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Join us for the 4th Annual 30-Day Giving Challenge

I just returned home from dentist appointments for two of my children to have cavities filled.  Yes, the morning after Halloween.  Yes, all the candy is going in the trash right now.  😉  Just kidding.  (Kind of.)

Anyway, on to November.  I love November!  We get to celebrate lots of family birthdays this month (including mine! yay!), Thanksgiving, some of the best weather of the year, and now… for the 4th year in a row (I can hardly wrap my brain around that), the 30-Day Giving Challenge! [3]

November brings with it abundant opportunities for gratitude, and the Giving Challenge is such a great motivator for our family.

If you’re new to the 30-Day Giving Challenge [4], it’s really quite simple. Each day of November, find a way to give. It could be a financial gift, a gift of time, baked goods for a neighbor… anything! There’s even a 30-Day Giving Challenge printable calendar [5] that you can use to map out your ideas. It’s always amazing to watch God transform our hearts as we begin to look outside of ourselves and focus on giving to others.

Most of my ideas for giving are simple and don’t cost a lot. Giving doesn’t have to be expensive.  It also doesn’t have to consume our whole day. Honestly, I often don’t even plan ways to give in advance.  I’ve found that just paying attention to those around me helps me to be aware of quick and easy ways to give each day.

In this season of parenting several little people, we’ve found our time and financial resources to be slightly stretched.  Uh-huh.  That doesn’t mean we can’t give, though!  My goal this month is to not worry about giving good enough and just give! 

Each year the Giving Challenge helps me refocus during this crazy holiday season and turn my eyes and heart toward God.  Right where I belong.  Right before Christmas.  {happy sigh}

As we move through November, don’t forget to follow the 30-Day Giving Challenge on Pinterest [7]Facebook [8], and Twitter [9] (#30DayGive) to be encouraged and share your stories.

So are you in? Are you ready to give? Yes, this is November 1 and the challenge starts TODAY.  What simple ideas do you have for giving TODAY?

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30-Day Giving Challenge

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