Happy Labor Day!

I couldn’t resist this Labor Day meme floating around the blogosphere… and since you can’t possibly know enough about me yet…

How long were your labors?

  • 6yo girl:  22 hours total, about 12 hours of real labor
  • 4 yo boy:  18 hours total, about 6 hours of real labor
  • 2 yo girl:  10 hours total, and even I was fooled… I was still walking around, chatting, having contractions, had to pee, went to the bathroom, had to push!

How did you know you were in labor?

  • 6yo girl:  water broke, no contractions for about 8 hours
  • 4yo boy:  water broke, no contractions for about 12 hours
  • 2 yo girl:  contractions were mild (compared to contractions after water breaks), hospital 1 1/2 hours away, decided to go and camp out at my aunt’s (close by hospital) but by the time we got there thought we better check in, she was born 4 hours later

Where did you deliver?

  • All 3:  Birth Care Center next door to the hospital


  • All 3:  Nope!  Drugs scare me much more than productive pain.  It’s not for everyone, but giving birth naturally is one of the most empowering things I’ve done, and having my husband coach me through was such a bonding experience for both of us.  I LOVE natural labor and delivery!


  • Blessedly, no.

Who delivered?

  • 6yo girl:  My doc, who patiently told the nurses “No, she doesn’t need pitocin.  She doesn’t need antibiotics.  Yes, I know her water broke 22 hours ago.  She’s fine.  Don’t worry about her.”  LOVE my doctor!
  • 4 yo boy:  Same wonderful doctor.
  • 2 yo girl:  Since I was still so “early” in my labor {cough} the nurses didn’t call the doctor.  Then, all of a sudden I was pushing!  He came flying in just as baby girl was squishing out.  🙂
  • All 3:  An audience of student doctors and nurses and random medical professionals were there, too.  My doctor always asked if we minded a few extras.  He wanted to show them a natural birth.

I could talk about my labors all day!  Love me a good birth story.

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  1. I’m totally with you. I could listen to labor stories all day. Love them! Also had a natural childbirth, and it was SUCH a positive experience.


  2. Oh, I love to hear birth stories too! I am going to do a post on mine at some point too! I was concerned about drugs too and had both my littles at home without drugs.

    Thanks for sharing…it was neat to hear!

    • @Jenn @ Beautiful Calling, If I wouldn’t have had my awesome, laid-back, Bradley Method using doctor… I may have opted for home birth or a mid-wife, too. My doctor literally lets us do our thing, and the nurses at the Birth Care Center are also really good about following our birth plan. No one asked me even once if I wanted meds. Yay!

  3. How fabulous to have such a great doctor! W/ my first it was the doc that stressed the pitocin, the antibiotics, the vacuum. I’m pretty sure he’s the reason I didn’t have a successful natural birth. OB for #2 was MUCH better!

    And how I wish we had a birth center around here. It’s either hospital or home.

    • @Donielle @ Naturally Knocked Up, Yes… a good doctor makes all the difference. Ours completely leaves us alone. He and his wife are natural birthers, too. 🙂

      The birth center… so nice! Labor, delivery, and post-partum all in the same room. The nurses are really good about following my birth plan. Love it!

  4. Wow, you are one tough mama! I love birth stories, could watch/read them all day. My first wasn’t so fabulous, but everything worked out fine in the end. Hopefully this one coming up in April will go much better, and without drugs!

  5. I had #1 with antibiotics laughing gas and phentinol (SP?)
    #2 drug free. I remember much more about #2 labor and delivery. I totally prefer no drugs.

  6. WOW! another no pain meds momma!! 🙂 There isn’t many of us around. I went with no pain meds for all FIVE of mine. 🙂 Once I got back to my post delivery room, I would ask for a Motrin but that was it just enough to help with the throbbing and the sore muscles from having the shakes. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • @Sonshine, Yes… a little Motrin after is nice. I never did use my prescription that they sent home, though.

