It Can Wait {Finer Things Friday}

Yesterday afternoon she took a (short!) nap in her crib.  Yay!  (It had been a while…) She woke long enough to get comfy in Mom’s arms, and this is where we stayed for 2 hours.


Baby Bliss.

Supper prep was pushed back a little, but no one went hungry.  While the rest of us ate fajitas, Miss Six Months Old got her first taste of solid food.


Yay for avocados!  (And a silly brother eating supper with red polka dot sun glasses…)

It’s the little things!  What Finer Things are you celebrating this week?  Link up and let us know!

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  1. Jennifer Wiggins says:

    Love this! I used to feel guilty holding my baby for two hours during the day during her “not sleeping in the crib” season (the pediatrician looked at me like I was nuts and told me to let her cry as long as it takes : ( ) Now she takes two naps and sleeps all night (14 months) in there so I don’t regret holding her then when I believe her teeth were bothering her. Thanks!

  2. Yet another thing I learned from Amy–feed your babies avocado.

    • I’ve read over and over that the “good fats” in avocado are perfect for the baby’s brain, and the texture makes a great first food!

  3. chrissy thomas says:

    looks like a lovely day with the fam! we’ve been discussing family values and raising children with Christian values at .. a new community for the faithful. we’d love to hear some of your insight!

  4. Amazing that you are able to do that with #5! I only have 3, but trust me, #2 and #3 rarely got/get held like that for 2 hours….because the older ones always need attention too!!!

  5. So cute! Mine just turned 7 months and he is at that stage, too. Is your little one sitting up already? I have been wanting to put mine in a high chair but I didn’t think he was ready (first-time mom).

    • She’s on the move, clumsy crawling and scooting, but hasn’t sat up yet. I do put her in the high chair, though. Strapped in and with the tray she sits up nice.

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