Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

I’m not one to subscribe to the whole “eat what you want because you’re pregnant” notion.  Puh-leeaase.  That line of thinking will get me nowhere but fat in the next six months, and shedding 20 pounds of extra weight several months after the baby is born is not my idea of good times.

That said, I am often either a) starving or b) nauseous because I need something to eat.  It’s all about choices, and because I’m a Bradley girl through and through (more on that later), I’m all about proteins, whole grains, fruits and veggies.  (And the occasional bowl of ice cream… I am human!)

Here are my favorite 10 healthy pregnancy snacks.

1.  hard boiled eggs

2.  cheese slices and crackers (even better with grapes)

3.  banana and peanut butter

4.  apples or pears with peanut butter or cheese slices

5.  granola with milk or yogurt and fruit

6.  Mountain Trail Mix – Yes, the package contains M&Ms, but trust me… I have to fight the 2yo for my share!

7.  popcorn

8.  peanut butter toast  (I have a thing for peanut butter.)

9.  smoothies

10.  hummus and crackers, pita chips, or veggie sticks (Ok, I totally made that up.  I’ve had hummus…once.  Loved it, but haven’t ever purchased or made it.  Sounds good though, right?)

Have any favorite healthy snacks to add to my list?  Don’t be tempting me with your pickles and ice cream.

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  1. Hummus is probably my favorite snack ever. Pita, bagel chips, carrots … nothing is really safe from me trying to slather it with hummus. It’s also great for getting in protein without having to eat all those “regular” proteins (like meat or piles upon piles of beans). I looooooooove it.

  2. Just had my baby girl last month the Bradley way – almost. (ending with an emergency c-section) but my favorite go-to food while pregnant, especially during the early nauseous months, was meat and cheese. Any kind of protein really made me feel better. Congratulations on the baby!

    • Oh, rats! In the end, healthy mom/healthy baby is all that matters, even with all our goals and training. I hope you’ve recovered well!

  3. yum! I’m eating peanut butter toast right now 🙂

  4. I’m about 6mos along now and I love grapes! And PB toast as well! I do really like PB and my nurse told me that it really helps with leg cramps b/c of the magnesium! It’s a win-win!!

    • I did not know that about peanut butter. I’ll have to remember that this summer… I get cramps the further along I am.

      • @Amy,

        My chiropractor told me that potassium and magnesium are the gentlemen, holding the door open for calcium in our bodies…if you have a good balance of all three, you shouldn’t have any leg cramps at all! Once I learned that this last pregnancy, it helped me be proactive in preventing deficiencies, even though my iron really dropped this time (yes, I took Slow FE, ate tons of legumes and leafy greens, etc….*sigh*)

        Congrats on the pregnancy!

        • Pretty sure my iron is low this time around, too… I’ve had a few light-headed, short-of-breath days already. Need to get that nipped!

  5. YES! I can’t stand it when girls use pregnancy as an excuse to eat everything in sight. Smoothies were sometimes the only thing I could eat (& keep down) on some days in the 1st trimester…they saved me! Apples & PB were a big fav as well. Oranges, orange juice & lemonade were my most frequent snacks throughout the whole pregnancy.

  6. Hmm, I like cheese, crackers, veggies, fruit, hard boiled eggs and if I’m in a munchy mood I like the chocolate chip caramel rice cakes. They crunch, they’re a tiny bit sweet but not a lot of sugar, fat, calories etc.

  7. You can make hummus! All you need is garbanzo beans (chickpeas), 1 clove of garlic, lemon juice (1-2tbsp), dash of cumin, dash of cayenne, olive oil and if you have it 1 tsp toasted sesame oil (I have left this out and it was still just fine!). Just put everything but the olive oil in the blender or food processor and puree drizzling in olive oil till it is a smooth consistency! I generally have most of these things in my pantry so I can whip this up in seconds.

  8. Here’s some good snacks I like. 1. fresh orange & fat free cool whip 2.sugar free chocolate jello instant pudding & cool whip 3.toaster toast with 1tsp marg. splenda & cinnamon mixture 4. 2tbsp coconut & a few chocolate semi sweet baking chips (eat together almost like an amond joy) guess you could add a few nuts!

  9. Sounds like a good snack list for everyone! I hope your pregnancy continues to go well! I am so excited for you!

  10. Peanut butter (with bananas or apples) is definitely one of my favorites. I go through a jar pretty much by myself every week! I also like cheese, before I’d have them with crackers, now that I’m gluten free I like it with tortilla chips (the all corn kind). A big glass of milk is always good, especially since it helps heartburn, and has plenty of protein. Yogurt is yummy, as is cottage cheese (I eat mine with applesauce). I’ve been craving oranges since pretty much the beginning of this pregnancy and have at least one every day. Popcorn (popped on the stove in coconut oil, covered with REAL butter and salt) is a great after-dinner snack, and we make green smoothies to help with my low iron levels.

