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It’s Been Real

The congestion is attacking my brain cells.  Earlier this week I used the wrong flour in my bread.  (PS – Whole wheat pastry flour does NOT work the same as white whole wheat in bread.  You’re welcome.)  Then, just yesterday, I needed more bread for sandwiches for the ballgame last night.

It only dawned on me when it wasn’t rising well that I only put half the yeast in!  Oy!  I let it rise longer and baked it anyway.  My family, troopers that they are, did not complain.  As for me?  I was thankful I couldn’t taste anything.

Have you seen this?!  It made me cry.

Turns out crying got the congestion flowing better than anything else I tried.  Yay!  Anyone have any amazing/sad/hilarious/tear inducing videos I need to see?! Also, I would love to be in a flash mob someday…

It’s been real around here this week, friends, but still so much to celebrate.  What Finer Things [3]are you celebrating this week?  Link up and let us know!