      The shakes… I had that pretty bad with my second. He was the one that I ALMOST thought I couldn’t do. (transition, anyone?!) 🙂

  7. OK,
    Birth stories bring me to tears. and tears…

    I thought going natural would be our story but after being in labor for 22 hours the doctor said pitocin…which came with an epidural b.c of course the contractions would get worse…four hours later my doc’s patner broke my water…I felt every bit of pushing and contractions but for some reason I could not move my left leg. Four hours later doc came and said I had another hour of pushing at least and she left-I refused to push that long. I was passing out from pain between each contraction…soon I had my baby girl on my chest but I could not see her as I dozed off from losing too much blood. An hour later I was declined on my bed to help slow the blood loss but I was coherent and asked for my baby to be put on my chest and we nursed for the first time—oh that was another painful experience for another entry (but we stuck with it for two years!)

    When I was allowed to try and stand after my bleeding was resolved I fell to the ground. I could not walk–that left leg was still numb. the next day a specialist asked if I was urinating..I said yes but that I had to try hard–a special machine indicated that my bladder was dangerously full so I got to have a catheter.

    After a MRI and many doctors I was allowed to go home with my baby a walker and a catheter and 2nd degree tears. (the blessing of the nerve damage is that I never had postpartum pain.)

    They assumed the epidural catheter wrapped around my nerves in my spine and caused damage similar to a slipped disc in a car accident that was treated immediately. Two years later I still have a few issues…not to mention the postpartum Thyroid I still have.

    I hope to have more babies–I do not want fear to dictate our lives I want to trust God–Next time we will go natural. With a new doctor who isn’t in a hurry to empty out her patients because her partner is leaving on vacation.
    The truth is everytime I think we could handle this my Hubby remembers the birth trauma and when he thinks we are ready I cave to fear…and yes I finally have gone to a wonderful christian counselor for my anxiety.

    • @Amber, Oh, you poor thing! How awful to have a doctor who does things that are NOT in the best interests of the patient. 🙁 I’m so sorry that you had to suffer.

      You story is the type of story that reminds my why we birth naturally…

  8. Yay, for natural birthing! I had my daughter at home, all natural,labor was a total of 6hrs. What a wonderful experiance! Thank God for His protection & blessing!

  9. Love birth stories as well. A good doctor that’s on the same page as you is a must! Here are my labor stats:

    * Length: 17 hours (1st boy), 3 hours (2nd boy) and 9 hours (girl).
    * How did I know: #1 woke up at 11pm with regular contractions, #2 contractions and lost mucous plug, #3 contractions, but not regular. Water didn’t break with any.
    * Delivered all at the same hospital in the birthing rooms — very nice.
    * Epidural with all 3, pitocin with 1 and 3.
    * No C-sections.
    * My regular OB delivered only my first. Another female dr. in the practice delivered 2 and 3.
    * I was known as the 40 week lady in the hospital. I was one day past the due dates with 1 and 2. My daughter’s date was moved up 16 days and then I delivered her 5 days earlier than the adjusted date.

  10. Wish I had the all natural experience, but I was far from it. You sound like a trooper, Amy! Something to be proud of!
    I did the questions, too!

  11. Those are great stories:-) Both my kids were induced:-)

  12. I love listening to birthing stories! I live through them. While I have 3 children, I’ve never had a contraction or labor pain. 🙁 Due to a blood clotting disorder that was found when I was pregnant with #1 (severe preeclampsia. Emergency C-Section at almost 33 weeks), I now have to take blood thinner when I am pregnant. The other 2 were scheduled C-Sections, 2 wks prior to their due dates. Also because of this, I am only able to have 4 children of my own. Which is exactly why I’m trying to convince DH that we need just one more. 😉

  13. I was still at the hospital when you posted this, but I enjoyed it! I love pregnancy and birth! Thanks for reading my birth story. I read dozens in the weeks leading up to Carmody’s birth! It is good to hear yours too.

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