How to Cut Brownies

Tired of tearing apart an otherwise beautiful pan of brownies?  Guess what… there is a correct way to cut brownies! Who knew?!? If you want a nice, clean cut for your next batch of chocolate deliciousness, I suggest the following two life-altering tips:

  1. Cut them while they are warm.
  2. Use a plastic knife.

Seriously.  A plastic knife makes all the difference.  See?


The cut on the right is from a regular kitchen butter knife.  On the left, a plastic knife. (And under the pan, a dirty stovetop. *sigh*)

And now, because you know you must try this immediately, I give you full permission to go make yourself some brownies.  Go!  Go!  Go!



  1. I totally agree!

    Knowing this tip, I actually took a plastic knife with me to cut the brownies for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower, and the ladies took a look at that knife, threw it away, and got out a “real knife.” Crumbs everywhere.

    Michele 🙂

    • I use a filet knife, very thin blade and super sharp. nooooo, it’s never been used for cleaning fish

    • Thank you, thank you! The plastic knife worked extremely well! Cutting the brownies into squares in the pan BEFORE an event helps to control the portion size and mess. : )

    • Gail Faxon says:

      Thank you so much. I’ve been cutting brownies for 65 years and I’m blown away at how simple the fix is. Amen to that!

  2. Interesting… I will have to give this one a try.

  3. I just take the opportunity to eat the crumbs and the goo off the knife.

    Being fat ain’t easy, folks.


  4. A plastic knife… interesting. 🙂 I must keep that in mind.

  5. I’ve also heard using one of those thin, silicone spatulas/scrapers works well, too. 🙂 Great tip!

  6. This is too funny that you said this. I just had a friend tell me the same thing just last week. How cool is that?! 😀

  7. Interesting! I now have a reason for baking brownies.

  8. Perfect tip. That is why I LOVE tempt my tummy tuesday!!
    Thank you!

  9. I always cut mine when they are warm, but I didn’t know about the plastic knife. LOVE this tip!!!

  10. Really – who knew? I can’t wait to try this one out!

  11. Great tip, one I never knew about. It has always annoyed me that I can never get a smooth cut. Now if only you could tell me how to get the first slice of pie out with making a mess!

    • Katie, I recently saw a tip on Martha’s website, if you cut 2 wedges and then remove one, it will come out easier 🙂 I tried it and it does work! perfect wedges:)

  12. Thanks for that! You know I can’t wait to cut brownies when they are cooled. I HAVE to have a hot one!

  13. hunh hun..well I’ll I must try this out!

  14. I do this too!! We actually had frineds over for dinner last weekend and after I took the brownies out of the oven to cut them I grabbed a plastic knife to cut them. They looked at me like I was silly!! But it works well every time!!

  15. brownies are one of my true loves! good to know tip, i do hate the tearing.

  16. A platic knife. Ahhhh. Thanks.

  17. Wow! Who knew? Not me, my brownies always look like the cut on the right! Thanks for this life-changing tip!

  18. I love this WFMW thing. After keeping house for over 40 years I just learned a new way of doing something I’ve struggled with. Thanks.

  19. That’s amazing! Who knew a little bit of plastic would make such a big difference?! Now I only wish I had some brownies to make!!

    My latest post: WFMW: Free Magazines

  20. Such a simple tip, but such a great one! Although I don’t necessarily like brownies (I know, I’m crazy…but I do love cookies!). This will however help with when I bring goodies to social events and I need to make an impression. Thanks so much!

  21. Oh, I just have to try this out now. Thanks for the excuse to make a pan of brownies. My daughter and hubbie will thank you too, I’m sure.

  22. That is awesome! I never knew that and me with my brownie addiction all these years…now I can eat pretty brownies! Thanks for posting.

