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It’s Not About the Tree {Finer Things Friday}

I’m a white lights girl where my Christmas tree is concerned.  Lots and lots of tiny white lights.

That’s why our tree stood mostly naked in the corner of the living room for three days.  Half of my white lights weren’t working.  “It’s bright enough, mom.  We can just use those (hodgepodge colored strands that we’ve hung on to for some reason), mom.  It’ll be fine when we put the ornaments on, mom!” insisted our children, impatient with me and ready deck the halls already!

But I’m at least as stubborn as they are.  “The tree is too dark!  I will not put ornaments on a dark tree!” I grumped to their disappointed faces.  (But I also will not make a special trip to town to pay full price for white lights.  I’m at least as frugal as I am stubborn!)

The naked tree was getting to me by day three though, as were the boxes of Christmas decorations in the dining room, and the unending requests to please decorate the tree.  Can I help?  Can I? Can we open the boxes yet?  Why haven’t we decorate the tree?

Enough.  I dug in the box and found a strand of red and green lights.  They worked.  Then another strand.  Red blinking lights.  Fine.  And a multi-colored strand.  Lovely.  In the end, I draped eight different strands of lights on that tree, and my mood improved with each cord.  “We’re just gonna make this work!”

With a big grin on his face, ready to dig into the precious ornament boxes, my son excitedly reminded me,

“Christmas isn’t about the tree, mom.  It’s about love.”




With all grumpy remains blasted out the window by a 7 year old, we got busy.  White balls, red bows, and apples first, then ornament after ornament of precious memories.

As the kids were clustering ornaments I grinned at my husband.  “I’ll rearrange after they go to bed.”

But you know what?  I don’t think I will.

Our Christmas tree looks pretty perfect to me.

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