Honoring Daddy with the Gift of You

When I asked him what he wanted for Father’s Day, my husband wanted time with me.

As I work hard to prepare his favorite foods, I need to keep in mind that he’d almost always prefer a quick sandwich and extra minutes with me.

Readying our home for his return each day is as easy as making sure I’m dressed with a smile.

According to my man, the only detail that matters in date night is that he gets to spend it with a happy me.

There’s a recurring theme here, I do believe.  My husband would give up an awful lot, save for time with me.  A happy me.  An unfrazzled me.    An undistracted me.

The best reminder in participating in this Honoring Daddy series is that the details really do take care of themselves.  The state of our home, the yumminess of our food.  That’s all well and good, and I do have control over it and should make things fun and pleasant around here.

But what does my husband need most to feel honored and loved?  He needs his wife. He needs me to put the children and the laptop to bed once in a while and date him.  Delight in him.  Desire him.

He doesn’t ask for much, that man of mine.  Yet, he asks for everything.  For me.  What a privilege, and an honor, and a joy in our marriage that the most important thing to him is time!  I’ve got that.  I can do that!




  1. What a great reminder, Amy. I’m not a mom yet, but I know that spending time with my husband, undistracted, is so valuable to him. Thanks for writing this post!

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