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If you know me at all, you know that Procrastination is my middle name. Sometimes the last-minute rush and adrenaline work out just fine and everything is good enough. Other times, I’m supposed to be harvesting my Gro-ables plants for a sponsored post and I have this.


Please excuse the blur. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hold the camera still. This kid and his expressions crack me up! See?!


“Look, Mom! It’s growing!” Yes. Finally. This is what happens when you plant things a month later than you’re supposed to.


I know how to twist and turn the story in my favor, though. If I would have planted my groables “on time,” and transplanted them outside by now, we’d have problems because 1) We just finished a solid week of 30-50 mph winds 2) We are in the middle of the second driest spring on record. 3) Highs will be near 100° a few times this coming week.

Not ideal gardening weather, folks!


I’ll stick with my indoor baby cilantro, spinach, and pepper plants for now, thank you very much. 🙂

Gro-ables from Miracle-Gro truly are easy to plant and grow, especially when starting a garden in ideal conditions or inside. It’s designed for the younger consumer, or people who are new to gardening but have always wanted to try growing their own food. Edible gardening is where it’s at!


  • Guaranteed to grow, when used as directed (and actually planted)
  • Takes the guesswork out of gardening and growing your own food (as long as your toddler doesn’t dump them out and lose all the seeds from the pod)
  • Gro-ables simplifies the process so it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and confusing (just don’t forget them on your window sill)
  • Perfect for growing edibles – growing your own herbs and vegetables (which we must do more of, considering we are feeding a pack of wolves at our house!)
  • Affordable ($1.29 – $1.49 per seed pod – depending on market)

How does your garden grow, dear reader? Are you just getting rid of the snow? Is it dry where you live? If you’re already eating from your garden, do tell. I’ll be jealous, but happy for you, too!


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  1. Ha! Not quite to the harvest stage yet! I’m hoping to harvest some of the zucchini this week, but the rest is slightly taller than yours, but still growing none the less 🙂

  2. That face is priceless!

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