    For breakfast when I eat oatmeal, I love to mix in some peanut butter or chopped almonds to up the protein level. Oh, and for a yummy sweet treat that isn’t too bad for you, check out my chocolate oatmeal recipe (! It’s a perfect way to start the day. 🙂

  11. I. Love. Carrots.

    I eat them everyday. I share them with my coworkers. I nibble them all morning. I dip them, I don’t. I’m surprised I’m not orange, given the sheer quantity I can consume.

    Clementines are also a favorite go-to snack. And PB, duh, but you didn’t have my 2 orange foods on your list. 🙂

  12. Girl. You’ve only had hummus once? The best brand is Sabra w/pine nuts. OH. But my dad makes an amazing hummus. It’s super easy. I feel a post coming on…(for you. not me. *wink*)


  13. Obviously you have a thing for peanut butter! Ha! But, where was this list a year ago? 🙂 When I was preggo I just wanted to eat sweets!! I tried to eat healthy…it was just soooo hard!

  14. Those look like healthy snacks for anyone:-)

  15. When I was pregnant I had a thing for peanut butter too. And cheese with chocolate covered pretzels. Hey, don’t judge!

  16. Sounds yummy. Wish I would have ate healthier during both pregnancies. I definitely was an “I can eat whatever I want cause I’m pregnant” girl!

  17. If you have never tried a peanut butter and pickle sandwich, I would highly recommend it. It was my favourite sandwich as a kid. It sounds nasty, but I promise it’s delish – a must try for every peanut butter lover, pregnant or not.

    When we were first dating, my husband was repulsed by it UNTIL I made him try a bite. He promptly asked me to make one for him! Now it’s a favourite of the whole family and I need to plant loads of pickling cukes to keep up with the demand! lol

  18. I really need to do so much better with this!! Thanks for the ideas…I should print this out and put it on my fridge!

  19. All very good ideas. I pray you are doing well. I am taking an unpacking break and glad I stopped by. You know, that snacks are great for the non- preggers girl as well! Healthy is healthy. Thanks!

  20. When I was pregnant with my son vinegar really helped my morning sickness. I’d dip good bread in balsamic vinegar and a bit of olive oil, or eat salad with Greek dressing and kalamata olives. On days I couldn’t even handle vinegar I ate lots of brown rice with a bit of olive oil or cheese.

    This time we’re expecting a girl (any day) and it’s been a real challenge to control my new sweet tooth. I try not to buy desserts, but make them. This cuts back on the quantity, plus I use whole wheat flour and eliminate the chemical preservatives. If I do cave at the grocery store it’s for really good dark chocolate that I make myself eat very slooooowly so I enjoy it, but not too much of it!

    (Even with all my healthy homemade eating, I’m up 45 pounds. I think some women just need to do this for some reason. I gained 50 pounds with my son and lost 55 and an extra 2 sizes after 8 months, mostly because we started eating less and less processed food.)

    • Normally I like ranch salad dressing, but when I’m pregnant I like the vinegarettes. That must be why! The whole vinegar thing…

      And you’re right. I have a friend who consistently gains about 50 pounds with each pregnancy. And she looses it right away. I don’t see that very often, though…

  21. You already know that I completely agree with you on this one! 🙂

    That’s a great list of snacks! Because I have trouble gaining, my doctors have even told me to “eat whatever I want!”, but I tried to stick to high-protein, complex carb kind of snacks as much as possible.

    I loved snacking on cheese. And almonds. And granny smith apples! And, like so many, I craved OJ in the beginning (and I don’t usually like it). The doctor told me the vitamin C in orange juice aids in iron absorption and those cravings were my body’s way of “self-treating” my borderline anemia. Pretty nifty!

  22. I’m a voracious eater of homemade baked goods–cookies, breakfast bread, etc.–but couldn’t stand them in my first trimester. Instead, I craved fresh fruit, so I had a cup of yogurt and an apple for my afternoon snack almost every day. I’m a Bradley girl, too, and my doula really pushed the eggs. We eat mostly vegetarian, so it was a great way for me to get that all-important protein!

  23. I had gestational Diabetes with both my kids.. so I was on a very VERY strict diet.. I gained nothing with both pregnancies and lost 20 with the first baby.. and lost 10 with the second. One baby was over 8lbs an the other was over 9lbs..
    I never really had cravings.. all I did was eat all day.. no back problems or swelling.. just ate healthy..

  24. I loved fruit smoothies.

  25. I’ll have to remember this post for the next time I’m pregnant – I tend to consume WAY too many carbs (i.e. hot pretzels – I ate about 50 in two months with my first) when I’m pregnant!

  26. If you are a yogurt fan the new Greek yogurt by Dannon is filled with protein (12 grams per serving) & no fat…and, I think it is pretty yummy!

