If you don’t love your essential oils, you might be doing it wrong.

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I’ve spent a lot of time over the past 4 years encouraging friends, family, and total strangers (because I’m awesome like that) to use essential oils for optimal wellness, and to not stress over the intricacies. Do not fear the oils! Just respect them, I say. You can’t go wrong, I say. But I may need to take it all back.

If you love your essential oils and are getting a great return on your investment, regardless of what brand you use or your favorite method of application or whether you use them liberally or conservatively, oil on, friend! If you don’t love your essential oils, however, and you aren’t getting great results from them, you might be doing it wrong!

1. If your oils are sitting in a box, unopened, on the back shelf of the corner cabinet, and you have buyer’s remorse, you might be doing it wrong.

I know you, and I can see you, because I was you! My oils arrived only a few weeks after our fifth child four years ago. I was so overwhelmed by them (what on earth do I do with these tiny bottles?!) and the baby and school starting and everything else happening all at once, that I just left them in the box.

(PS – They weren’t very effective in the box.)

I was doing it wrong. I don’t even remember what prompted me to take the box off of the piano and diffuse some Citrus Fresh (maybe I was dusting? eh, probably not), but I finally did, and there was no going back. For the first time in EVER, I was able to “scent” my house with no ill effects: no headaches, nausea, nothing! That’s a far cry from what candles and other chemical fragrances do to us. I had long given up and just let my house smell like food and dirty diapers.

From there I read some good tips and safety information from my sponsor, including a little “cheat sheet” that showed some possibilities for each of the oils in my kit. I got brave over time, bounced ideas off of friends, and as my family experienced some pretty awesome results from these little drops of oil, we became hooked. We use them every day now in some capacity, sometimes just a few drops in the diffuser, other times we bust out the motherload, because we need something done and we need it done now!

The oils don’t work if you don’t use them.

2. If you have a disappointing reaction or no reaction at all to the first oil you try, so you give up, throwing your hands in the air and your “stupid” oils out the window, you might be doing it wrong.

There are some oils I don’t like, mostly because they don’t jive well with my body chemistry. There are also some scents I don’t care for, even though I do like what the oil does for me. How do I know all that? Because I use my oils!

Essential oils are not medicine. They work differently; with the body instead of as a medicinal beta blocker (which is sometimes needed!) to stop the body from doing something. If you don’t like your oils at first, maybe give it a rest and then try them again? Perhaps try them in a different way. The first few times I applied or diffused the ever popular Stress Away blend, I turned up my nose. Ew. The sweet vanilla was coming through a little strong for me, I think. But come on, now. I’m a mom of six! Mama could use the effects of a little Stress Away! After a few months, (and I am a FULL-ON believer that the more you use a variety of essential oils consistently, the more those intense, earthy, plant scents will smell better to you) I tried again. I didn’t diffuse. I didn’t apply topically. I didn’t ingest. I mixed a few drops of Stress Away in a cup of Epsom salts and took a bath in it.

BINGO! And bliss. 

(Please note: Considering that 90% of all essential oils are adulterated and new marketing companies pop up weekly to ride the lucrative EO train, if you are using oils that you’re not sure about, or oils that continue to give you a bad reaction, please stop! Being duped could be hazardous to your health.)

3. If you hopped on Pinterest and selected an oily miracle potion based on someone’s photoshopped image, and then were disappointed that you didn’t get the same results after 7 minutes, you might be doing it wrong.

Friends, Pinterest is great. There are many fantastic ideas on site, but there’s a reason that profitable “Pinterest Fail” blogs exist. Can we agree that whether it’s a recipe, a learning activity, a sewing project, or an oily combination to make your skin as smooth as buttah, let’s just all read carefully and beware a flop. Also, dig in to your EO resources! Ask people you trust.

If it looks too good to be true, it just may be.

Also, who needs Pinterest to use your oils, anyway?! Grab your kit and get back to the basics. There are many, many ways to use your oils without extra ingredients, equipment, or know how. Put a drop on your hand and inhale!

4. If looking at all your little unopened EO bottles gives you an ulcer and the hives because of all the scary things you’ve read on the internet about essential oils, you might be doing it wrong.

Stop. Good grief. People are so ridiculous, and I’ve seen none more ridiculous than those saving the world from the horrifying effects of rubbing a drop of Thieves undiluted on the bottom of your foot. Blah.

Over 100,000 people each year die from prescription medications. Perspective.

Yes, you absolutely should read essential oil resources and safety information before you go all willy nilly using them. They are powerful! They do things! And if you don’t respect them and use some Common Sense (there is absolutely an oil for that 😉 ), you may have a less than amazing reaction. But, gosh.

Start slow. Use a small amount of diluted oil at first to not overwhelm your system. Read some best practices, and then go for it! You are missing out if you are a Nervous Nelly (there’s an oil for that, too!) and I can’t tell you the VAST difference in oily successes between my friends and acquaintances who are super duper conservative with their super scary oils and my friends and acquaintances who USE their oils for Vibrant Wellness.

5. If you wait until something is “wrong,” look up an oil (that you don’t have) to fix it, and then get mad because after you finally got the oil it didn’t “work” after using one drop, all the while continuing to drink your daily case of Aspartame or HFCS and watch junk tv past midnight, flipping the remote for exercise, you might be doing it wrong.

The time to use your oils is now. The oils you should use are the ones you have on hand. Essential oils are powerful, potent, and the lifeblood of the plant. They keep plants alive, well, and thriving, and they can assist in that for us, also, but for the love, there are some things they just can’t do! You will never achieve optimal wellness without changing or minimizing bad habits, oils or no oils. Use essential oils regularly, early, and often to help maintain Vibrant Wellness, but don’t blame the oils for your all-night Facebook game sugar slug.

