“I will never forget this night!”

Buckling herself in the back seat, all was right in Miss 6′s world after our outing. Want to know what was so exciting?

never forget

She accompanied me to our Azure drop.
And then we went grocery shopping.
And I let her buy a bag of Funyuns. And play with my tablet.

Yes, really.

We didn’t go out to eat or do any special activities. We didn’t buy toys or get our nails done. Nothing expensive. Nothing special.

Or maybe it was.

She had mom all to herself for 2 hours. She was put to work, excelling in invoice placement under names and collecting name bars after the Azure drop. She was allowed to roam a few aisles away in the store. And then, yes. The Funyuns. Icing on the fried onion ring cake.

Perhaps we all need a quiet reminder, especially at Christmastime, that we underestimate our children. They are masters of the Finer Things in Life. They revel in simple pleasures: gifts of time and accomplishment. Acknowledgement and responsibility.

Put a little extra time under your tree this year. Lavish little ones with smiles and kind words. Provide opportunities to give and excel. Toss in a bag of Funyuns, and have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Oh Amy, you made me tear up!
    But, thanks for the reminder. It is especially needed as I start (yikes) Christmas shopping for my son.

  2. Having experienced the deaths of four special people in the past 4 months, I’m thinking a lot about loving people NOW. That means spending an hour and a half on the phone with my brother instead of washing dishes. That means reading a book to my small son instead of reading a novel to myself. That means letting my son play with the decorations for the mini tree instead of fussing at him not to mess them up.

    Little things–do them.

  3. Time alone with mom is pretty special indeed!

  4. Amy this is so true. My husband and I make a habit of whenever we run errands we take along one “special helper”. This is just one on one time with Mom or Dad. My kids get excited when they accompany me to Aldi’s. They are in charge of the quarter for the cart, and when we are done they get to keep the quarter. Spending time with Mom shopping the aisles as her special helper is priceless to my boys!

  5. The look on her face is precious and priceless. She looks like the happiest 6 year old in the world. It truly is the little things that make a child’s day (or night). All too often us adults get caught up in the hectic, crazy lives we sometimes lead and fail to notice we are ignoring the people that mean the most. Doesn’t it just warm your heart that all it took to make her that happy was being Mom’s special helper, a bag of Funyuns, and playing on the tablet?!

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