Jump {Finer Things Friday}

Sometimes I forget just how easy it is to entertain a toddler. Mama’s being silly? Golden.

Yes, that’s a balloon on our 10 foot ceiling.  It’s like the Energizer Bunny of balloons left over from our daughter’s surgery 2 months ago.  Yesterday, the baby wanted the “ba” on the ceiling.  Because I’m lazy, I decided that jumping to grab the balloon (off of the 10 foot ceiling) would be much more efficient than grabbing a chair, or a broom, or whatever to retrieve it.

So I jumped, and I grabbed.

My little guy nearly fell over with hysterical laughter.  And then we had a game.  Apparently throwing the balloon up to the ceiling so mama will jump is much more entertaining than playing with the actual balloon.  Throw. Jump. Retrieve. Hysterical laughter. Repeat. (I’m so sorry I don’t have photos of that process for you!)

Over, and over, and over. Except for the times it was Jump. Laugh. Jump. Laugh. because Mama couldn’t reach the balloon.  That was fun, too.  😉

A simple reminder that it’s the little things.  Don’t be afraid to get silly with your babes.  Live the moment and laugh.  Hysterically. 

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  1. Love the balloon. Those mylars are the greatest for holding air! You’re so right about laughing and enjoying. Times are rough in a lot of ways and we need to keep things light sometimes. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Yep, we had one of those balloons stuck up in an impossible to reach spot on our ceiling for a really long time — the Valentine’s Day balloon was there well past Easter!

  3. Ain’t that the truth?! It really is the simple things in life that matter. Sometimes, especially during the holidays, we get so wrapped in all the bells, whistles and lights that we forget to keep it simple.

    Great post and great reminder, mama! xox

  4. Oh, this would have been the IDEAL vlog opportunity, Amy! I love imagining those sweet belly laughs. What a fun way to enjoy each other!

  5. What a cute story! Thanks for hosting the link up!

  6. Debbie Jennings says:

    Being silly with your children, no matter their age, is what life is all about. When they become teens they are to old to be silly with Mom, but luckily, they do come back to us and will be silly again. My girls and I do this as often as we can. (Not jumping for balloons though.) I still have one helium balloon that is partially inflated from my MIL’s Surprise 80th Birthday Party October 8. It is tied up to the curtain rod. This was her very first birthday party ever.

  7. That’s happened many times to us too!

  8. I’m the same as you…..I’ll do just about anything to get my baby girl to laugh. :-)

  9. You are so right! Those silly moments are just the most fun! I was afraid that growing up without brothers and sisters, and never being a “baby” person, that I wouldn’t be able to really tap into that part of me when I had a baby myself……so glad I was wrong! It comes naturally – just a “mommy” thing, I guess!

  10. My 13 month old & I had a “tea party” for two last night. We sat on the floor pretending to pour tea & “drink” it out of the cups. It was so fun-I’ve waited for years to have a daughter to do girly things! (I had three sons before her!) Definitely a finer thing!!

  11. That is too precious! I have one who thought kisses were the funniest thing on earth. :)

  12. hippie4ever says:

    Today there were whales in our living room. We (my 2.75 yr son and I) had to jump onto ships (the loveseat and couch) to avoid being run over by the big fish! Then we had to throw fish (the plastic variety) for them to eat. Suddenly one of the ships started sinking and we lept to the lifeboat (loveseat), that too started taking on water so we scrambled to the aquatic plane (rocker plane) and my son flew us to safety. This was after we took turns playing Navy Seal and Soldier (complete with goggles and me ‘swimming’ on the rug, while he marched with his ‘ten ‘hut hat) we took turns of course.

    It is so much fun seeing life through a child’s eyes!


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