I’m All In {Giveaway}

Color me impressed.  I’m sitting here, soaking in the meaningful lyrics and enjoying the music of Robert Pierre’s I’m All In CD, released today, and I can’t stop thinking that he just graduated high school!

For Robert, I’m All In is more than the name of his third studio album, due July 26 from thinkaboutit records. It has become Robert’s life motto as he responds to God’s calling to live fully committed to Him. In addition to writing and recording I’m All In and playing on a summer tour, Robert also leads regular Sunday morning worship at his 800-member Orlando, FL church. And he’s done it all as a high school senior.

As the children of a coach and teacher in a Tiny Town, our kids are around teenagers constantly.  Fortunately, the “big kids” are generally well-behaved, but I don’t think they grasp how the younger ones look up to them!  Teenagers are role models, whether they ask for it or not.

While we listen to Robert’s CD, you can bet I’m telling my kiddos all about him, and how powerful it is to openly serve the Lord, even as a teen.  Especially as a teen!  (Our 8 year old likes to remind us that she’s halfway to 16, so yes… they are thinking ahead a bit.)

You can learn more about Robert on his website and his Facebook page.

Would you like to win a copy of Robert’s new CD, I’m All inSimply leave a comment telling us about a positive teen role model you know or have read about. 

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Giveaway ends Friday, July 29, at 11:59 pm, CST.  A winner will be randomly drawn and notified by email. 


Disclosure: I received a copy of I’m All In (and another copy for one of you!) for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog.  All opinions posted here are my own.   


  1. We are blessed to have many positive teen role models at our church. Many of the teen girls dress modestly, are polite and respectful, and are nice to the younger kids. Many of the teen boys are also polite and respectful and nice to the younger kids. We are very thankful for this!

  2. Emily, she is going to be a freshman so probably 14 or 15. She assists in my daughter’s (4 year sold) Sunday School class each week at the 8:30 am service. She is there E-V-E-R-Y week, even this summer except when her family was on vacation. When many of her peers are sleeping in, she is “all in” for God!

  3. My late sister was a great role model for little kids in our church. She had a rough road early in life (we adopted her as a small child) and had many issues she dealt with even as a teen. She really did know how to relate to kids on their level and was very spiritual. She showed them that even though life isn’t wonderful and even when you’ve messed up a whole lot you can still have faith, be quick with a smile and make those around you know how much they mean to you. And when she died unexpectedly in a freak accident there was no doubt of her influence. The little church turned out in force and had a procession from the church to the cemetery behind the hearse and our family cars with even 3 year olds walking the mile plus distance. The entire route had people coming out of their homes and businesses to show respect to a life that mattered!

    Now you’ve got me all misty about her again! It was just her birthday and it always makes me miss her a whole lot. And this CD sounds like something she would have loved. She was all about music and teens helping in their church.


  4. I’m in my mid-twenties and I don’t have much interaction with teenagers these days, but the other day I got to meet my boss’s 14-year-old daughter and I was impressed with her friendly and respectful attitude. She was just a model of good manners while being full of energy and working hard during the afternoon at work. I’d love to meet more teenagers like her!

  5. The teens at my church are great role models for other kids at church, even my 4 year old is saying he can’t wait to be a teen so he could help like the teens at our church. They give so much of their time on top of school, sports, and part time jobs! A very dedicated bunch of youth!

  6. My husband, who just turned 31, influences many children, teens, and young adults. He teaches music to grades 5-12, has led choirs locally and around the country, and is loved and respected by so many people. He believes his life calling is to lead the people of God in worship.

    A few months ago, we were invited to return to the Bible Institute where he taught choir and music classes two years ago. If all goes as planned, we are dedicating the rest of our lives to serving young people there, many of whom will be going into short- and long-term missions.

    Yup, My Lovey is one of the best role models I know.

  7. I’m impressed by the teens at church. They are not only positive role models for the kids at church, they help with them too! Gotta love that.

  8. I am fortunate enough to meet many wonderful role models in our church and neighborhood. It is hard to pick one, but so necessay nowadays.

  9. Our church has been blessed with several. Most recently, three young kids (in the same family no less) have all committed to be missionaries. The oldest and her older sister have already served months in Africa with our church missions team. Thank the Lord for their efforts!

  10. We have some fabulous homeschooled teen girls who volunteer their time to provide childcare for our MOPS meetings. They are such a blessing to allow our moms to enjoy a few child-free hours.

  11. Hannah F. says:

    There is a Christian teen singing group named “pureNRG,” and I have enjoyed their music since I was 14. I feel like they are positive role models for kids and teens! The world is full of ungodly music, but pureNRG delivers a Godly message with fun, upbeat rythms! Check out their music at pureNRGonline.com or your local Christian bookstore.

  12. Pamela James says:

    Our school has all 13 (kindergarden thru 12th) grades in one school building. The school has a mentoring program matching up a teen with an elementary grade student. It helps both the younger and the older students and has proved a very valuble program.

    pjames330 at aol dot com

  13. I am grateful for positive celebrity teen role models like Taylor Swift. This guy sounds really good!

  14. Rebecca L. says:

    My daughter’s friend, Kayla is a great Christian teen example. She has grown up missionary’s child, serving in many places. She is in co llege 1000s of miles away from her family now but still serves there and went to FL this summer to serve and witness in a Jewish program.

  15. Rebecca L. says:

    I shared on FB.

  16. acmommy3 says:

    One amazing teen I know is my youngest sibling – who’s a great writer and missionary! I am in awe 🙂

  17. kathleen says:

    My son is 12 so he is not quite a teen but in my book he is an awesome role model. He is a honor roll student. A star in his school plays. He does everything he can to help the earth. He loves God. He is very kind hearted. I also have a 3,4,5 y.o. I can’t think of anyone better for my little ones to look up to.