Instead of Blogging

Instead of Blogging

Instead of blogging, I’ve been…

… sucking snot out of little noses.

… snuggling a sweet 2yo for a 30 minute nap.

… sweeping crumbs 498 times before the baby gets to them.

… thoroughly enjoying a quality hair cut.  (No more triangle hairdo!)

… eating doughnuts with silly girls.

… updating my wardrobe for the first time in 2 4 8 years.

… forcing myself out of my late night social media zone and into my bed at a more reasonable hour.

… baking cinnamon rolls for the teachers (Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!)

… grilling steaks for my 10yo.  (Happy Birthday!)

… updating my pre-paid dumb phone (to a smartER model, still pre-paid but still not a smartphone).

… eating pizza under the weight of goofy children, snuggled in watching a movie.

… shopping with two of my favorite pre-teens and a roly-poly baby girl.

… taking pictures of the impromptu neighborhood kickball game in our yard.

… creating last-minute meals from what we have on hand.

… borrowing milk from the neighbor at 7am.

… buying non-organic strawberries because I couldn’t pass up the 99 cent price.

… whipping up loaves of poppy seed bread at the birthday girl’s request.

I’ll get back to blogging.  Hopefully today, even.  Maybe right after I…

… attend the kids’ awards assembly.

… sweep crumbs off the floor.

… polish fingers and toes pink.

… roll ringlets into 5yo hair.

… video their music concert.

Life is full, chaotic, and happy in Tiny Town.  What’s going on with you?

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  1. Those sound like awesome things to be doing! I feel like I sweep the crumbs (and dog hair) up hundreds of times a day! It’s a never ending job, isn’t it?

    • And even when I’ve JUST SWEPT she ends up finding something and putting it in her mouth! (headbang)

      • Please tell me there are other moms out there who don’t get their crumbs swept very often, and are secretly glad that creeping around hoovering up the crumbs occupies the babies for hours on end.

  2. Michelle says:

    Loved everything about this post – the bullet format, yet many details, and that adorable picture! You all look fab by the way! Very refreshing to know chaos doesn’t discriminate 🙂

    …running girls to and from swimming b-day party Sunday afternoon
    …running the oldest to and from hip hop class last night
    …softball practice tonight
    …fold laundry
    …trying to start packing for our family vacation next week (we are keeping it a surprise from the girls until we leave and that makes packing tough!)
    …put away laundry
    …get the yard mowed
    …softball game thursday night
    …muffins with mom with my 1st grader friday morning
    …attend mother’s day program put on by 1st grade classes afternoon
    …softball game friday night – make up from last weeks rain
    …grocery shopping and meal prep somewhere in the mix

    • “…trying to start packing for our family vacation next week (we are keeping it a surprise from the girls until we leave and that makes packing tough!)” Ummmm, welllll, ummmm, check back here next week and you’ll know why I’m giggling about this one. 😉

      • Michelle says:

        Isn’t it fun keeping it a surprise? I’m getting so anxious to tell the girls though, we’ve had this trip planned since November…and dying to know what you all are up to! I’ll definitely be checking back!

  3. You know u were just asking for problems, eatting PIZZA on that light blanket!!!! 🙂

  4. Everything on that list is more important than blogging, and don’t you ever forget it (or feel guilty about it)! We’ll wait here while you tend to and enjoy your family.

  5. I have those same plates as you. Corelle?

    I got them from freecycle in a box labeled ‘dishes I hate’. I like them quite a bit however, and I’ve since picked up a few more from thrift stores. They are a nice simple white, but the fluted edges keep them from being too plain. Plus corelle is great because it’s nice and light and doesn’t break easily when dropped.

    Looks like you were really enjoying your pizza. I think I’m ordering some tomorrow night. We have a place here that has pretty good deals on Wednesdays.

    • Yes! Received them as wedding shower gifts. Love them. That’s all we use. A few are getting scratched up, and I really need to find more because I have to run the dishwasher before it’s full… we run out of plates before we run out of space! 🙂

  6. Wow, you have certainly got your hands full. All that sounds familiar. 🙂

  7. I was working in the church nursery on Sunday, looked around at all the cracker crumbs on the floor and made a mental note to vacuum before I left for the night. After picking up all the toys I noticed that there were NO crumbs to be found anywhere. Then I looked in the corner and saw my 8 month old daughter stuffing her face with the last of the Ritz cracker crumbs. *SIGH* Looks like I have my very own Roomba!

    Our grocery store had 2 lb boxes of non-organic strawberries for $1.48. I bought three packages and just soaked them in homemade fruit/veggie wash to ease my guilt.

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