  23. Really? Wow, I never would have guessed that. Thanks for the tip.

    Now, to make brownies AND buy plasticware…

  24. Cool tip! Thanks for the idea… will have to try it next time. I always wondered why they crumble one time and don’t the next. Must have used a plastic knife without realizing it 🙂

  25. I would have never thought to use a plastic knife! Thanks for the tip!

  26. Wow! This really works? Hmmm – off to the kitchen. My beloved will appreciate this experiment, I’m sure.

  27. I never knew this! Will have to try it out the next time I’m baking.

  28. Great tip. I must remember to try it next time I make brownies.

    Not that I would complain about shredded brownies. But it would be nice for them to look all perfect on the plate for a change. TFS.

  29. SERIOUSLY?!!! And guess what?! I even have brownies in my cupboard. I MUST try this!!

  30. I always have plastic knives because those are the last things that get used up in those variety packs. I will definitely have to try this next time I make brownies! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Great tips! Thanks.

  32. i do not want brownies.
    I Do Not Want Brownies.

    sigh. that did not work.

    p.s. I use a pizza cutter, but I’m going to try this next time.

  33. Yes! I’d heard this tip somewhere, and ever since, I’ve used a plastic knife to cut warm brownies. It always works great. Thanks for posting this tip.

  34. Just make sure they are warm and not hot, I’ve ended up with a lot of curved knife ends. 🙂 Good thing they are disposable!

  35. We substitute 1/2 of the vanilla flavoring with almond flavoring. YUM!

  36. You know, I’ve always done this anyway, because I didn’t want to scratch the non-stick coating off of my expensive brownie pans. Today, I had to bake brownies for my daughter’s birthday at school, and I was lazy and didn’t get out a plastic knife. Boy, did I pay for that one with messy brownies. Oh, well, do you think 4th graders care what the brownie looks like?

  37. OMG!!!! I just made 2 pans of Brownies to take to family dinner night……I love that my family always requests my baking. However, I just could not face crumby looking Brownies again.

    So…I quickly grabbed the plastic knife and….
    I cannot begin to thank you enough! I am just so
    happy! Doesn’t take much for this girl.

  38. Will E. Nelson says:

    Worked well except for when the knife ran into the walnuts that I had added…

    • Target has a 7″ long plastic Santoku knife by ‘Hampton Forge’
      with a wide blade, for less than $8.
      It has no problem cutting through nuts.

      • I love my santoku, great all around knife. I was able to find a calphalon recently at one of the “sales rack” clothing stores for a very reasonable price. I’ve found it to be a great knife (just my 2 cents).

  39. Thanks for the tip! I was just looking on the internet to find a good way to cut these brownies I just tok out of the oven a few minutes ago.

    Worked like a charm, and has changed my life! Whew!

  40. A pizza cutter works great too.

  41. I’m gonna give that a try. Here’s a quick brownie recipe that you might not have tried.

    Using a regular boxed brownie mix add one can of black beans that have simmered for 45mins on low heat and pureed to the mix. That’s it, the beans are the only other ingredient you need.

    It provides a bunch of protein and fiber plus your kids will never know. We are seasonal campers and I’ve been getting messages and phone calls saying “I can’t wait for those brownies”.

    Good Luck!

    • I just made gluten-free black bean brownies last night! I do prefer the regular ones, though, so I’ll try your trick the next time I make them. Adding protein to my brownies sounds like a great idea to me!

  42. A friend just shared this revelation with me 3 weeks ago!! 🙂

    Clicked over from Lynn’s blog – had to see if it was the same tip my friend shared!

  43. i worked in a bakery for about a year and we used a plastic “lettuce knife” to cut up the brownies and it worked like a charm every time. you can find them in the utensil section at walmart – sometimes they are white, sometimes green. but they make cutting brownies a snap!

    another tip is when you cut them: to cut them in half town the middle longways first, then in half shortways and then cut each section in half until you get the desired number. cutting something in half is so much visually easier (and less stressful for the ocd perfectionist like me) than cutting it into 4ths and then trying to squish it all back together because the lines aren’t even.

    what. i never did that. 😉

  44. I started cutting a pan of brownies with a sharp metal knife and they were breaking up and falling apart. I ran to the computer and googled “How do you cut brownies?” and this answer came up. I can’t BELIEVE how simple the solution is and it really works! I’m totally amazed! Thank you!

