Is it a Smart Phone? I think it’s a Smart Phone!

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Moms Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.  That doesn’t mean I have any idea what I am doing, which is part of the fun!


So last Thursday FedEx dropped a package at my door. It was a mystery package, but it was from Verizon, so whatever it is, it’s good right?


She sure thought so. (Yes. I know. Not a baby anymore.)


Good things come in small packages. With bubble wrap.


Confession: I saw something on Twitter about the surprise device being a “Note” and my first reaction was to roll my eyes. “I do NOT need a smaller tablet! I have a tablet, and it works just fine thankyouverymuch. I can take notes with pencil and paper.”


But whatever this “Note” was looked pretty nifty.


“Get to Know Your Phone.” That’s what the little book said. Is this a phone?! Really?! (I was in denial after thinking I was getting a phone three months ago. )It’s bigger than any smart phone I’ve ever seen, but what do I know? So… I googled it. Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

It IS a phone!!!!!!

Then I inadvertently hit a button and it made noise. I jumped. And laughed. Found the power button!

What’s this? There’s a pen! There’s a pen in my phone! So I quick wrote a note to myself just because I could. (As soon as I figure out how to take a screen shot I can share more of the wonder with you!)

I immediately sent a text to my sister. Oh, look! The texts look just like the ones I read on those funny text sites that make me cry hilarious tears.

I took photos. Downloaded a few apps. Joined the Instagram phenomenon. And showed the kids.


Yep. Mommy’s cool now. At least for six months. Enjoy it.


I appreciate your excitement, but no, you may not have my pre-paid dumbphone. Yet.


I’ve got a few months of paid service for “Operation: Does Amy NEED a SmartPhone?” State your case! (And tell me what apps I should download!)



  1. Out of milk, Ibotta, TV guide if u don’t have cable, and kindle app so u never have another wasted minute without somethingto read.

  2. Lol! As I read this post ON MY SMARTPHONE, I would say a hearty, “yes!” – all moms need one. I look up coupon deals, store closing times, recipes (while I’m shopping for ingredients!), check my email for a rely from the teacher, see new baby pics on fb, and much more! All while waiting at soccer practice ad taking a walk! It can become addictive (can u tell?!), but everything on moderation 🙂 have fun with it ;-). As far as apps go, I ❤ Instagram (it’s so fun to see what my kids’ friends post!), and my fitness pal (calorie counter), and my bible app (lots of free one), and my kindle app.
    Can’t wait to hear how I like it!

    • Haha- autocorrect is hilarious, too – just check out my misspellings above! Meant to say, “can’t wait to hear how U like it!” (I won’t bother fixing the other typos 😉

    • Recipes. Yes! So nice to have it in the kitchen with me when I’m cooking. Brilliant on looking them up while shopping! Thanks for the app recommendations!

  3. Your daughter’s expression is priceless! I’m not sure what I would do without my smart phone and tablet. I’ve even started using them for when I tutor. My favorite apps are Pinterest, Instagram, You Version, Kindle and Amazon. Hope you have fun learning how to use it!

    • I have been a pinning FOOL with the phone. It really has been incredible for social media, which, as a blogger, I kind of need… 😉 (I have all those apps loaded except You Version. Will check it out. Thanks!)

  4. Screenshots are awesome! Try just swiping your finger from L to R across the screen. You should hear a little noise and then there will be an icon at the top of your phone. You can “pull” down the icons at the top of the phone by touching that bar and moving your finger down your phone. I have a Samsung phone, and once I got used to it, I love it! I don’t like screen rotation though, but I can adjust that! Enjoy!

    • I worked on it after I hit publish. It’s right to left on my phone. Got it! 🙂

    • Definitely learn how to take a screen shot- invaluable because with our limited data plan, I can screen shot a recipe or whatever info I have looked up and then it’s saved in my picture gallery and I can access it anytime, offline. Screenshots are also great for zooming in on part of a pic and create a new pic. 🙂

  5. Any list-by far one of my favorite apps. No more losing the little pieces of paper with my list on it.

  6. I like these apps. Reminders (which my husband and I share. We both can view and change it) Evernote, and I just started using Mynd. It’s a calendar app that integrates my iCal calendar, reminders and Evernote and will tell me how long it will take to drive to my appt, weather etc. also most grocery stores have An app that has their fliers posted in it and make it easy to make a list within the app itself. Amazon app. Is also helpful if you frequently use amazon.

  7. The only time I really wish I had a smartphone is when I see a deal that uses mobile coupons. I don’t like missing out on saving money, but I guess I would have to use a lot of mobile coupons to recoup the extra internet charges!

  8. We resisted smart phones for a very long time, but now I won’t be able to go back. I use my phone for coupon discounts at my craft and fabric stores, to compare prices without running all over town, and to text with my hubby and sister throughout the day. Seriously these phones have saved us money and made us money…that is always good!

    I am also able to use it for a credit card reader at my craft shows. In this day and age that alone gives me an edge in making sells. 🙂

    Have fun with your new toy!

    • “I am also able to use it for a credit card reader at my craft shows.” Fantastic! Yes, I’m learning (quickly!) all the ways it can help me with the blog and social media. It will likely EARN me more money than it COSTS. 😉

  9. I love mine! You version for the bible, kindle for all my reading needs, Pinterest w all my recipes pinned – look them up while at store to double check- notes with a running shopping list – love the calendar w built in reminders to alert me to something before I miss it :). I also keep pbs kids and a number of “kid book apps” on for my five year old. Waiting can be easier on both of us :).

    • Are you able to “lock” your phone on a certain page for the kids? I need to learn how to do that.

      • I set the restrictions so that she can’t get online, erase or add anything, and can’t buy anything- on the iPhone it is in general settings. Not sure for note.

  10. I like Color Note for making lists.

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