It’s a Date {Finer Things Friday}

It wasn’t fancy.

Some would say it wasn’t a date at all.

We only went grocery shopping and got a few school supplies.  We ate.  And it was just us. 

I was afraid she’d be disappointed.  After all, her mommy/daughter date wish was a trip to the mall.  Not sure if we can squeeze that in.    Dillons and Walmart pale in comparison.  Also, her brother got to go to a Royals baseball game for his date!

But, it was just us.  Just us enjoying a meal.  Just us puttering around the store.  Just us as she thanked me for taking her to eat.  Just us as her eyes turned to saucers at the fluffy, flavorful Tropical Sno treat.  Her first.  “Ohmygosh, Mom.  This is not a sno cone.  It’s so much better!”

We giggled about wanting a medium until we saw how huge the small was.  I reminisced about my first Tropical Sno treat in college, and how my friends and I would walk 2 miles from campus to get one.

Just us.

Moms, your children don’t want the fancy.  They don’t desire the expensive.  They don’t long for the unparalleled.

They want your undivided attention.  They want to share secrets and smiles.  They want to push the cart with you, and hear your praise.  

It was a date, and a Finer one at that!

Just us.

What Finer Things are you celebrating this week?  Link up and let us know!  (As I’m typing, we might get to celebrate a much-needed rain shower tonight.  Yay!)


  1. So sweet and a great reminder; we used to be really good about individual dates with our kids, but haven’t worked them in really recently.

  2. That was so sweet. You are so right. They don’t want the fancy. They just want you.

  3. Spent the evening doing a puzzle with my girls and then watching our favorite TV show. They love it! And it didn’t even cost a dime! ;o)

  4. Ahhh! So great! You know, just getting out and being alone with mom is the best. I still love it!!!!!

  5. I’ve found the same thing with my kids. The most important thing is getting some uninterrupted, undivided attention. It sounds like a wonderful date. 🙂

  6. I still remember the thrill of going grocery shopping with my mother. It was just the two of us. (I am the youngest of 3 children.) We would go early on Saturday mornings. We’d start out at the store fartherest away and Mother would buy the “specials” that were at that store and then we would head for the next one on the way home. That was the only time I could get her undivided attention. And I loved it. Mother is gone on to a better place now, and I miss her terribly. I would love to go shopping with her just one more time.

  7. Great date! You’re so right. Time with mom or dad for just 15 minutes, with your undivided attention is sometimes enough. Now, if I could only convince my 8 year old son that we’re not always going to have a $20 date!

  8. That is one big smile. 🙂

  9. Love it! You are so right. They do just want us! Sometimes the simplest moments make the best memories. So glad you and your daughter will have this sweet memory to look back upon someday.

  10. I love tropical sno!

    I took my boys for dates earlier this week– school supply shopping and then to Starbucks for the treat of their choice. It was so nice. I love hearing them talk about what’s important to them.


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