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Before The Christmas Stomach Plague of 2012 set in, we enjoyed hosting some out of town friends for supper.  Then we went to my parents’ place for the weekend before Christmas and to Lance’s parents’ for Christmas Eve.  It was a crazy few days, but crazy, loud family fun is how we roll!

And then there was this:

Christmas morning gift opening.  With a bucket.  🙁  That was not in our holiday plans, and it stopped us in our tracks.  We haven’t left the house since.

When in holiday preparation mode, thoughts turn toward cleaning the house, creating a tasty menu, and purchasing and making “fun” foods reserved for special occasions.  If hosting overnight guests, having an ample supply of paper products handy is smart, too.

White Cloud knows that extra paper supplies are needed to make house guests feel at home or simply to make things more comfortable when The Plague strikes.  Whether it’s more paper towels, toilet tissue, or facial tissue that you need, White Cloud has a high quality solution for every situation.  There’s no need to break the bank when stocking up on necessities.

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Today they’ve given me three $20 Walmart gift cards to share with you!   Want to win one?  Simply fill out the form below.

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  1. ugh, what a bummer for your poor little guy. That is no fun, but in a few years it will be a funny story..the of the gift opening with a barf bucket!

  2. Praying you’re all feeling much better!

  3. With luck only one of your children got the bug and you all go into the new year happy, healthy and wise. Take care.

  4. The same thing happened to our family a few years ago-I feel for you! Hope you all feel better soon 🙂

  5. Yikes! I had the flu this Christmas. My poor husband was stuck doing most of the cooking. He can’t read a recipe to save his life–so every few minutes he would yell out “what’s next” He only set off the smoke alarm 4 or 5 times:)

  6. I hope y’all feel better soon. This will make great Christmas stories in the future, “Do you remember when…?”

  7. I hope you all feel better soon! Have some chicken noodle soup and a hit toddy or two!

  8. Feel better! It seems to really be going around!

  9. Hope everyone in your family is feeling better! Happy New Year!

  10. I hear ya. That was my 2yo Christmas morning also, at my MIL’s. Fortunately, it was only clear juice being barfed up. We’ve all been sick since, with a combination of head cold, flu (fever, chills, aches), and stomach symptoms. Minimal barfing, though, which is definitely the worst. Get better!

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