I’ll Do It Myself

“I’ll do it, Mommy, but I want to do it all by myself.”

Well, alrighty then.  I’m so grateful that my big girl is proud to tackle these messes all on her own.

And I’m so proud of her job well done!

She didn’t ask for money.  We didn’t even have to have the “we all help out because we’re a family” talk.  She just did it. Because she wanted to. Our high fives and hugs were just icing on the cake.

Lance and I do a little happy dance every time we realize that we are raising helpers.  Helpers are the Finest of things!  My prayer is that we encourage our kids to help in positive, fun ways so that they know they are valuable members of Team Family.

Tell me (because our kids aren’t always showing their best team spirit, if you know what I mean), how do you foster helpful attitudes in your children?

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  1. What a blessing to have such a joyful helper!!

    My little ones like to sing while we do chores. Sometimes they like it when we race against each other to see who can get the chore done first (like dressing or undressing). They also like having their own assigned chores. In fact, they have been fighting over who gets to feed the cats as our youngest is now old enough to help, but our oldest doesn’t want to give up the chore. He just wants to add more on! LOL!! Of course, this just sounds good in theory. He is still only 4! LOL!

  2. We are just beginning our chore journey, but so far with a little consistency it is becoming part of our regular daily routine. We sometimes sing and sometimes do our chores like various animals (my favorite id to do the chores like a quick green lizard.

  3. WOw, she did a great job! You should be very proud of daughter!

  4. Wow!! She did an incredible job. You’re teaching her well. I usually clean with my girls and show them that it is something that we all do together.

  5. Wow! How can I inspire my kids to do that????

  6. wonderful job!!!! We have smiles, not chores to do, we are going through a rough spell with our oldest with always asking why or do I have to. So it’s back to the delayed obedience is disobedience. I think children do function best when they know what is expected of them and feel appricated for the good job they do, so we always look for reasons to say thank you for something done without being told.

  7. pat yourself on the bat you have done something very right in raising her

  8. that’s awesome!

  9. Isn’t it nice to work together? I love it when my children actually want to help!

  10. Wow! She did an awesome job. very impressive. Sounds like you are raising a fine daughter. Good job mama!

  11. She did a great job!!

  12. What a blessing! She did a great job!

  13. Great job. I love having my kids help. It makes such a big difference when we work together as a family.

  14. I think we should get our little kindergarten gals together…maybe some of your little princesses cleaning skills can rub off on mine!! You’re right… that is a finer thing!!

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