How to Host a Tea Party

I’m too often the mom who is too busy.  Not right now.  Maybe later.  I’m already cleaning up one mess.  After your nap.  I’m working.  Not before dinner!  Just a minute.  Is your room clean?  We ran out of time today. Oh, they won’t remember it anyway.  Not today.  Maybe tomorrow.  Ask your sister.  Play dough?  Are you kidding me?

Yeah.  I’m loads of fun. 

And then sometimes a blue-eyed 2 year old stops me in my tracks with, “Mom, you want to play with me?  Let’s have a tea party!”  My busyness doesn’t stand a chance.

How to Host a Tea Party

Carefully plan a menu suitable for your guests.  Spend loads of time cutting everything into fancy shapes.

tea party1

Iron a tablecloth and add a gorgeous floral centerpiece to your table.

tea party2

Serve your guests on the finest china.

tea party3

Hire an orchestra for serene conversation music.

tea party4

Make sure a cleaning crew is quietly at the side, ready to swoop in for every spill.

tea party6

Sit up straight and use proper, quiet language.

tea party7

Beware the crumbs, keeping the eating area tidy.

tea party8

Pffffffffffft.  It’s not always possible.  I live that.  But when it is?  Let that dish water get cold, Mama, and go have a plastic tea party on the dirty front porch.  Laugh with your littles.  Hand them the point and shoot.  Be there.  Be all there. 

You’ll be blessed.  They will, too.  It’s the Finest of Finer Things!



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  1. Cheryl Armstrong says:

    Amy-I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you for keeping life real! Have a great weekend.

  2. Kathy Linklater says:

    You sound so much like me when my sons were little. Busy doing everything else. Thank goodness I wasn’t as into the internet when they were little as I am now. They never would have seen me. 😎 Tears came to my eyes seeing the pictures of the tea party. Enjoy their cuteness. My sons are 20 and 24. They’re still cute, but . . .

    • In some ways the internet is wonderful and has made things so much easier. But some days I think we could just do without all the distraction. 🙂

  3. Thank you, Amy. I needed this today. I’m having a tough time ‘being all there’ lately. Today has been one of those days where I just don’t want to referee another squabble, wash another dish, plan another lesson. Maybe I should have a tea party instead. 🙂

  4. Thanks for this today. My twins are hitting their “treacherous three’s” and it’s been so hard lately….them fighting and me playing referee… But perhaps if I was “more there”, it wouldn’t happen {as much}. Your blog is encouraging! Thanks again for this reminder! 🙂

    • Yes! I think that at dinner time. I’m in the kitchen getting this and that, the kids are in the dining room eating, and if we could/would just all SIT at the same time I think it would be easier to keep everyone on track and content at the table.

  5. Baby girl’s fat legs…..I can’t get over how CUTE they are! I wanted to reach through the screen and squeeze them!! Glad you enjoyed your tea party!!

  6. Thanks for this. I feel like I am always saying no to my 3 year old. I want to be a “Yes mom” at least once in awhile. I can’t wait for our tea party 🙂

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