  45. I’ve been using one of those metal chopping blades that you can also use to scoop up the stuff you chopped with (I have no idea what you call those). It works well because you just press down and lift up to cut instead of having to drag.

  46. Nice name. 😛

    For someone who is in the researching stage of a tiny, tiny home-based baking business, this tip is awesome. I will have to go buy one of the plastic lettuce knives to add to my baking accessories. Pretty brownies are probably easier to sell… ^-^

  47. I used the plastic knife, still had trouble. But the secret must be in cutting when warm. I’ll try next time. I was going to semi-freeze them to see if that works.

  48. Joie Ehmke says:

    Totally worked!!! Thank you so much!! Perfect!!!

  49. Thank you so much! I’m doing bake sale stuff and knew my brownies would look terrible. Now they look GREAT! I even had one of those plastic lettuce knives out in the garage (for many years)….who knew?

  50. Thanks so much.. I just used one on date nut bars that have always come out terrible looking at the cut & it worked perfectly.

    You might want to make sure your plastic knife doesnt have a lip edge on the top of it so that it just glides thru perfectly…

    Thanks again!

  51. OMG this tip just saved me from throwing a pan of brownies across the room–it was like magic! Thank you!!

  52. You absolute genius.

  53. What a life saver. I had cut through half the pan and got so disgusted by the sight! Stopped right there and googled for a better solution. Tried the plastic knife – WOW!!!! Seriously???? I should have taken a pic of the messed up half and perfect half:-) Did enjoy picking out the crumbs from the butter knife though 🙂 Thank you for the tip!!

  54. I can’t believe it! I feel like I just won something…it works GREAT! thank you!

  55. Such a simple solution to a frustrating problem. Thanks for the tip. Oh no – no more licking the knife!

  56. IT WORKS!! Thank you!!! Just made brownies and searched for “how to cut brownies”–before potentially wrecking a batch. So happy! Few things in a life are more delightful than eating a warm, nicely cut brownie. You made my day and brownie-making life! Thank you.

  57. I just tried this and it still crumbled for me :(. I wonder if they were too hot?

    • Hmmm, the only thing that’s happened to me when they’re too hot is that my plastic knife melts a little. whoops! Wish I knew what to tell you.

  58. How to cut through gooey rocky road brownies? Help. The plastic knife is not going to help on this one, I’m afraid. ???

  59. Helen Brooks says:

    Yes! I just used the plastic knife, perfect!

  60. I wonder who figured that out. Maybe all the knives were dirty. They probably thought “oh hey here’s a knife I could use. ITS PERFECT

  61. Great tip, just tried and it worked wonderfully!!

  62. Awesome!! I’m not a baker and I KNEW there had to be an easy way to cut brownies! Glad I googled “How to Cut Brownies” and you were the first entry. I tried and the plastic knife was the PREFECT tip!

  63. Worked perfectly! Wish I knew this trick a long time ago:) Thanks!

  64. This is the best tip! The plastic knife worked perfectly and my brownies were cut beautifully. I didn’t even have to cut them warm.

  65. Worked GREAT! And it saved the bottom of my nonstick cake pan. No pesky metal knife scratches to ruin the nonstickyness 🙂

  66. THANK YOU!! I was trying to cut bite size brownies to put into cupcake papers and take to my daughter’s school party tomorrow, and I couldn’t get anything like similar sizes because I lost so much due to crumbs. I know the kids don’t care if it looks pretty but I do.

    Will try the pizza cutter and lettuce knife too. 🙂

  67. Lobe it just made brownies and a great tip

  68. Easy and works

  69. Thanks!!😊

  70. I’m shocked. So glad I read this posting! I made a huge batch of brownies, and after I cut them with a regular knife, they looked like I had run them through a weed wacker. Before I cut the next batch, I thought I’d google how to cut brownies and found this plastic knife tip. Now I’m ALMOST too embarrassed to take the first batch — the 2nd batch looks so much better! Thank you!

  71. laurie galloway says:

    I was skeptical, but it actually did work! thanks.

  72. Pattie Whack says:

    This really works! Thank You!


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