I almost had a water birth.

But I didn’t!  No baby yet!  No news!  Still a few weeks from my due date, although with my past experience that means very little…

Last weekend we did this.

I’d cleared it with my doctor, who was really only concerned that I hop out of the vehicle every hour or so of the five hour trip to keep the circulation going.  And “Oh, I’ll actually be in Kansas City, too, that weekend, so if you need anything…” we joked.  How many times did I joke about having a water birth while at Great Wolf Lodge, 5 hours from home, a month before my due date?

Too many, apparently.

The night before we left, baby woke me up at 1am and did not stop moving, rolling, settling, for 24 hours.  A few contractions and some traveling stress later, I nearly ruined our family vacation!

In a heap of hormonal tears, I went to my parents’ room our first night there to tell them we should probably go home.  I wanted to have the baby in my own hospital with my own doctor (who was home by then), and seriously, I thought this baby was coming!  After my mom talked me down from my cliff (apparently the accessibility of quality hospitals is better in Kansas City than on the 5 hour stretches of roads heading home… at midnight ~ who knew?!) I went back to our room to try to get some sleep.

It was then, for the first time in 24 hours, that the baby rested.  My body rested.  We all rested.

No water birth for me (although I really would LOVE to do that ~ just not at Great Wolf Lodge…).

Lesson learned:  You’re never too old to listen to your Mom.  Also, don’t joke about having babies on vacation.  😉


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  1. Hilarious! What would we do without mom? Hang in there!

  2. You are just one of those “glow” when you are pregnant types. 😉 Your new one will probably love road trips! Happy and safe delivery.

  3. Having had a water birth (planned!) it was AMAZING and I highly, highly, highly, can’t say it enough, highly recommend it! I’ve also had a hospital birth and an emergency c-section and I will just say it again I highly recommend the water birth experience. It takes everything down a few notches, the rest between pushing contractions is just floaty and wonderful (all 25 seconds of it) and your body just moves as it needs to for good positioning. This went fast so I only was in the water for pushing/birth and even though I labored in the water at the hospital for hours with her brother, but couldn’t deliver there I’d gladly take the only geting to push in the water every time if I had to choose! That and the recovery was so different at this free standing birth center…just so relaxed and sweet and loving and wonderful. Birth is always special, but I’m so glad my girl had that entry into the world. And Lord willing if there is another baby in the future I hope that little one gets to experience it too.

    Also my only child who was a good sleeper from the get go…like sleeping for 6-8 hours within days of birth–more than her emergency c-section brother still will do at 8 months or her other brother did before 10 months. Could be at total personality or gender or whatever thing, but my midwife says she sees it a lot with peaceful water birth babies.

    Sorry for the soapbox, just one of my favorite things I’ve done in life that most people will never experience.

  4. With my third baby I thought I was going into labor with my mom NOT nearby {she lives 17 hours away}. She attended my previous two births and I was not about to have my baby WITHOUT my mama around. I had a ton of prelabor signs {which never happened with the other two – my water just broke and then it was show time}, my mom drove all the way out to prepare {cause obviously, I was going to have a baby any day}…. My son was born – 2 {TWO} weeks later. After my water broke. Just like the first two times. But, my mom was there, so all was good. 😉 Moms – they ain’t just for the little kids.

    • We’re the crazies who would rather no one even know we’re in labor… however, that doesn’t work with a house full of kids. 🙂 My mom and dad are our “go to” to take care of the rest of the brood. Glad they’re close by!

  5. I wonder if the little one was flipping. I never forget when I was pregnant with my middle child, and he had yet to flip to head down, the doctor told me the baby had one more week to flip but if he or she was not heads down by then they would have to book my c-section. Sure enough a few days later, I was awoken with horrible pain in the middle of the night, and I woke up my hubby, who is a nurse and he said, just sit tight a bit, so we sat and watched as my whole tummy changed shapes and you could literally see hands and feet pressing against the sides of my tummy, and then a little while later, my tummy had dropped a few inches down and the baby finally settled and contraction feelings stops and an at my next visit sure enough the doctor said the baby had not only changed positions but had dropped!

  6. Okay for future reference (like with babe # 6) 🙂 or if you venture too far from home in the coming weeks, I had my babies at St. Lukes South in KC. Luckily I get to drive by it every time I go into the office and just get to look at those maternity ward windows and smile. But anyway — they were great there!

  7. I kept joking that I would keep working until my water broke. Joke was on me when I ruined my chair and one boss went to buy me a change of clothes and then the other boss drove me to the hospital! Gotta be really careful what you joke about!

    • Oh, gosh. I got lucky that mine didn’t break at school that first time. Broke around 4:20. I probably got home that day around 3:30. My sixth graders would have been entertained, for sure!

  8. Bless your heart! After little man sneaking in an early debut, I’ve been wondering if #5 would follow suit!

  9. Amy, you look amazing!! Seriously, you look so good. I love that baby bump photo. You make me miss being pregnant and it was only 3 short months ago that I had my own little one.

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