Finer Things Friday: How He Loves Me Best

This is how I presented myself on Father’s Day:  old t-shirt; damp, messy hair from the pool; no makeup. We were in the harvest field — and I brought food.

You know what?  That’s how my hubby loves me best.

A little dirt never hurt anyone…

*** Notice the missing shoe:  It was found at 10:30 that night, IN the back of the wheat truck, UNDER some wheat.  {sigh}

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  1. I love this! I think hubby loves me best with my hair damp and wavy, in an apron or a sundress, with a baby on my hip. 😉 The story about the missing shoe made me giggle…

  2. Hahaha – at least you found it! You’d have gotten docked for that FM for sure. :>)

  3. I think that’s absolutely perfect! 🙂

  4. I shared my finer thing of my sweet little one standing alone for the first time!!!

  5. Don’t ya love it when they love on you when you’re a mess! It always cracks me up!

  6. Lovely Father’s Day post! Great to just be yourself 🙂 thank you for hosting link up too!!


  7. Oops, I made a mistake with entry #17. Any way you can delete it?


  8. Happy Friday! T-shirt & no make-up…you look great regardless! I want to hear more about the wheat harvest!!!

  9. It amazes me when my husband compliments me on those no makeup, crazy hair, old t-shirt days. He loves me best when I am happy and carefree. Sounds like that’s the kind of day you had (except for that shoe!).

  10. life at its best is what i would say.

  11. Come find out why I decided I want to be a peg (and it’s Scriptural, to boot!). 🙂

  12. My husband too!!

  13. Aren’t husbands weird? Whenever mine says, “You look nice,” I have to give him a look like he’s crazy, because he always seems to say it when I’m at my most disgusting.

  14. I love this post. My husband prefers me to have no make-up and just long, unstyled hair, so that is the way I keep it! My girl-friends don’t always understand me!

  15. She is a cutie-pie! I know, I always snicker when my husand compliments me when I am looking my worst. True love I guess!


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