If I Had it Together

Tonight it’s your turn.  Our daughter had an appendectomy yesterday, and needless to say, my week has been thrown way off kilter (and writing is not at the top of my to-do’s).

While getting it together is obviously at the bottom of my priority list right now as I spend long days at the hospital, I can’t help but think about 287 times throughout the day, “If I had it together, then________”

There’s no way to prepare for an appendix rupture, and of course we just drop everything and do what needs to be done, but one of the main reasons I need to Get it Together is so that when emergencies occur, or our schedule gets thrown to the wind (or somebody unexpectedly rings the doorbell and wants to visit!), I’m ready.

When do you say “If I had it together, I could _____ or I would _________.”  What’s your motivation to Get it Together? 

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  1. Your family and daughter are in my prayers. My 5yo had to have the same thing – early this year. Now he likes to show off his scar – got to love kids! She’ll be ok 🙂 Be ready for lots of “quiet” activities – their activity is really restricted for over a month after the surgery.

    My motivation is my kids and hubby. I read a saying once that said – Life is like a suitcase the more organized you are the more you can fit it. I want more – more time to do things with my family. If I had it together, I would spend more time playing with and enjoying my kids.

    Be the way I love this – 31 days to get it together 🙂 And if it takes 35 or 40 days because of your daughter’s surgery – it’ll all be ok 🙂 Take care of her – we’ll be waiting 🙂

  2. I mean by the way 😉

  3. Oh NO!! I’m sorry your baby was ill. Surgery is scary stuff. I hope she is feeling back to normal really soon.

  4. My teenage age son had the same thing happen last year. Your family is in my prayers. You might be pleasantly surprised though, I remember taking my son in at 6pm Sunday night, they had to transport us across town because they had closed the inpatient pads unit at the hospital we usually used. I was thinking he was so sick oh no, they had him surgery within 30 min. The next day he was discharged at 9am. He had a week off of school though. I hope she feels better

    • That is amazing! Did his rupture? For us it was surgery Tuesday, discharge Friday, which I was really quite pleased with because they were originally saying “several days.”

  5. Oh, no. I am so sorry your little girl is having to go through this. I will be praying for all of you.

    On the topic of getting it together, I feel like I don’t have it together, this week especially. We have had sickness here (nothing like an appendectomy though) and I have felt like I am so behind on everything. I haven’t blogged in almost a week, and I am having trouble just keeping up with the laundry.

    I have often said, “If I just had things more in order, sickness wouldn’t be such a big deal.” However, I think we mamas often put so much pressure on ourselves to “get it together” that we can sometimes lose our joy. I think we need to give ourselves a break sometimes and realize that we won’t always have it together.

    Take care.

  6. BIG HUGS to your daughter, and you….

  7. Hope your daughter is out of the hospital soon.

    “If I had it together, I could get to work earlier and be able to take a half day off a week and have more BALANCE in my life” I run around feeling like I am drowning most days and I tell my self if I had it together I could do everything I needed to AND have time for myself.

  8. Your family is in my prayers. It is so tough to watch your child/children go through a health emergency! That’s when I can only rely on prayer.

    I have to get it together because with soccer five days a week, three seasons a year (we do indoor soccer in the winter), choir concerts, orchestra concerts, contests… It just never seems to stop! And now I am in the process of learning about fibromyalgia – I have not received the final diagnosis yet but three doctors have siad they think that’s what I have. So getting it together so that I can get more done on my “good” days and still be able to attend all the activities, even on my “not so good” days, is very important. That’s my new motivation.

    So I have to do more than just a meal plan. I need to do some freezer / batch cooking to get me through the rough days. And learn to make extra of meals that I can freeze. And truly prioritize – does it really matter that the dust bunny tumbleweeds have control of the hallway and family room for another day so I can take care of me in order to take care of my family? Not as long as we have a roof over our heads, healty food to eat and clean clothes to wear. Let the dust bunny tumbleweeds roll one more day!

  9. I hope your baby is feeling better!

  10. Hope your child gets better and home soon.

    I thought I was getting it together and then yesterday I put my 25 month old down for nap without a diaper…

  11. We have a history of bad appendices in our family. My ex’s ruptured about 15 years ago, then my 9 year old daughter’s ruptured about 13 years ago, then my mom’s ruptured about 4 years ago. Your daughter is in my prayers, as well as you-man I remember those long days in the hospital!
    If I had it together, I could actually enjoy my weekend, instead of trying to do a month’s worth of cleaning in an afternoon.

  12. I’m praying for a quick recovery. I bet that was a very scary experience. You and your family are in my prayers.

  13. Ugh, I’m so sorry to hear this. Wish I was there to help!! Praying for you!

  14. You and your family are in my prayers…and here’s a thought from a wise friend of mine…when something like this happens she always suggests a new book. She says “treat yourself to a new book and read it out loud to each other” It really does turn such a scary thing into a special time and adds some good memories into the mix…plus you can check reading off of your to do list!

  15. Oh no, I hope she is ok! Will keep y’all in my prayers.

    If I had it together I would be such a stressed out basket case the day before my in-laws came for the weekend. But yet, here I am AGAIN in a panic as to how I can get everything done.

  16. Well wishes to your baby.

    If I had it together I would keep a house clean enough that I wouldn’t be so embarrassed when unexpected company shows up!

  17. We’ve been through some really tough medical issues here – me and the kiddos. I am really going to go and pray now. Take care of yourselves. We are so not together. Well, I pay bills on time and we eat all whole foods and exercise regularly, but my house is eternally messy. I need to focus on what we are doing :).

  18. if i had it together, i’d have people over more often. and do crafty projects for my kids, grandkids and myself. i just found your link today (from a slob comes clean’s blog) so i’m behind on this whole “getting it together” thing…in more ways than one. haha!


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