    I had to chuckle when you mentioned the pickles at the end of your post because I remember the peanut butter & pickle sandwiches you would eat occasionally during our childhood.

    Keep taking good care of that growing baby! So excited for you!

  27. FROZEN GRAPES! Yum. Just wash your grapes, then throw a handful into several ziploc bags and stow them in the freezer. They take a while to eat so they last longer. Plus they taste super sweet and delicious!

  28. I love greek yogurt with a little honey and fruit or cereal. Cottage cheese and applesauce is also really good. Plus, like everyone else peanut butter on anything! But especially on apples.

  29. I think several of your kdis have a thing for peanut butter, too. 😉 LOL!

    My thing was McD’s fries when I was pregnant as they had all that salt. LOL!

  30. Throughout my whole second (current) pregnancy I have been snacking pretty healthfully. After learning my lesson the hard way the first time and gaining an enormous amount of unnecessary weight I switched my snacking style to the same stuff you’ve got on your list. When I have a salty craving I top my cheese-and-cracker stacks with some sliced salami or pepperoni. Sliced apples with peanut butter, frozen strawberries, snickerdoodle cookies, dried fruit (apricots and cherries have been my favorites as well as banana chips). My sweet tooth has been kept sated by slurping down Crystal Light (0-calorie!) all day to make sure I stay hydrated enough. Oh, lastly, a big glass of chocolate milk really hits the spot sometimes.

    • All I know is that you look fabulous now! Yes, dried fruit should be on my list, too. And chocolate milk! I do that sometimes for the sweet tooth.

  31. Hummus is SO easy to make… and super healthy! You can use canned chick peas for ease, or make some dry ones during one of your cooking and freezing days. In the food processor, put peas, fresh garlic, sea salt and some extra virgin olive oil… and process. (you can add cumin for some spice) That’s it! It is so good on pita chips!!
    Good luck with your pregnancy!! I enjoy your “Finer Things”… they always remind me to treasure each moment with my 3 kids!

  32. Sigh. I’m about to be unpopular. I have two issues that compete when I’m pregnant. I lose weight like crazy and I get gestational diabetes. Talk about a balancing act.

    I like to eat bean burritos (home made). I use Guiltless Gourmet Spicy Black bean dip, low carb tortillas, and full fat cheese.

  33. i never kept anything down long enough to figure out what my favorite healthy snacks were. thank you hyperemesis

    • Oh, you poor thing! I have a cousin who was sick nearly the entire 9 months, with a few hospitalizations for dehydration. Felt awful for her. 🙁

  34. Hummus is the best thing on the list, let’s expand on this concept and go with the vegetarian combo platter from Alladin’s. Baba, humus, dawali, falafel, if you want it tabouli (I get no tabouli extra baba because hubby likes it best) and pita bread or pita chips depending on whether you want cruncy or not. Too bad there is no Alladin’s here in Tulsa where we moved right before getting preggers with #2. I spent my entire pregnancy with an unfulfilled craving for this.

    • Ok. You lost me after hummus. 🙂 I honestly have NO IDEA what those other things are, but it seems the comment consensus is that I need to eat more hummus!

  35. I’m four weeks away from due date and I’m enjoying whole grain thin sliced bagel halves with peanut butter and sliced banana. Also good with turkey and cheese and sliced pear or apple. Lots of mini carrot sticks and celery with peanut butter is good snack. I’m also eating greek yogurt with frozen blueberries and a little granola on top. Homemade kettle corn with a little sugar in the pot right at the first pop and add salt to taste at the end is a flavor twist.

  36. As a 36 week pregnant momma, I think I can qualify to answer this!

    I’m going to join the hummus train. I buy the snack packs (100 calories each) from Costco and the flavored pretzel crisps to eat with them. LOVE IT!

    I love making smoothies too. I prefer to use 1 container of FF yogurt (Light and Fit is my favorite), fresh or frozen strawberries, a banana, 10 ice cubes, 1/4 cup water and the blender to whoosh it all together.

    Another favorite snack of mine is fat free refried beans and baked tortilia chips.

    I don’t have much room for meals right now anyway but I will say that I had my fair share of Blue Bell in the early days. 🙂 When I’m wanting something sweet, I tend to get a glass of skim milk mixed with a sugar free Carnation Instant Breakfast mix. 🙂

    • I bet you ARE about out of room in the belly. 🙂 I remember those final weeks. Couldn’t eat much at once, but was eating every hour or so!

  37. I forgot about pita chips. Those used to be my favorite. You got a craving going on :).

  38. I had a ‘thing’ for avocado and cottage cheese during my prgnancy. It was a good thing too as it was healthy, lots of vitamin E and protein from the cottage cheese. However it was counter-balanced with a severe craving for licorice!

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