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Just for Today ~ Encouragement Cards {Free Printable}

Free Printable Encouragement Cards from AmysFinerThings.com

Oh, I’m so excited about these!  Aren’t they pretty?!  I asked Jen from New Season Design [3] to make me some encouragement cards.  [4]Little reminders, if you will, to keep on keeping on!

Following through with big plans from the new year is hard!  Our goals and dreams get lost in the day to day.  My hope is that we can take these cards, just one at a time, and put them in a prominent location as a gentle reminder.  Just for today. 

Some of these we talked about during the Fresh Start series…

{ Fresh Start Series: Do the Next Thing [5] ~ Action Trumps Intention [6] ~ The Mom Voice [7] ~  Early to Bed, Early to Rise [8] ~ Get Some Help [9] ~ Try Something New [10] ~ Say Yes! [11] ~ Preparing [12] for Pregnancy [12]Better Late Than Never [13] ~ Pick Five [14] ~ Make Time for Family Fun [15] ~ Breathe [16] ~ The Most Important Meal [17] Make a (Menu) Plan [18] ~ Get Moving [19] ~ The Family Dinner [20] ~ Lighten Up [21] ~ Go to Bed With a Clean Slate [22] ~ Just Say No [23] ~ Use It Up [24] ~ Unplug [25] ~ Do Over [26] ~  Hydrate [27]~ Smile [28] ~  Snack Smart [29] ~ First, Gratitude [30] }

… and others will have to wait for another day.  😉

Here’s what you’ll find on the printable download. [4]

Just for today…

I will choose only the best.  Just say no! [23] to whatever’s not working for you.  Say yes! [11] to the best for your family.

I will give myself a do-over [26], as many times as I need it.  Day didn’t start out right?  Do over!  Just wasted an hour on the computer?  Do over!  Redeem your day right now. 

I will lighten up and laugh at myself.  [21] We’re not perfect; why pretend to be?

I will let go of worry. 

I will own my thoughts and actions.  No excuses.

I will try something new. [10]  Always doing the same things will always net the same result.  Let’s be brave, friends, and try something new.

I will eat and drink only what nourishes me.  One day at a time!  Little steps to big change in health and confidence!

I will simply do the next thing.  [5] Don’t let the overwhelm stop you in your tracks.  Keep on.

I will choose gratitude.   [30]Perhaps most important of them all.

I will make a positive change.


Click here to download your Just for Today cards. [4]  The cards are formatted to fit on the Avery perforated business cards, or you can print them on regular paper or cardstock and cut along the faint dotted line.