It Does End

Just a few months ago, Miss 1 was struggling to go to sleep at night. The “easy” answer was to lay her in bed with me like we had done for mumblemumblemumble <—– a very long time. To go to bed when she did. To let her doze off peacefully by my side. She found comfort, and we both got to sleep.

Sleep was good, but having to arrange my schedule around her? Having no quiet time in the evening for myself or my husband? Listening to an overly tired toddler who should have been sleeping peacefully hours ago? Thinking ahead to the fact that yet another newborn would need me 27 hours a day in just a few short months and I just want to be alone when I sleep for just a little bit?! That wasn’t good. We started the grueling transition to her sleeping in her crib, and more importantly, Going to Sleep in her Crib (raise your hand if you know what I mean!), when we rearranged bedrooms once the basement was ready.

After a week or so, we settled nicely into a routine: jammies, brush teeth, oil her feet, read a book (in her room), sing a song while rocking, and go to bed with all the baby dolls in the crib. Sometimes with mom in charge, sometimes with dad. Always with lots of rocking. I wish I could say I cherished every moment and I love rocking my little girl and I didn’t think at all about everything I had left to do that night or when (oh, when!) could I finally get in the bath myself… but I didn’t always.


And then last week, after jammies and teeth and oils, I was carrying her to her room for book, song, and rocking. When we got there she said, “Babies. Nigh Night!” and pointed to her crib.

“Should we read a book first?”

“No. Babies. Nigh Night.”

“Want to rock-a-bye?”

“Babies. Nigh Night.”

“Can I have a kiss?!”

“No. Nigh Night.”

Well, then.

So I put her in the crib, and she went to sleep. Same song, second verse with daddy the next night. Our new “routine” has been on repeat for nearly two weeks now, and believe me when I say, I cherish every random snuggly, rocking moment throughout the day, because I was handed a much needed reminder.

It does end.



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  1. oohhhhhh…gosh, i remember that 2…tears in eyes right now…its sad when it happens after wanting it to…doesn’t it?

  2. Tanya Canfield says:

    My littlest is almost a year old, and has only slept through the night 5 times. I got into the habit of bringing her to bed, simply because I was so desperate for sleep. It has been encouraging to know that I’m not the only one who has done this. I was just thinking this morning how nice it would be to have some time to myself. Thank you for the reminder to treasure the moment.

    • And remember, I *don’t* always. No one does, and that’s perfectly okay. 😉 If it’s any consolation, my rotten baby sleepers have 100% of the time turned into really GREAT “big kid” sleepers. But oh, that first year or two! *yawn*

  3. Miranda says:

    It’s all about perspective, hey? My boy is 14 months old and with him it’s nursing. Nurse before nap, nurse before bed, nurse in the morning, and any other time during the day when he’s major crabby. It’s so exhausting but the weaning process scares me so much. Yet, when it’s all over I know I will miss it!

  4. You have given me hope. We are NOT cosleepers. At all. Period. But I started bringing my then 1yo into bed with me in the middle of the night when I was preggo with the boy. I was just. So. Tired. Now she’s 2 and will ONLY go to bed WITH ME and not until around 11. Hubby is over it. We will start the transition soon.

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