It’s Been Real

The congestion is attacking my brain cells.  Earlier this week I used the wrong flour in my bread.  (PS – Whole wheat pastry flour does NOT work the same as white whole wheat in bread.  You’re welcome.)  Then, just yesterday, I needed more bread for sandwiches for the ballgame last night.

It only dawned on me when it wasn’t rising well that I only put half the yeast in!  Oy!  I let it rise longer and baked it anyway.  My family, troopers that they are, did not complain.  As for me?  I was thankful I couldn’t taste anything.

Have you seen this?!  It made me cry.

Turns out crying got the congestion flowing better than anything else I tried.  Yay!  Anyone have any amazing/sad/hilarious/tear inducing videos I need to see?! Also, I would love to be in a flash mob someday…

It’s been real around here this week, friends, but still so much to celebrate.  What Finer Things are you celebrating this week?  Link up and let us know!

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  1. Want to flashmob the Globetrotters? Ha! Thanks for the coupon code– it (somewhat) cushioned the $24 ‘convenience fee’ that they tacked on at the last second! Oy! Like you- thought about going last year, then decided this is the last chance before the oldest will be having after school practices… 🙂

    • THAT would have fit right in, I think! We were sitting right above the souvenir table. Great for people watching! Saw R and the kids. Then on our way out L said, “Hey! There’s the S family.” Guess we walked right past you and I didn’t even know it… That was our first Intrust experience. Nice place!

  2. We went and saw Parental Guidance yesterday because we heard it was so funny. It was in some parts but pretty corny also but it always feels good to laugh.

  3. Great YouTube video, I too would love to take part in a flash mob. I often wish life was a musical!

  4. OK, so I read this and thought, “Seriously? A video made you cry?” And then I watched it. And cried. I want to do this at someone’s wedding. SERIOUSLY.

  5. I hope you feel better soon:)

  6. Dr. Oz says if you hum for one hour you will help your congestion. I tried to do that and couldn’t breather and just couldn’t seem to hum that long. Maybe it would work for you:)

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