He Reads {Finer Things Friday}

The good news:  He still fits in my lap. 

The bittersweet news:  Now he’s the one reading to me!

This whole kids growing up thing has really thrown me for a loop this summer.  I find myself staring at them, trying to memorize time.  Attempting to capture the curved nose, sparkly eyes, and round cheeks.  Chin angled, full lips, strong hands.

And now he’s reading.  Reading!  When did he learn to do that?  How?!  I dread the day when my lap no longer holds appeal.  When he stops offering a good morning hug.  When I get traded in for a more interesting nighttime routine.

For now, he still fits in my lap, and he reads.  Absolutely a Finer Thing!

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  1. I know the feeling. Yesterday, I asked my son if he wanted me to read his library book to him. He said, “No. I’ve already read it. It was easy.” 🙂

    • Awwww! The other night I heard my hubby ask him “What book do you want me to read to you?” and he replied, “Is it okay if I read YOU a book, dad?” Nearly melted me.

  2. Oh my goodness, he’s growing up! Jeremy’s starting to learn to read this summer and though I love teaching him, it’s totally killing me that my time as the reader of books will soon come to an end. These are such special moments, I’m glad you’re capturing the memories.

    • Honestly? I didn’t even teach this one to read! It’s WILD… he’ll be in kindergarten just this year. He just started asking questions and sounding things out and off he went. Shocked me. His older sister, who I really TRIED with, wasn’t proficient until the middle of first grade. So crazy!

  3. Reading together – one of my favorite mommy things 🙂 — I also love to see my older kids reading to the younger ones – what a sweet thing.

  4. This one brought tears to my eyes. My boys are also growing up SO fast! Thankfully they all still enjoy snuggling with momma on occasion, and we all enjoy crowding together on the couch to read a good book together. I know it’s not going to last much longer though & I’ve been cherishing each moment this summer!

  5. linked up

  6. Love that! I found watching my children as they became readers to be one of my favorite moments on this parenting journey so far. My girls(11 & 7) still enjoy having us all read together. Now we just take turns reading chapters.


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