I’m finally sending Christmas cards!

The dishes may not get done.  We may end up with cereal for supper tonight.  (not really 😉 )  But I am finally doing this today!

For 29¢ and free shipping, how could I not?!  That’s way cheaper than a stamp!  And if I have Cardstore mail them for me, there’s no chance that they’ll sit in a box in my house for… years.  (Yes.  It’s happened.)

Use code CCP2229 TODAY ONLY (12/12/12), and get your Holiday Cards for 29¢ each + Free Shipping at Cardstore! Personalize your Holiday cards with photos, a personal message, and Cardstore will mail the cards directly to you OR to your friends and family.

Happy card making!


  1. Good for you!

  2. Such a deal! Wish I would have waited – we just spent at Costco and the quality was not very good this year – bummer. Your cards are adorable!

  3. since one of my hobbies is scrap-booking and stamping…i always think im saving money by using what i have….then i realize i have to “make” them before i send them…sigh
    this MIGHT have been a better idea…maybe next year..

  4. I had just let the idea of cards “go” this weekend as something that was just not going to happen this year – I have just spent a few hours inputting the addresses , uploading a few photos and 42 cards have been sent with 20 extras to us for around $20!!!!! Thank you, Amy! You have saved the day and I have to laugh at the cereal comment – my kids were expecting me to bake cookies today :p I might get one batch in before pickup time if I hurry.

    • Yay! Tell me this. Did you place 2 different orders, or were you able to get your 20 extras in the same order? (I ended up doing 2 different orders because I couldn’t figure out how to get some sent to me…)

  5. Thanks for posting this, just got mine done now too ! You are awesome, I would have never known about this without you !



  8. I ordered mine through tiny prints this year and also had the company mail them to my friends and family for me this year. What a dream!! Why haven’t I been doing this for years?? And yes my Christmas cards from last year never got sent either :-(. And they were so cute too 🙁

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this…my husband was really impressed that I could order 60 cards for under $20.

    • Yes! I’m still blown away. Ordered 74 for $21.55. Praying they have the same deal next year since all my addresses are stored there now. It will be so EASY next time. 🙂

  10. YOU made Christmas cards happen for us this year! Thank you, dear! I did two orders. 20 first, 10 second because I couldn’t get all the addresses together (so organized) and I was worried I wouldn’t get it done! Yay! I am so, so excited. This is incredible, really. Is it a new company or something?

    • Oh, yay! So glad you were able to take advantage of the deal. That was my sole purpose all day yesterday. I was NOT missing out! 🙂 I’m not sure how long cardstore has been around, but I’ve signed up for their emails so I’ll know about the good deals. 😉

  11. I had to laugh when I saw your post this morning. I stayed up late doing this last night after getting home from a 3 day trip. The reason for laughter was this was the exact card (different photos obviously) my husband picked out and we used. 🙂 You both have great taste.

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