rolls?  Don’t!  Floss them instead.  {trust me}

3.  Not a fan of fruit flies in your kitchen?  Me either.  Try this.

4.  Flip fried eggs easily with this trick (that I no longer use because I now have a well-seasoned cast iron skillet).

5.  A large cookie scoop makes quick work of meatballs without the mess.

Have your own kitchen tip to share?  Link it below, or if you don’t have a blog, feel free to add it to the comments. Also, if there are kitchen related skills you’d like me to address here in the future, feel free to suggest them!  (or send your ideas in an email, if you’d rather)

Be sure to follow the “traveling” Kitchen Tip Tuesdays over the next month!

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  1. My brownies are always ripped to shreds. I will try the plastic knife next time! Thanks!

  2. I love my Pampered Chef cookie scoop! And, I can’t wait to check out the carob chip post. I have lots of carob powder on hand that I would love to use up.

    My tip today is about using kale stems.

  3. Jennifer says:

    One of the most time saving tips I’ve found recently is to use a towel under my dough when I’m rolling it out. You use less flour, clean up is so much easier and then if you making a yeast bread you just use the same towel to cover the dough while it rises. I no longer dread the clean up after biscuits, cinnamon rolls or bread. I found this on

  4. Thanks for hosting this Amy! Today I’m sharing my very strange, but frugal, use for cloth diapers. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing every else’s tips!

  5. Thanks for the opportunity to link up. I linked back to you in my original post too. Have a great Tuesday.

  6. I love your tips! (And somehow I missed that egg one the first go around.) I actually cut my brownies with that deboning knife that came in the set… it’s so skinny and sharp that I wind up with shred-free brownies. 🙂

  7. Great tips! So simple and helpful!

  8. Thanks for hosting. I enjoyed your cutting tips! I am linking up a recipe for making your own Italian Seasoning, which saves money and gives you control over the quality of the ingredients.


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