Happy Hour

For days, it seemed like no matter what I did, she complained.  A trip to the pool?  Not long enough. Eating at the drive-thru?  Not enough choices on the dollar menu. Free time in the afternoon?  Nothing to do. Waiting her turn at the orthodontist?  It’s taking too long. Our appointment’s finished?  It didn’t take long enough.

On the heels of many complaints, I almost didn’t stop that afternoon while we were in town.  But… it was Happy Hour. She didn’t deserve it.  But… it was hot. She wouldn’t say thank you.  But… it’s summertime.

Against my better “train a child in the way she should go” judgment, I pulled into the drive-in for a fun surprise, three excited children rattling off their slushy requests.  And it hit me.

I complain.

I whine.

I’m not always grateful.

God knows that.  He watches me.  He understands me.

And He doles out slushy Happy Hour treats anyway. He blesses richly; abundantly.  Just because.  In spite of me.

She didn’t deserve it.  I don’t deserve it.

Maybe that’s how we best learn gratitude?  In the oft receiving of that which we don’t deserve?

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  1. Vicki Rocha says:

    Strong message. Makes you stop and put things in prespective. A song for our VBS ,”Adjust Our Attitude for Gratitude” just popped into my head. We will be listening to these songs until the CD will no longer play:)

  2. Grace is a beautiful thing. I am so very grateful for God’s mercy. Thank you this reminder to show the same grace I am given.

  3. wow I love this post

  4. Thanks! I really needed to hear that…made me tear up, but being convicted of an area I need to address often times does that. I need to concentrate a bit more on modeling what I would like to see from my kiddos. Many of their irritating maladies are ones I recognize when I look in the mirror. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!:) Kayla:)

  5. “In spite of me”… oh, this rings so true to me. How wondrous to be loved with such an unwavering Father’s love.

  6. Amen. Thank you for the reminder….

  7. wow, that hit so close to home it made me gasp 🙂 Nice to be reminded 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  8. I wrote about this very subject this week, too!

  9. Love it! I think that way as I go about the week with my little one also.

  10. Stopping by from Diaper Diaries.

    I love this little reminder. And yes, God is that way with us and I’m so grateful for it. I will carry your message with me… 🙂


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