Also? You can’t use what you don’t have. Don’t wait until you are desperate for oils to order your oils.  (PS – This is why the Premium Starter Kit exists! It contains 11 different essential oils with a wide range of uses. If you need something, you’ll definitely get results with an option or a few in the kit!) It’s important to keep a modest oily stash. Use it early and often, replacing and adding to your collection as needed.

6. If you feel alone with no support from your oily community, a wannabe “crazy oil lady” confined in your own walls, you might be doing it wrong.

Overwhelmed? I feel ya. There is a learning curve, but oh my gosh, it is so worth it! A plethora of oily information and mis-information is at our fingertips, and it is hard to not want to read all the things and believe all the things and be scared by all the things.


Choose wisely. Limit your resources to those you trust, those that fit with your philosophy about essential oils. I have a job to do, and that job is to care for my 830+ Young Living members. I supply educational resources to those I enroll. I make sure all of my members have access to my monthly newsletter and my private Facebook group where we ask questions, share testimonials, and learn together. I travel to seminars and teach local classes in person, but there’s no need to be local because my team offers public online classes each month with a wide variety of oily topics.

You don’t have those resources from your sponsor? I encourage you to look up. If your sponsor isn’t supporting you, talk to your sponsor’s sponsor. Someone on your leadership team is taking their responsibility seriously, I promise. Find them.

You don’t have an Oily Family at all? Well, I would love for you to join ours! You can do that here.

Essential oils don’t have to be scary, and you certainly don’t need a PhD (or even an aromatherapy degree) to benefit from them. You may not benefit, though, if you do it wrong. The best way to find your comfort zone is to use your oils!








  1. #5 might be the best thing I’ve read all week! 😉

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!

  3. Great article! Thanks!

  4. 6 kids and a team of 830+ members that you are mentoring, a blog, multiple books, …
    Seriously, where do you find the time?!

    I’m not being flip AT ALL. I really would love to pick your brain. I was the person who was too overwhelmed to do anything with the kit when it came. I’ve progressed from there, a little.

    Some of my problem is ignorance.

    Some of my problem is time. And there is a double time whammy here…
    It’s hard to find the time to research, and it’s hard to find the time to experiment if the first essential oil option doesn’t work.

    Some of my problem is that I’m a by-the-book person. I’m not a fan of trial and error. Not even a little bit. When I get to the end of my problem solving, I want an answer that works – every time. Essential oils sit on my shelf and mock me. They are the trial-and-error person’s dream.

    Some of my problem is habit. I need to cultivate a problem solving paradigm that includes oils on the front line rather than the last resort.

    Some of my problem is my skeptical nature. The fact that oils don’t work the same for everyone doesn’t help here. But I’m finding they work more often than they don’t.

    Lavender was the first to win me over, supporting my skin after a nasty burn…
    Next was PanAway, supporting joints that are painful from arthritis, but I was frustrated when it didn’t help support muscles that were tight…
    My neighbor shared how she was using Stress Away to support tense muscles. Ding…Ding…Ding! We have another winner!

    I still haven’t found a good combination to support my sleep or immunity – so even after those essential oil wins, I remain a tad skeptical. Digize was the next to win me over. Repeated uses during cramping/diarrhea and constipation have brought relief almost immediately and timely resolution. My husband is a bigger skeptic than I am, but even he is a Digize believer now!

    Our bodies didn’t get to where they are overnight. It’s going to take awhile to climb out. Your article helped bolster my perspective that slow and steady wins the race. We are finding our way to a healthier baseline. I’m hopeful that once we get there, I will find more success using essential oils to support my sleep and immune system.

    From the bottom of my oily heart, thank you

    • Hi Janey ~ I want to encourage you to USE your oils every single day. Somehow, some way. And then, research essential oils and frequency. Seriously, the more you use them, the better your body will respond to them. 🙂

      Slow and steady!

      And as for me, I am rarely doing more than one thing well. I just have to juggle and prioritize what gets done well and what has to wait. 🙂

    • Oh boy you sure sounded like me talking in all that you said,but the only difference with me is I Love my essential oils but was afraid to use them,I just watched a video with Ty Bollinger from the truth about cancer doing a interview with Dr.Rubin about essential oils on YouTube and it and this article has really opened up my eyes to quit being afraid of my oils.I am going to really start using my oils and just use common sense about not going overboard,sometimes 1or2drops is all you need.This article I think has set me free,Thank You

  5. Hi Amy,

    Love this, ‘you might be doing it wrong’. Really essential oils are not a medicine. As you have mentioned here that Pinterest is the perfect destination to get many ideas, you are absolutely right. These all six points are awesome.

    Thanks for your great suggestive oil to help with sleep, stress, skin, digestive and muscle tension.

    There are many things to acquire from this site and I’m so glad to found it, useful for me. Thanks for sharing such informative and meaningful article for we all.

    Have a nice day.
    – Ravi.

  6. I literally don’t think I could live without my peppermint oil anymore…. Whether for headaches, colds, aches, or just to simply feel good. It’s the one that always works no matter the situation. I like the Panaway for muscle aches and pains as well. Those would be my 2 must haves.

    • Peppermint is SO versatile! I have a few “back up” bottles just in case, and carry it with me where ever I go. 🙂

  7. I’m so glad I found your website,just loved your article,I have been researching essential oils for just about a year now being very nervous to go all out and use them but now you have given me a lot more confidence to just do it Thanks!

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