HP Intervention for Amy’s Walls

This is a corner of my dining room. See a problem?  Ok, well, in the grand scheme of all the world’s ills, it’s not a problem.  But still, friends.  I’m missing a child and my other children are trapped in time! 


Poor Mr. 2 hasn’t yet grown out of infancy!  Confession:  I’m a slacker.  (Oh.  You already knew that?!) Another confession:  We had beautiful family photos taken a year and a half ago in a park.  (I’m pretty sure we’ll never take indoor portraits again.)  I look at them all the time on my computer, but I never got around to printing any.


That would look so great on my wall, right?!  Good grief.  Even then, we’re still missing a child who is now 12 months old, and I won’t tell you about the Christmas photo on my entertainment center in which we have only three children.  Oh.  Wait. 


Lucky for me, (and you, too!) HP and WalMart are going to help me wake up my walls!

Now that the summer is beginning to wind down, it’s the perfect time to showcase and commemorate all of your fun summer memories with HP products at Walmart:

    • Multi-Panel Canvas or Multi-Panel Mounted Photos (New from HP, only available in stores right now): The Multi-Panel Photo Canvas and Mounted Photos, where one photo is split across 2 and 4 panels and hung closely together, is a great way to showcase pictures of summer landscapes, unique architecture, summer wedding photos and large group family photos.
    • Multi-Image Canvas or Multi-Image Mounted Photos (New from HP, only available in stores right now): Another new photo wall décor option, the Multi-Image Photo Canvas or Mounted Photo, features a “hero” image as the background and has small insets where you can display other photos on top of the hero image.
    • HP Mounted Photos: A unique offering from HP, Mounted Photos feature a silver-look edge. It comes ready to hang and also has a back stand so you can place it on a table or shelf. Mounted Photos come in a variety of sizes.
    • HP Premium Canvas: Made with high-quality canvas material with a gallery-wrapped look, the HP Premium Canvas is an affordable wall décor solution that’s so beautiful it can be displayed in an art gallery!
    • Other wall décor options include HP Faux Canvas, Posters and collage posters, and prints

This week my job is to pick some photo projects to wake up my walls, <———- complete the projects (that’s what always trips me up) and order them with the gift card that HP sent my way.  Next week is the big updated wall reveal (yes, I’m already sweating) and a super fun giveaway for three of you!  

So.  Help a slacker out?  I don’t have new family photos with the baby yet.  Should I go ahead and do the wall in our most recent photos, fully intending (ahem) on updating it again SOON with all seven of us, or should I do something different?  Also, prints or canvas?  If I have money left, I think I’ll do something with our Disney photos, too.  So many options!


Disclosure:  HP gave me a Walmart gift card as part of my participation in the HP Summer Photo Fun event.  They’ve got three for you, too!  (Oooo, did I just say that?  More news next week!)

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  1. Do you have a photo of each of the children when they were aged one? A nice collection is one that shows each child at the same age.

    • Stephanie S says:

      I agree. I have a picture of each child when they were 6 months old and then a current one under it. I also did them in sepia so that they all look similar. Then I can change out the current one whenever I get a good one of them.

    • “A” photo? Yes. A nice portrait? Sadly, no. But sometimes snapshots will work. I’ll dig around.

  2. Ooh, I can’t wait! I can’t tell you how much I need this. You’ve seen our gorgeous family photos taken in a forest on a red couch in the middle of a snowstorm, right? I LOVE them. They’re so special and different. And, um, I haven’t printed any yet. :/

  3. Melissa M. says:

    I am in the same boat as you with the formal family pics. My youngest will be three soon and we have no family picture with him in it at all. All the pictures look like we only have 3 kids not 4. Since we haven’t had time or money for professional pics I did some fun collage prints of just snapshots of all four kids to hang on my wall. I also think it would be fun to do a large collage poster with all the pics from your Disney vacation and mount it to a board or get an inexpensive poster frame to display all the fun memories.

  4. I agree with the idea of a multi-image for the Disney pics! Maybe you could do a combo of the older pics and the Disney pics…I love outdoor colors, whimsical colorful backgrounds, and great lighting.

  5. I could sure use an update on my walls as well. And don’t feel bad we don’t have all of our babies on the wall either, I’m so pitiful. I hope to correct it soon though. It would be nice if HP and Walmart were able to help with that!

  6. I have a collection of photos on my wall like you do but they are all from different settings and times. One I choose was from when we were at the beach because my youngest’s smile is priceless. I have a photo of the first time they went on a roller coaster. I have the formal photo that gramdma takes with them every year. Soccer photo, etc…I like the variety of photos that express their joy and their personalities.

    • I need to do something like that in our basement. Did I tell you we’re supposed to dig a real, livable basement this fall/winter?!

  7. Stephanie S says:

    I agree on the multi image. I have three large collage frames that hold 30-40 pictures each (I get them for $10 on the day before Thanksgiving sale at KMart) in our hallway and each year I put photo’s from that year in there. My kids constantly stop to look at them, remembering things from that year; our summer vacation, when we went to a park or place, ust random days that I took pictures of, ect. Even my husband and I stop and remember when they were babies and so little. I love it and friends and family are always stopping to look when they come to visit.

    • I have 2 of those big collage frames that I bought Black Friday, oh, about 5 years ago. Want to know how many of our pics I have in them? THREE. How pathetic is that?! I do have an excuse, though. The 4×6 size photos I printed were printed some digital size or something and didn’t fit and I’ve just never tried again. Good grief.

  8. I agree with the combination of disney/recent photos (to include Miss One) 🙂 and also printing your family photo as well. Even though you may replace it in the near future, that is such a great photo and commemorates how everyone looked at that time and it can be moved somewhere else when you have a family photo of all 7 of you.

    I would also suggest doing all canvas and I would print the family photo large! Let it make the statement and then fill in with all of the other cute faces 🙂 Here’s the thing though, I wouldn’t go smaller than 5×7 for any of the single kid shots, if you can.

    Just my two cents – I love this stuff! I wish I lived closer and I would come put it all up for you!

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