In the Toilet

Ever feel like life’s in the toilet? Well, I’ve got nothing encouraging for you tonight. Sorry. Just this.


Twelve+ years of parenting. Six children. Several flushed toothbrushes. Countless toilet-water-dipped hands. But this was a first.

4yo yelled upstairs, “Hey mom! J needs you! She’s playing in the toilet!”

Not exactly the hands in the toilet that I had envisioned. Oy.

Yes, those are her jammies. Yes, she had already had not one but TWO baths that day. In fact, 30 minutes prior to this photo, I was cleaning the bathtub that she had pooped in.

No kidding.

I did manage to get her cleaned up again in time to cheer the Royals on to a 12 inning World Series WIN, so that’s something.

Embracing the Extraordinary in Every Day.

I may have to change my tagline to Embracing the Extraordinary Laughter in my Every Day Chaos! By the way, who remembers that floor?


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  1. I hope you are starting a collection for her wedding day! This one definitely belongs there (although she may have a different point of view by then). Thank you for the smile, chuckle, and laugh before bedtime. Great way to end the day–on my end anyways. Don’t envy you with the multiple baths and everything else. Trust tomorrow is blissfully, boringly, uneventful!

  2. You know that comes from your husband’s side of the family, not yours. He’s the athletic one, after all.

    My children keep asking to see that picture again. Me–just makes me tired to think about it.

    • Just tonight after the dinner chaos, when it was just the two of us cleaning up in the kitchen, we were saying, “We’re close! We’re mostly sleeping through the night. They can mostly feed themselves. One left in diapers. SO close!” Close to what, I’m not sure. We’ll trade one form of chaos and exhaustion for another, but whatever. They ARE growing up. This I know! 🙂

  3. Kelly Hess says:

    I think you need to do a toilet lock review and giveaway!

    • I have often thought of the toilet lock, but I am so afraid that my younger ones won’t be able to unlock it IN TIME. They have enough trouble lifting the lid IN TIME. Haha!

  4. Oh, this made me laugh. It reminded me of when I came in from hanging a load of laundry on the line to find the toilet plunger “stuck” to the wall of the dining room by my 3 year old.
    Have you seen those commercials, “this is a Clorox moment”? Um yeah. At least I just had to wash the wall and not the child (for the 3rd time that day).

  5. Why do they always, ALWAYS, wait till after the bath? It’s a conspiracy.

  6. Oh my goodness I have never laughed so hard seeing that picture. She looks so pleased with herself. What can you do when they are that cute!!

  7. Ramie Schulteis says:

    Back in the day my middle watched my youngest dip his head in the toilet!!!!!! I did not catch the fact it was toilet water for 20minutes or more til I asked how he got his head wet!!!!!! ACk!!!!! The 4 and 2 year olds boys were full of giggles.

  8. At least she had a sweet smile. 🙂

  9. Hannah Beth Reid says:

    I was very curious to see a post with the title “In the Toilet” and this one did not disappoint! Makes my toilet obsessed child’s simple slashing with his hands look tame and manageable! Thanks for sharing with us!

  10. I just snort-laughed at this! I have one who, if she stays out of the toilet for the next year or so, I’ll be surprised! SO funny and thanks for sharing 🙂

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