Halloween Treats {Not Too Sweet}

When I signed up to help with the kindergarten Halloween party last year, I did it with one purpose in mind:  No cupcakes.  No candy.  No sticky sweet gunk to add to the sticky sweet gunk that would be devoured the rest of the day and night and days to come.

I’m so much fun.  😉

Actually, I did manage to be a little bit of fun without adding (too much) to the sugar high with these peanut butter spiders and pretzel ghosts.  (And one lone fly.  Do you see it?  Whoops!)

The kids got a fun treat that wasn’t too sticky sweet, and I didn’t get Boo-ed out of the classroom.  I’ll take it!

What fun foods do you serve up on Halloween?

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  1. Clever! I’m eager to try your SunButter variation, since I blog for them. But also as a fellow snack-making mom, I love the creative, semi-healthy twist. Thanks!

  2. Actually, I’m surprised that you can take anything homemade into your classrooms! Many, many schools don’t allow homemade food at all anymore (it all has to be store bought and “healthy”…whatever THAT means!).

    {And I won’t state how I feel about that rule. 🙂 No kids yet, so I don’t have to deal with it now.}

  3. Adorable! There’s a Mom like you in my daughter’s class, but, unfortunately, it’s not me!

  4. I love this post and was so glad to see I’m not a spoil-sport because I was anxiously waiting for the preschool Halloween party sign up sheet for exactly the same reason. I had a great plan for a yummy and fun snack while avoiding the super sweet gunk and when I got there today someone had beat me to it. I am so hoping that my kiddos (twin 4 year old boys) don’t get a grocery store cupcake with about two inches of frosting on top!

    So I signed up for ‘games’ instead. Just in case they get sugar, sugar and more sugar, I’ll plan some games to wear them down before bringing them home! 🙂

  5. I am so making those ghosts!! I’ll keep the 2 inches of frosting on the cupcakes for myself!

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