Healthy Sleep Habits

Following is a guest post from Catherine.  It’s making me sleepy.  Very, very sleepy…


What is one thing we can never get enough of but when we do, we crave even more?  It can make or break our day.  For years we gave it away freely, then the moment we became mothers we wished we could get it all back.


Yes unfortunately, sleep is not one of the things we find we have extra of.  It is strange.  I know I need more sleep, I often say I am “tired” and around 3 pm would love to curl up and take a nap but I am not a good daytime sleeper so I usually don’t.  I also say things like “I am going to bed early tonight” or “I need to get caught up on sleep”.
After doing a series on my blog about sleep I learned that sleep can’t truly be “re-paid” to your body.  It is not like a piggy bank where you can deposit extra hours in order to make up for the ones you borrowed at Blissdom last weekend.  After awhile sleep deficit really catches up to you and not only do you pay but those around you do too.
What is a tired mom to do??   Here are a few suggestions to help you over the sleep deprived hump.

  1. Realize most everyone needs at least 7 hours of sleep. You may think you can live on 4 but you would be shocked what lack of sleep is doing to your body.
  2. Make it a priority. You have to set a bedtime and stick to it.  It takes being intentional and shutting off the computer or the T.V., closing the book and actually going to bed.  I always tell my 5 year old that you can’t really say “I can’t sleep” until you have actually laid in your bed for at least 20 minutes, being up and about in your room does not count.  Your body and brain need the signal that it is time for sleeping and usually is not happening when you are standing up!
  3. Exercise.  Sounds a bit contrary I know, but getting enough exercise has a direct link to how well you can sleep.  I am a firm believer in moving your body more, eating a bit less and watching the transformation of health.
  4. Eat a lighter evening meal. The more you eat and the later into the evening you eat the harder it is for your body to sleep.  It is busy digesting food and perhaps if you eat the wrong kinds of food (high in sugar and fats) you will find yourself up in the middle of the night with indigestion.
  5. Get up 30 minutes earlier than you do right now. You will find that if you wake up just 30 minutes early you will be able to accomplish more in your day (instead of doing so much late at night).  Use the nights for sleeping as often as you can.
  6. Power Nap if you can. Some days you just need a nap.  Studies show that a 20 minute power nap can do wonders for your attitude, focus and mentality.  I realize that most of us don’t have the luxury of napping every day but once in awhile it can really do a mommy good!
We encourage healthy sleep habits right out of the womb with our children but somehow forget how important our own slumber can be.  As hard as it might be, making sleep a priority will benefit you again and again in life.

Catherine is a mother of three children–ages seven, five, and two. She’s been blessed with many opportunities over the past six years to practice walking in her “shoes of life” (many of which she did not choose). With a very full plate, she finds strength in simple ideas, inspiring others, and keeping things in perspective. 

Catherine writes at The Shoe Box Daily, sharing inspiration for your shoes!

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  1. Thank you for this post, Catherine and Amy! I’ve struggled with sleep issues and insomnia since late in my pregnancy over 3 years ago. I’m looking forward to clicking around the links you provided!

  2. Great post! I really need to start getting up earlier, instead of waiting for my son to get up. I think our mornings would be much less hectic and our evenings much more relaxed. And I might even manage to get to bed a little earlier.

  3. Those are GREAT suggestions!!

  4. I need to be better about this. Ha! I’m typing this at midnight knowing I need to be up at 5:30 am. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Great tips, and thanks for the reminder! I need to get to sleep now. It’s 11:35 pm in my neck of the woods, and time to turn off this computer.

  6. I have trouble going to bed early–night time is the only time for me to get stuff done…and getting up early doesn’t seem possible right now bc my toddler already wakes me up so early! Thanks for the tips though, I’m going to have to reconsider my strategy.

  7. Good advice, and it’s a great reminder on how important sleep really is! Thanks!

  8. I will be starting all of these tomorrow!

    Thanks for such great tips!

  9. Thank you so much for a great post! This is an issue I very much struggle with and it’s great to read such clear advice and encouragement.
    Happy napping!

  10. I’m all about 7 hours of sleep a night! I usually get 7 to 8 hours and I prefer to be up early. It works for me!

  11. I think I only get about 3-4 hours of sleep a night. But then I sleep all day when my son goes to school xD

  12. Linked. Thanks!


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