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Hydrate {A Fresh Start}

I know.  Believe me, I know that getting back to healthier eating after the holiday slope is not an easy one.  My lunch today?  Two bowls of the kids’ Santa Cereal. [3]  Shhh, don’t tell!

A lot of New Year’s resolutions call for better eating.  Sugar detox, more fruits and veggies, no snacking, limit the grains.  I get that, and none of it’s a bad idea.  I’ll likely even hop on a temporary bandwagon or two, so knock yourself out!

The healthy habit that I encourage for all of us with a vengeance, though, is to hydrate.  We don’t drink enough water, friends!

Why bother?  Drinking plenty of water can…

So yes.  Eating well is important.  I’ll be trying to do more of that this year.  But drinking lots of water?  A must.  I’m in.

How do you make sure to drink plenty of water?