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It’s a Wrap

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General [3] for SocialSpark [4]. All opinions are 100% mine.

I knew she was coming this week (Who?  The Gift Wrapping Fairy, of course!) so before our annual Christmas Lights Cruise in a neighboring town, we quickly stopped at Dollar General to grab some supplies.

For just $10, we bought everything we'd need and some!

I'm not kidding about the Wrapping Fairy.  My aunt, who lives just 5 miles from me, loves to wrap gifts so much that she volunteers to come wrap mine every year!  (What?!  Well, you send me your cleaning fairy and I'll share my wrapping fairy.  Win-Win.) 

The only problem is that she's too fast!  I can't keep up, dragging gifts up from the basement, writing gift tags, organizing presents.  You'd think I would learn to have all of that ready ahead of time.  You'd think. 

"We" wrapped 30 gifts in just two hours, with plenty of interruptions from the two little people, and still have plenty of supplies left over to finish the job.  I am well on my way to not being up in the wee hours of Christmas morning trying to get everything done at the last minute, and that makes me very, very happy.

My children?  Well, they were quite ecstatic to see our Christmas tree looking like this.

So much fun!

Don't shy away from Dollar General Gift Center [5] for all your gift wrapping needs.  I like to shop there because I can run in and out and grab what I need in the same time it takes me to sift through my options at bigger stores, and the prices are competitive.  Follow them on Facebook [6]to stay "in the know" about great deals. 

Fess up:  Is wrapping Christmas gifts a fun time or a chore?  Who wants to borrow my Wrapping Fairy?

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