An Oily Day

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Well, now. Nothing quite like following a Day in the Life post with another kinda sorta Day in the Life post, huh? Also, I really do need to blog more often.  I’m so excited to be participating in this week-long series showcasing how different bloggers use their Young Living oils on a daily basis. Several of you have emailed questions about oils and have started to sign up with Young Living, but I know there is the overwhelm and the hesitation. Been there! Maybe this will help?

The only problem is, I feel totally and completely unqualified for this! I’ve seen the other ladies’ posts and, well, I’m apparently an oily slacker. Also, though, I want you to know that you can benefit from the Young Living wholesale membership even if you don’t use 50 different oils every day! Welcome to my life!


On this particular day, I woke up with that stiff crink in my neck (you know the one?), and the accompanying headache. Rather than suffer, I remembered my Stress Away oil. I rubbed it on my tight shoulders and neck, and headed in to make breakfast. I kid you not, 10 minutes later I looked at Lance and said, “My neck doesn’t hurt! My head doesn’t hurt!” He laughs at me because I’m always, even after a year of using them, “oh my gosh!” surprised that the oils work. And they do.


See how good I am at this? I didn’t even think to turn the bottle around so you could read the label! While I was making breakfast, I started my tea. I’ve kinda sorta developed an addiction to peppermint tea with peppermint oil. That stuff is strong, I tell ya, and when I had that nasty sinus gunk in December, I got in the habit of drinking at least a cup a day. (Don’t use a lot of peppermint if you’re nursing a baby. It’s been known to decrease milk supply.) Just inhaling the scent helped clear my sinuses, and it settles my stomach, too. (Does your stomach get queasy when you’re battling sinus gunk?)


I leave the plate on over my cup so it doesn’t cool too fast. Still, I only drank about 1/2 of it before it was lukewarm and forgotten. We do not waste oils around here, though, and warming them in the microwave is a no-no, so in the afternoon I added ice to my peppermint tea. Yowza! That is a great afternoon pick-me-up!


I made sure to have some Thieves diffusing before the kids headed to school. I’m not one to rely solely on my oils for all of our illness prevention (common sense, people), but I also like to arm them before they walk out the door. Also, Thieves is one of my favorite oily scents. It just smells cozy (which my home is anything but right now. Soon! Soon…). In the afternoon I switched to Citrus Fresh. It’s one of my favorite “pick me up” scents.



Mr. 3 saw my bottle of Thieves cleaner on the counter (I’m so good, I forgot to take a photo of the actual bottle of concentrate) and wanted to clean. 1) What mom says no to a cleaning offer, even if made by a 3 year old? 2) Thieves cleaner is perfectly safe for children, toilets, and food, so I have no worries. I let them have at it, and only giggled a little when they slipped and fell on the puddle they made on the wood floor.


Somebody tried to sneak around back in the dark to beat us home after the ballgame. And fell. Whoops! Lavender is my “go-to” oil for abrasions and itchiness, and it’s amazing for minor burns.


Mr. 3 is my oily boy, through and through. He’s also a man of routine, so he will.not.forget to ask for his diffuser and “oils on my foots” every single night. Also, he takes pride in dripping just the right amount of oils into the diffuser by himself. Tonight we used lavender, and dang, realized that we’re out. No one can get hurt until my ER order comes in!


He’s learned not to touch his eyes after oiling his “foots.” That stings! (And is soothed with some coconut oil applied to the area.)


We did Thieves on the feet that night, but sometimes I let him choose out of my nifty little oil caddy.


The choosing is part of the fun!

After the kids were in bed and I did whatever it was I did that evening, I soaked in a bath with epsom salts and a mixture of lemon and the very.last.drops of lavender.  I believe that’s it! We use many more oils for specific ailments, first aid, and emotional support (one of my children likes to apply Valor before heading to school when they’ve had a stressful morning).  If you have questions about specific oils or Young Living, shoot me an email and I’ll find an answer for you. If there’s a lot of interest and several questions, I’ll post a Q&A on the blog.

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  1. Great post! Thanks so much for being a part of this series! I recently purchased YLEO’s and have been looking at how to incorporate them more into daily life. Great ideas in these posts!

  2. What a timely post! My kit of oils is due to arrive today! They’re doTerra brand — that has sort of erupted in my neck of the woods, but the info still is great – thank you!

  3. Where’s that great wood carrier from??

  4. You are not an oily slacker!! LOL That was funny!! We all use at different levels and we all have different needs, that is what is so wonderful about how Young Living works – huh? I know another mom who was part of a different company and was required to order $100 a month to keep being a member, I love that even if you only use oils in a few ways, you are under no obligation to purchase large quantities of items you may or may not need! Keep it up – love that the kiddos are in too!

  5. Fun post! Didn’t seem too slackerish by my standards. 😉 Our kids don’t let us get away with forgetting the night time oils, do they? No rest for the weary, I tell ya.

    My littles also love to “clean” with the Thieves cleaner. It is great not having toxic cleaning stuff around, who needs that to worry about?!? Keep up the good work! 🙂

  6. I have read to soak your “empty” bottles in your diffuser water to get that last little bit out. Actually, it’d work in your bath water, too! 🙂 I bought some roller containers on ebay to try, I feel like I’m not applying very efficiently and am hoping that’ll help. Trying to get them on e’s fast moving feet has made me give up on him for a while!

    • I need to do that. I’ve ended up tossing them, and I KNOW there has to be some good stuff left in that bottle! I bought the pack of roller filaments from YL and they really are handy, especially for the kids to do their own oils.

  7. Amy, do you dilute your oils at all? Like before rubbing them on feet or on your achy neck?

    • I do for the kids, and I do for the “hot” oils (peppermint, etc.) on me. Actually, I don’t mind the “burn” of peppermint on my sinuses, though. Makes my eyes and nose run, but I figure that’s a good thing. On the feet I don’t worry about it much for anyone, but if I’m doing a “massage” a carrier helps spread the oils.


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