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Just Say No {A Fresh Start}

A Fresh Start ~  from AmysFinerThings.comOne of the best ways to get something done in the new year or anytime, is to say no.  Sounds contradictory?  It’s not!  There are so very many things, good things, even, that we say yes to throughout our days.  There simply isn’t room for it all.  We cannot do all things well all the time!

It’s hard to say no.  Harder still to say no to good things.  What will people thing?  Oh, but I really like that thing!

Yep.  I get it.

In a Tiny Town it’s kind of expected that everyone participate in all things.  I’m learning (slowly!) that I’m not here to please everyone.  I’m here to care for my family and do what’s best for us.  For now, that means saying no to some volunteer opportunities that take me away from home.  Saying no to the Ladies Club.  Saying no to 4-H.  In another season I may be able to open the door to “yes” but not now.

Recently, I said no to another round of 5:30 a.m. Zumba Toning.  That was a tough one for me, because it was a really good thing!  I liked it socially and physically.  It was good for me!  Alas, the $50/month class was notsogood for our savings goals.  There are some things we really want to do in the house this year.  Something had to give.  And honestly?  The Little Dude still loves being my DVD exercise trainer, even a year later. [3]  😉


I’ve said no to more late-night ballgames, because my littles get so tired.  (And?  The germs in the gym… ::shudder::)  I’ve said no to unnecessary trips to town, saving $5 or more in gas money each and every time.

You know as well as I do that saying no doesn’t limit us in a bad way.  Saying no, even to some good things, opens the doors to even better things.  It frees up time, money, and energy for the people, projects, and goals that matter. 

If over-committing is dragging you down in any way, how can you turn “No” in to the one little word that can turn things around in an amazing way?  What do you need to say No to?